Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Culture Clash

When searching for the right person to do a video testimonial you want someone with experience. This person I've been meaning to discuss for awhile. He's been on Fiverr about the same time I have, around a year, and he's got more talent in front of the camera than i could every imagine. This guy should host his own talk show. His name is Arjun. On Fiver he goes by Arjunrocks and this guy is amazing! He makes the most unique and custom videos fitted to a persons requests. He goes out of his way to ensure each customer is always pleased. 2 gigs i think are great are his newest gig "I will create a love video for your special someone for $5" And his other gig that is really cool is I will record a Hindi or English video testimonial for $5. He will actually record you a testimonial in a different language and/or English for your company. With the internet we encounter the problem of having a translator. Someone who can relay a message to your customers in a different language. His native country is India so he's fluent in many of the dialects (Hindu, Urdu, Punjabi and Bhojpuri. He is eliminating that communication gap between you and your customer.

Arjun is very professional at his work and he's a top rated seller here on Fiverr. I've had the pleasure to talk to him many times before on facebook and he's a very friendly person. If you want to work with anyone on a video and need one that's off the wall or very formal Arjun is your guy! Just check out his gigs what are you waiting for. If you have a loved one you want to express your love to and need a middleman to send the message Arjun is the man. And 1 day delivery is awesome. Arjun delivers all his videos in 4 days or less. How can you beat that!Oh and check out this video of his love video gig. (it even has love fish in the background)

If you haven't checked out gigs on Fiverr yet check out Arjun's gigs. Sign up for Fiverr.com now it's free to join. I guarantee you will love what he creates for you. Until next time have a Fiverrtastic Day.

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    this is really superb...
    thanks joshua for giving me corner in your blog..
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