Sunday, July 29, 2012

They call him Mr Rapper

Hey Fiverrtastic Readers
Do you need an original gig, but you haven't been able to find one. Are all those other rapping gigs well just mediocre. Try ordering from mrrapper he is what I like to refer to as the U.K's version of Eminem. (If they had one) He's a rapper who's got the skill, but no one wants to take him seriously. He had over 120,000 youtube views on a video for a a song called "Let's Get Funky"By Master RS and Lyfe Martinez. He started selling gigs on Fiverr about 2 months ago and he is already a level 1 seller. He has 20 different gigs to choose from and pretty much anything to suit your fancy. Mrrapper's gigs are original, innovative, and creative. Something that Fiverr buyers look for is someone who can give them a wow for their buck. One of his most popular gigs right now is that he will do a UK ghetto rant about anything you want wether it be promoting your business/site/occassion etc or funny,angry,sad etc for 50 seconds for $5.I'm all for the rant videos. People that do rant videos are entertaining. But someone who does one from Nottingham in his ghetto that's hardcore! Nottingham is literally referred to as the gun capitol. He asks that if you order his ghetto rant and want it done in his ghetto Jacuzzi that you place 6 extra gig orders. this will keep him from getting shot in his ghetto. ;)

This seller can rap too. I looked him up on youtube and honestly he should pursue his music career again. Check out one of his videos below:

Ok, Heres a suggestion I have for you mrrapper, keep pursuing your music. Don't listen to what the critics have to say if people are hating their listening. I would also suggest for your Fiverr gigs you work on trying to build a list of contacts. Keep in contact with sellers who buy repeatedly and start making friends with other Fiverr sellers. I have met a ton of Fiverr friends just by the use of social media. Having friendships with other Fiverr sellers can help you a lot later on. it's always good to have friends everywhere and with the Fiverr community we forget that we have 1000's of other sellers at our fingertips. They can help you in more ways than you can imagine. You should even check out the Fiverr seller group on Linkedin and some of the groups and pages on Facebook. They can help you with selling technique and help advertise your gig. I promote my gigs on on Fiverr pages every now and then.

Here is another video mrrapper did


Until next time Fiverrtastic readers check out mrrapper. He will create an awesome gig for you. Have a Fiverrtastic day.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Make Money by the Click of a Mouse

Hey Fiverrtastic Readers,
Have you ever thought to yourself "Wow there has got to be some way of making money online just by giving my opinion". Survey companies and secret shopper companies like Bigspot for example pay good money just for a valued customer opinion. I found this seller named Jerome who's still brand new to selling to Fiverr. His Fiverr username is wbsrdtv and he will give You 20 Of The Best Sites To Do Paid Surveys And Offers for $5. I myself don't do paid survey sites, but I have heard that promotions and surveys pay pretty good. I guess I'm just one for the art of staying old fashioned. For the longest time I didn't even want to do online freelancing until I found Fiverr. Everyone's always trying to look for their holy grail of internet wealth and I have to say I've watched videos on clickbank promotions and If you want to take the time to find the right offers and promotions this may be up your alley. The whole concept behind survey and referral marketing is how many friends you have. I'm not saying surveys, offers, and promotions are for everyone; just for people looking for something a little different. I think that if there was just a few more gigs like this, offered by this seller maybe people might have some interest.

 wbsrdtv you have a great gig and you have some amazing enthusiasm for the business. Start up a few more gigs. You're still fresh at selling people will order if they like the product. Secondly, don't get discouraged because there are over 1 million gigs on Fiverr. try joining some of the groups or pages onFacebook. Also, if you haven't already take advantage of the Fiverr group on Linkedin. It's designed for Fiverr sellers of all levels. Also, you can learn a lot just by checking out Fiverr's official Facebook page too if you haven't already. Remember when you do start getting orders start saving up some of the money and use it for something worthwhile. Don't be like the illustration below.

