Wednesday, February 29, 2012

To Read or Not to Read

 My next addition to Fiverrtastic is family friendly. She will read and e-book to your kids. Her gig is "I will put your child's favorite ebooks on mp3 for their listening enjoyment for $5". This gig is not only original, but really cool. Just imagine it, your child no matter how old, can sit and listen to a book. That is so cool! She will read to your child in a soothing voice and your child can listen to it anytime they want.  Her username is Travelbug7. She brings the book to life. So why not buy a gig like this for your child. Go check out the gig if you don't believe me.

I found her while doing a random gig search and if i felt i had a need to order i would have jumped on the order right away. I have a younger niece but she probably wouldn't be interested she can read on her own and loves to read all the time and all the rest of my nephews and nieces are grown. Travelbug7 just seems so professional and i see her as becoming a level 2 seller soon. Being a level 1 seller you don't have as much benefits as a level 2 and top rated but it's better than being a beginner trying to claw and scratch your way up. Someday she will become very successful. One suggestion I have for her is to maximize her gigs. If she has more gigs to offer like voiceover gigs, SEO gigs, advertising gigs, video gigs or whatever she should try them out. You can offer up to 20 and the more gigs you have the more opportunity to make money.

Travelbug7 Your Fiverrtastic and keep doing what your doing! You're doing awesome! Until next time have a Fiverrtastic day everyone!

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