Saturday, February 18, 2012

Memories That Last a Lifetime!

Ever want to preserve those precious memories into a presentation? Need an animated advertisement video for your companies website? need an introductory video maybe for a new company This guy can for you and he can do most of his orders in 2 days or less. A lot of his gigs are 1 day or express 24 hours or less. And he guarantees to send you the work on time. His username is Video24. I found him while doing a random gig search. after about 20 clicks I found this gig "I will turn your photos into an amazing video story that will make your loved ones be greatfull to you FOREVER, guaranteed for $5".
He also has some other amazing gigs too. This gig caught my eye after scrolling through his gigs. I'm not married but I know so many people who would order I will turn wedding photos into this stunning Wedding Video Story delivered in 24 hours or it is FREE, guaranteed for $5
 And for $5 or more if you decided to add extra stuff or wanted to give more he would make an amazing presentation.  

This guy delivers quick and probably works nonstop on his gigs. here's the intro he put on his seller profile: "I am a talented, honest, hard working, experienced, competent professional video producer specialized in promotional video production with great references". Anyone who's willing to put something like that get's my attention right away. Video24 is a level 2 seller and 100% seller ratings. I see him possibly becoming a Top Rated Seller within another 3 to 6 months. I may be wrong, but anyone who can do 24-48 hr orders and doing so many that he's at level 2, there's no stopping him from getting to the top. Check out the video of one of his other gig promotions he offers i found on youtube.

It's simple, easy, and to the point. If you want to order from someone and want your order fast, order from this guy. You won't regret it. This guy is Fiverrtastic! My next blog I haven't decided who to talk about yet. But, I know whoever it will be they'll be amazing. Until next time have a Fiverrtastic Day

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