One thing we as Fiverr sellers do when we become a Fiverr buyer or just a buyer for that matter, we just don't realize that the next round of transactions could be days or as long as that 2 weeks. That is depending on when we handed in the gig and when it got marked as complete. Soooo, if you're a seller like me who has a 5-10 day lead time, gets a large amount of sales, and the orders get completed by the deadline, it takes damn near a month before you see that money. Don't let money burn a hole in your pocket. To some Fiverr sellers, this is considered like a 2nd job. So all I can say is this wbsrdtv, if you're driven and focused you can pretty much do anything here on Fiverr!
 If you haven't voted for your favorite timeline banner go to Fiverrtastic Facebook page now and vote. We're going to be letting people know soon about the launch of the .com version of Fiverrtastic. We plan on expanding so the blog can be even better and so Fiverr sellers can advertise on the site. Until next time Fiverrtastic readers, have a Fiverrtastic day. :)

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Fiverr Support Can Be Your best Friend

Hey Fiverrtastic Readers,
I wanted to discuss Fiverr Support in a special blog of their own again for a second time. I haven't discussed their amazing services in awhile and it's long overdue. I'll keep it short and sweet because I want to do a blog on Chinelope too. Ok, so I had a customer cancel a gig they ordered, but they cancelled it wrong. Based on the circumstances it was wrong because they didn't understand how to cancel. This customer wants to become a long term customer and order short stories for her sandal website which has a blog that accompanies it. Her blog is still in the process and she has more than one writer doing the blog. So when she ordered the second story off me she was overwhelmed by the amount of stuff she had going on. She cancelled, but she cancelled due to a late order, when she didn't give me the full details until 2 or 3 days after the order was placed. She also didn't know cancelling a late order would hurt my rating because my gig was still new and hadn't had too many completed orders yet.

So, this is where Jenny from Fiverr Customer Support literally saved the day! She voided out the cancel and made it a mutual cancellation. I couldn't help the situation, my computer went up and I was without a computer a few days and the customer didn't understand cancelling procedures. I was amazed at how quickly they handled the situation and how thoroughly they handled it with care. They actually understood that it was not my fault that my computer went up and I was inundated with multiple orders at the same time and having a lot of writing gigs back to back to back was just overwhelming in the first place. It's really amazing how if you write a detailed message explaining your situation, Fiverr Support will go the extra mile to help whenever they can. Don't be afraid to ask! Those who don't ask, are complaining for no reason. So just make sure that anytime you contact them you're courteous, the question or comment is detailed, and make sure that it's all filled out right. Until next time readers have a Fiverrtastic day!
peace out everyone,

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

A New Milestone For Fiverrtastic

Hey Fiverrtastic Readers,
We will be reaching 10,000 views after today so I decided to do something special. As promised I ordered off professor puppet. He's not new to Fiverr, but he's new to Fiverrtastic, and I should have featured his talent the first month or two on Fiverrtastic. But, I wanted to make his appearance special. So I decided, how could I make it special. I thought either the 100th blog or the 10,000th view. Well, we have reached 114 blogs,  so I decided to do the 10k views idea. I have a lot more ideas. Especially when Fiverrtastic turns a year old I want to go big! Professor puppet has been on Fiverr for over a year, he's a top rated seller, and he has had 1422 positive sales on the Professor Hans Von Puppet gig alone. He has also had 281 positive reviews on his other puppet gig he has too. This guy has sheer talent! I was thoroughly impressed by the video he sent me. Mark, thank you so much! I honestly think that if you want an amazing advertisement video or video for a greeting for someone else this is the perfect video. He does amazing videos for birthday, holidays, and for cheering people up. When I was in a Fiverr chat group he made a Christmas video for a fellow group member and I was so impressed by the thought and simplicity that went into it. He had the professor singing her a christmas song in a silky robe. It was so cute! Professor puppet is one Fiverr seller who should not be missed. He has been featured in yahoo news, Fiverr asks him to do projects when they roll out new features, he's been featured in music videos, and you may recognize him from snickers comercials. Before doing Fiverr the professor was a character in big time commercials. Just look up the videos "A Good Snickering" and "Poker Party" you can find them quite easily through youtube.  He's also done a best buy commercial. I don't want to put them up for copyright puposes.

Professor puppet I don't have much to offer for suggestions or nuggets of Fiverrtastic knowledge. I'm a level 2 and your top rated. You've done way more gigs than me too and have a lot more experience in the video production side of things. I just do writing and graphic design. Your puppets are amazing and I wouldn't change them. The professor is doing a great job and the younger version is doing great too for people who want something different. The only thing I could possibly think of is a gig where the 2 squabble back and forth or have a dialogue, kind of like Rin and Michelle do on thier rinandkagura account. It would require a shorter script and people would order more than 1 or 2 gigs at a time which some probably do already.

