Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Keep it Tight and Bright

Hi My Fiverrtastic Peeps,
My next seller of the day I had trouble choosing who to discuss. But, at the last minute I was searching Fiverr and it hit me. I should talk about a certain someone who deserves to be a level 2 or Top rated seller and doesn't even have a badge yet. Yes, I'm talking about SpandyAndy. I don't even need to order from this guy to tell you about his sheer talent and creativity. He lives, breathes, and sweats talent. His dedication to performing is beyond words. This guy has had 145 positive reviews from all of his orders so far and is 100% rated. He has 88 orders in queue right now. He is literally everywhere on the internet! You can search Google and Spandy Andy is viral. This guy is on fire and Fiverr needs to get on the bandwagon.

Spandy Andy will dance for you to any song for 15 seconds for $5. He will do it for any occasion or for your business. He will customize it for your needs. Believe me from what I've seen this guy is phenomenal. This guy needs his own variety show or needs to be a co-host on a talk show. Spandy Andy reminds me of a dancing Jim Carrey. With Spandy Andy you really never know what you may get but his unique style will always surprise you. I think that by him joining Fiverr it's just a milestone in his young career. He will go really far very fast. If this is your first time ordering from Fiverr This would be the best person to order from because it would be the best ordering experience of your life.

Check out a video for yourself

 If you want a video and not sure what to get this guy is the go to guy. He is friendly and amazingly gifted. Andy's slogan is to "Keep it Tight and Bright". I absolutely love that and if I could pull off looking good in tight, bright clothes I might just do that. But, i'll let Andy rock the tight and bright. Until next time we meet have a Fiverrtastic Day!

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