Thursday, February 16, 2012

Got Ink?

Hey Peeps, Sorry my blog is a little late. This seller is absolutely AMAZING! She will draw you anything you want for $5. Color is $5 extra. Her Username is Pidge121 . This woman is good too. She draws the most amazing things and if you can wait up to 10 days you will get an amazing piece of work. She made me an awesome tattoo design of a angel wing and devil wing. She used her own creative flair and gave it a "Constantine" type look. I think it's absolutely superb! I filled in the little empty pencil marks with the pencil tool in photoshop. I was able to make a blueish wing and a redish wing representing air and fire or good and evil. It turned out amazing. I was in utter shock when I saw it and I was tickled pink to see such an amazing piece of art. And to know it will go on my skin very soon is exciting! Here is the original with no color: Here's the colored version i digitally colored: Right now she doesn't have the drawing gig up because she probably has a ton of orders to finish or she's probably taking a break. But, if you message her about ordering and then order the Tip Gig she may welcome your order. She is a very friendly seller and I talk to her on Facebook every now and then. I rate her as 5 stars and would definitely order from her again. I think she will become a level 2 or Top Rated seller very soon if she keeps getting orders all the time and stays active on fiverr. This is going to be my newest tattoo very soon and I will keep everyone updated when i get it. Thank you for being so Fivertastic Pidge! Pidge plans on becoming a tattoo artist where she lives and is working on her portfolio. This would make a wonderful addition to her portfolio if she hasn't already added it. If you really like people drawing for you, this is the seller you want to draw for you. I have a few ideas for tomorrows blog. You'll just have to see what and who I write about! Have a Fiverrtastic day to you all.

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