Check out the video he made me below:

Fiverrtastic will be putting the facebook timeline banner contest to a close on sunday, so if you haven't voted please do so. This contest is not going to be the only contest either. I have a testimonial contest coming up. So if you think you can be the next person to represent Fiverrtastic well I will explain the details again tomorrow. Until next time have a Fiverrtastic Day!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Drawn To Life

Hey Fiverrtastic Readers,
Ok so I ordered something a little different from a seller by the username of achillesian for a friend as a memorial gift for his family and myself. When I say memorial of course I mean he died. I still think of him all the time because I shared art classes with him in my junior and senior year. It's only been a short period of time yet it feels like forever. When someone passes you feel like they're still around and like you'll bump into them on the street. I still feel like I feel his presence everytime I listen to Kings of Leon or Sublime. The Fiverr seller achillesian was able to bring Derek's picture to life and his mom even wrote me back saying that "it brought tears to her eyes, yet made her smile." To have someone write back and literally be impressed by the gift you give them is amazing. To have 12 likes for the picture the first few hours of posting the picture is also amazing. I think achillesian did an awsome job. the gig i ordered was I will draw a portrait from a photo for $5. This seller literally transformed the photo into a drawn masterpiece!

This is the photo I sent:

I contacted the seller and they asked me to buy the portrait gig because it didn't have any ratings yet and it had a quicker lead time. I got the order back in just over a day when I didn't expect it for 3 to 5 days. The seller did an amazing job because I was only a few days late for his birthday. I didn't get to go to the celebration because I had graphic design gigs to work on and other things i had to do that day. But I know Derek would have understood. Fiverr seller achillesian you did an amazing job. You kept the spirit of a friend and family member alive. Kudos to you.

This is the picture that was drawn and sent back to me. It is so hauntingly similiar I almost wanted to cry. May Derek's memory live on through the spirit of art and photos that we all have.

achillesian I have just a few suggestions for you. First off, you should offer gig extras on the gigs that have a high enough percentage. for God's sake man you can make an extra $5 or $10 offering color to people's picture. Believe me people would order colored pencil or marker colored sketches. You should also offer different types of art or digital art gigs. Believe me the more gigs you sell the more potential you have to earn money. You have skill don't knock it.

Until next time everyone have a Fiverrtastic Day Everyone.

(In Memory of Derek Burns. RIP)

Please Serenade Me a Song

Hey Fiverrtastic Readers,
I found an amazing gig on Fiverr where a seller will turn-your-poem-into-an-acoustic-song . This seller is amazing because any poem you send literally comes to life. The sellers username is john_florez. So if you have a poem and want it to become a song send it to him and he will turn it into a song. He has had 55 positive orders on that gig along and he is a level 2 seller. He is a musician and most of his gigs are music related. He has 11 gigs and  7 out of 11 of them have had orders. He is rated 100% too, so you can tell he tries get his customers to give him positive ratings on every order.

john_florez I have just one suggestion. Maybe you should find a way to advertise the gigs that have no ratings. It's hard to get orders sometimes on a gig with no ratings, but if you can just get on order then sometimes orders come flooding in. I think you have some amazing gigs and I wish you the best of luck.

The Fiverrtastic Facebook timeline wall cover contest is almost coming to a close. Vote for yours now today. Oh and Fiverr sellers who read Fiverrtastic don't forget I have a testimonial contest coming up. I will write another blog later today. Until next time have a Fiverrtastic day.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

New contest on the horizon.

Hey Fiverrtastic readers,
As you all know Fiverrtastic will be reaching 10,000 views soon. I already have Professor Puppet lined up for the job. But, it will also be turning 6 months old at the begining of August. How cool is that! Ok, well here's what I want to throw out there to all the Fiverr sellers out there. I want to have a best video testimonial contest. If you do video testimonials and want to be featured on Fiverrtastic or have already been featured and want to be featured again heres your chance. Send me a video testimonial something very simple between 15-30 seconds telling me why you like Fiverrtastic. It will show people your talent and get you some exposure. The winner will get a gig bought by me, a 2 part blog series on their gigs, and will be featured weekly on the Fiverrtastic Facebook Fanpage for 2 months. Does it sound like a good contest? Fair enough rules? The winner will be determined by your peers on the Fiverrtastic Facebook Fanpage. The contest will not start until Monday July 30th so you got plenty of time. Ok so put your thinking caps on. Back to work for me I got some gigs to go work on. Have a Fiverrtastic day!

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Crawling the backlink at a time

Hey Fiverrtastic readers,
Ok so I came across this seller on fiverr who gives you 4000 quality verified backlinks to your website for $5. I was skeptical at first but I'm rather impressed by what's happened so far. The seller goes by the name of seo_backlinks_1 and he will create 4,000 CHECKED Backlinks to Site of your Choice to Improve its Standings is Search Engines, Guaranteed Professional Quality Backlinks. I am highly impressed by the amount of traffic I've already seen and how sooner or later with a little more backlink work and SEO help Fiverrtastic will beat out all other Fiverr blogs except Fiverr's own blog. I literally want to be a worldwide read blog. I want everyone familiar and not familiar with Fiverr to read my blog. This guy is helping me along my way. I think I will have him help me with my graphic design site

seo_backlinks_1 I don't have too much suggestions for you except maybe to offer promotional gigs for facebook, twitter, and linkedin if thats something you can do. besides that you have an amazing service! If you all need help getting your website ranked higher use seo_backlinks_1. He will help you without a doubt. He gave me almost 4000 extra backlinks! Go check him out now! You will be glad you did. If you mention you seen him in my blog he'll probably give you some extras too.

Until next time Fiverrtastic readers keep in mind that I will be having a testimonial contest coming up and my facebook timeline banner contest is almost in its second week of voting. go to this Fiverrtastic facebook photo album  and vote now for your favorite. Right now Chinelope is winning by a chin like I have said before. :) Until next time have a Fiverrtastic day.

Friday, July 20, 2012

A Rocking Happy Birthday!

Hey Fiverrtastic Readers,
 Do you want to give someone a Happy Birthday, but not sure the best way how. Hire a band to sing for $5. You're probably thinking what band in their right mind would send birthday wishes for $5. Well a band who's just as talented as Paramore and Flyleaf that's trying to get their name out there. Their name is Halocene and they sell gigs on Fiverr. They have opened up for Blink 182, Jimmy Eat World, and  Van's Warped Tour. They have performed on NBC and they have toured with Hot Topic.  If you want a rocking birthday present for that hard to get for person hire Fiverr seller ceneworksmedia
All you need to do is send them the pronunciation of the persons name along with the persons name and they can make an amazing birthday song for you.

ceneworksmedia I have some suggestions to make your gigs better. Come on you're a band make sure that you try and take on any and all projects. (that's the beauty of the suspend feature. shut off a gig when it gets too busy) Maybe you could do voiceovers or video testimonials. You could do custom songs and jingles and charge $5 per every 20 seconds of recorded audio. Maybe you could do Skype lessons for guitar, drums or vocal. You could also charge people $5 gigs to tweet messages or post messages about their website or company to your massive fan following. you have over 3000 fans on facebook alone. I'm sure you can come up with lots of ideas. I want to see you all become level 2 or top rated sellers because that where the real sales are at. Check out Halocene's video below for their song "Sometimes" to get a feel for the type of sound they have. 

I have just ordered a gig from someone to get our blog 4000 backlinks so I hope to see a lot more traffic coming in pretty quickly. The banner voting part of the contest is heading into week 2. Chinelope is winning by a chin. Everyone still has time to vote. Go to the Fiverrtastic Facebook Fanpage and check out the Timeline contest album. Just like which one you want to see the next timeline cover. Until next time have a Fiverrtastic day!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Great contest underway

Hey Fiverrtastic readers,
I want to tell everyone that last week we only had 2 submissions but altogether there are 5 timeline covers to choose from. Right now Chinelope and Deaun1 have the most votes but everyone still has a little over a week left. I have another idea for a new contest for the best testimonial. I will let everyone know about this one when I come up with more details for it. I want all of you to just wait and just keep your thinking caps on.

As far as the blog itself goes I want to tell you all that we are close to reaching 10,000 views. That is a huge milestone. I think that I may soon create an actual website for the blog but I'm going to hold off on it. I'm going to have someone SEO index it with backlinks through a Fiverr seller I contacted and if that helps I will hire a few other SEO sellers. I have a special guest who will be featured as the spokesperson to bring forth new readers when I reach 10k views. I'm currently at almost 9400 views. If you seen my Facebook fan page for Fiverrtastic you may have figured out the seller that I'm going to be ordering from is Professor Puppet. So if you want to see professor puppet make a video for me share Fiverrtastic with all your friends. I'm going to be ordering off him in the next few days :)ok well that's all for now my computer died and I'm really stressing right now. I'm subjected to using my android tablet to complete the blog from earlier. Have a Fiverrtastic night everyone

Monday, July 16, 2012

Monsters in the book instead of the closet


Hey Fiverrtastic readers,

ok so I came across an amazing gig from a seller who sells handmade goods by them name of  littlemsmonster. She makes some amazing handmade goods but the most amazing thing she makes is these cute little monster book marks. She sends them quite quickly too. I only check my mail a few days a week at my po box so it took me a while to get them but it was well worth the wait. I really think if you want some awesome handmade stuff you should check out littlemsmonster.There are a lot of other sellers that sell handmade goods out there and some are not that appreciated for what they do. They're are a lot of hidden gems. I will be trying to find at least a few handmade goods a month to discuss. 

Check out what they look like right here (it's not that good of an image it was taken with my smartphone):


littlemsmonster You need to come up with as many different gigs as you can and then find a way to advertise them to people. Use social networking like Facebook and go to different groups or pages that deal with Fiverr and try and show off the products.  You're products are amazing! If you have other skills besides handmade goods use them. I see you as becoming a level 1 or level 2 seller in no time. Oh and by the way, contact previous buyers and ask them to leave positive feedback. Follow up and make sure they got the gig and they're happy with the service. The more feedback you have the better your gig will be.

Thank you everyone who entered my Fiverrtastic Facebook wall cover contest. Starting today everyone can go to the Fiverrtastic album and vote on which cover they like the most.

Until next time have a Fiverrtastic Day!

Friday, July 13, 2012

You Won't Believe Your Eyes

Hey Fiverrtastic readers,
Ok so my good Fiverr seller friend Guitario has a new gig out. I have featured him 2 different time before this. One time before for a guitar gig and once with his piano gig but both times it was to enhance ad videos I was making. Never have I featured him in a blog with a gig of his own. "Frets of Fury", a blog wrote for him was the second most read blog of all time to date. "She's Sexy and She Knows It" which is a blog for Fiverr seller Sexysamantha out beat his with like 40ish readers. Guitario has an amazing new concept to promote your site or business. It's a video you can use which is a floating text style. You give him the script and he'll make the video. He made me one to show everyone. I provided the script and he made the video. Believe me this guy is talented. Just watch the video below and you will see what I mean.

Hear is the gig link I will create you a custom promotional video for $5. Seriously, this guy is amazingly talented at whatever he puts his mind too. He creates videos, plays guitar, plays piano, and he even can sing pretty good too. ;) Guitario is what I like to refer to as a working Trent Reznor (singer of Nine inch Nails). Guitario you just work much harder. He even wants to learn to play the harmonica! Could be another gig possibility. Guitario you should just be a musician for crying out loud! Alanletsgo is a musician in 2 bands and sells on Fiverr! I didn't link Alan because of personal reasons.

Guitario I haven't got any nuggets of wisdom to give you like Sam would except maybe one. What the hell are you not doing to promote those gigs with no ratings. Anyways, this is a start. Hey guys seriously Guitario's gigs are amazing and you need to check them out it's a shame not to. Check out all of his gigs, not just this one or the musical ones. He has some amazing special effects gigs. He is probably one of the few hardest working Fiverr sellers on here i know. Anyone who is submitting a Timeline Cover for the Fiverrtastic Facebook wall please do so by Sunday at midnight. contact me if you have questions. I have only got 1 submission besides the 3 I ordered from people. So if I don't get anymore it will be slim pickings for voting. ;) Until next time have a Fiverrtastic day!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

A Hidden Gem

(Here's a work Breka27 has featured on Fiverr before)

Hey Fiverrtastic readers,
OK so I needed a new and fresh idea for my Fiverr blog. Something to get the Fiverrtastic Fanpage stirring. I ordered a hand drawn project for $10 of Fiverr seller Breka27. His gig I ordered says just what he will do I will draw your Ideas or anything you want me to draw with my own style for $5. 
The idea I had at first was to have monsters or demons ripping apart earth which is what my logo is centered around. He went above and beyond showing someone huffing the earth but they were quite morbid looking. Then Fiverrtastic was spelled in blood. I was like holy $hi+...hold the phone! This drawing was like wow. If I could draw this would be something like I would draw. I entered this in my Fiverr Wall Cover contest with all the other sellers I've either ordered off or that are going to be submitting work. This will hopefully get a lot of likes. Ya so if you think Breka27 did an awesome job go ahead go to the Fiverrtastic Wall cover album and like it. 

(This is the work he created for me)

Breka I have no real suggestions for you per se except maybe offer drawn logos or drawn cd covers or book covers or something like that. You have AMAZING talent and If I had a book or cd or dvd cover I would hire you. People would offer you more than $5 or you could charge more than $5 per project. You have superior talent at the level your at now. Oh maybe you should also offer to give people express gigs if they order 4 gigs or more. sometimes people will do that. Besides that I think you are an amazing level 2 seller and I don't know why Fiverr hasn't made you a TRS. Again people hopefully Breka gets the most likes or is a close 2nd. I would definitely use his banner or order a 2nd banner and use both.  All Fiverr sellers interested get to work on submitting those wall covers. You won't win unless you try. I know of a few who would do an awesome job on this project! Until next time you all need to check out his gigs.Until next time have a Fiverrtastic Day!

Monday, July 9, 2012

More on the Contest.

Hey Fiverrtastic Readers,
Yesterday I discussed a contest I was holding for the next Timeline cover. I am trying to find a new permanent cover I can put on Fiverrtastic wall for 4-6 months. The seller will get a purchase of 1 gig, a 2 part blog, will be featured on my Facebook page twice a week for a month, and people from all around will see your banner. So people will probably ask all the time who did the timeline cover. For the other people who enter your cover there will be in an album on the Facebook page for all to see with your links to your page so it's a win-win. The person to get the most likes on their cover in a 2 week period after the contest ends will win. Anyone who is interested may contact  with questions. You can submit the cover to me by message. The rules and instructions are in yesterdays blog. I know a few people who I have featured in Fiverrtastic who would do an awesome job with this. You know who you are! Until next time have a Fiverrtastic day!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Let The Games Begin!

 Hey Fiverrtastic readers,
Ok so the time has come to talk to everyone about my Facebook timeline contest I'm going to be holding. I have been ordering a few different gigs for timelines over the last few weeks. I already have ordered from Kymmypops, Samcornwell, and Breka27. I have a few others in mind but right now I think it's only right to just give everyone a chance. If you want to submit one to promote your gigs here is the specs: 
1) your banner must be 851x315 that is the size Facebook requires to git perfectly. Here is a good link that explains sizing.
2) if you create it in photoshop or illustrator please make it in 200-300 resolution. 
3) Your banner must be appropriate for all audiences.
4) You're banner must say Fiverrtastic clearly somehow either by a sign, text, or however you want. 
5) It can be a photo, hand drawn and resized, or digitally created. please send me the gig link or your seller link. Any other questions please message me on the fiverrtastic facebook fanpage .

I will make an album for all the different submissions and the one who gets the most votes will win. I will buy a gig from you and I will feature your banner for 4 months. I will also write a 2 part blog on your gig. ($10 value). People from all over that see Fiverrtastic will see your gigs. Fiverrtastic is now a Fiverr community page so now people join every day. What are you waiting for get started today contest submissions end next Sunday at midnight. I will pick a winner 2 weeks later. Have a Fiverrtastic day!

Welcome to Jolenes trailer

Hey Fiverrtastic Readers,
Ok so I came across this reader who is an internet celebrity! I like to do blogs on celebrities who do Fiverr gigs. If you remember I've featured 2 different celebrity sellers Ester Goldberg and the lady who has narrated for the little mermaid and the crow series. Well, this next one is internet cooking sensation Jolene Sugarbaker! She goes by the username Jolenestrailer and she will deliver an amazing testimonial straight from the trailer park! This seller is amazing too. If you don't believe me just go there and check the gigs out. Jolene  will make a Video Greeting Or Birthday Wish Direct From The Trailer Park for $5 how she does it so seriously is beyond me. She also has a phone call gig and a product advertising gig where she advertises a company name on a product from her refrigerator . If you want someone to make an awesome gig for you just check this seller out. Also, check out her official website at

Jolene I got a few suggestions to make your gigs better.  Maybe you can do a voice-over gig and maybe you can do a product advertising gig where you advertise other peoples products. Not only would people order it but you would get free stuff sometimes. You should also find other ways to incorporate your fans or website into your gigs, like offering sellers the chance to have so many fan likes or adspace on your website. If you don't already have a facebook fanpage make one. Oh and if you haven't already, tell people that you sell on Fiverr! Soon you'll be a level 1 seller and you can sell gig extras for $5 and $10 extra and order more than one feature. Whatever gigs you come up with, I'm sure that sooner or later people will want them more and more. Come on you're Jolene Sugarbaker! Check a video of her talent below.

The blog directly after this will discuss the Facebook banner contest. Until next time have a Fiverrtastic Day. 

Saturday, July 7, 2012

His name is Kimundi

Hey Fiverrtastic readers,
Welcome to blog # 101. Ok, so I came across this amazing seller yesterday named spim111and he will add your message and logo to this UNIQUE video for $5. This video is no ordinary video. He will use a finger puppet named Kimundi to make an advertisement video for your website or business. This gig is amazing if you just want something cute and simple. This video adds your text or logo at the end of it. Some videos don't do that without the extra charge. This video concept is really great too because the seller uses a finger puppet character to promote your business. It's fresh and original. I was going to order, but I can wait. He also does birthday videos, where it has happy birthday text and the person name. You really need to check out spim111 if you want an original and innovative order. This seller will create an amazing gig. The first 10 days on Fiverr he's already had 10 orders on 1 gig alone. Help spim111 become a level 1 seller. :)

spim111 I like the 2 character concept I was going to suggest it. But, you did it in a gig. I want to suggest that maybe you do other finger puppet ideas with Kimundi too where you explore different ones. Or you could do a picture postcard idea with the puppet you have. Whatever you do I'm sure you could turn out a lot more innovative gigs.

Check out his video below. I'm sure after you see the video you'll be convinced he has an awesome gig. 

I will release details on the Facebook banner contest tomorrow. Until next time readers have a Fiverrtastic day!

Friday, July 6, 2012

kick number 100 off with an...aura.

Hey Fiverrtastic readers,
Ok so I wanted to order a different and unique gig. One that was going to blow you away. So I decided to order From the one and only Sam Cornwell, the community manager of Fiverr. He doesn't sell many gigs even though he should, because his gigs are amazing. The time, effort, and diligence he put into this gig alone was well worth my $5 plus $4 shipping. He put the 2 different pictures he sent me in a handle with care envelope, he put a personalized message on the back of each picture and signed his name. These pictures will be sure to be a work of art some day and I will be framing them. His Fiverr seller name is samcornwell of course and he will do an awesome aura picture or angry rant video. So if you want an amazing gig look no further than Mr. Cornwell himself. I took the image he sent and scanned it in high resolution and converted it in photoshop and added some awesome text. I chose the same text as the Hollywood sign and I decided it was only fighting to change my cover after releasing the blog. The other image i decided on the font for I know what you did last summer. I may use that banner on my blog or when I make a new webpage. The other Facebook cover is still new though and I like the whole lips concept kymmypops did. Check out Sam's video for his Aura gig below

Sam, I only have one suggestion for your gigs my friend. (I picked up the idea of giving suggestions to the person I'm blogging about from you when you gave a Fiverr tip of the day in you Vlog's.) Sam you should create a new gig. Maybe a photographic postcard or a voice-over gig or something off the wall that no one would expect. Something that, like your other 2 gigs will sell like hotcakes. I imagine that you're extremely busy already with family and life obligations. You're also community manager of Fiverr and you do an amazing job with that. But if you explore a new gig they're may be new opportunities from old and new customers . 

oh I almost forgot here is the wallpapers I made from Sam's aura's

Until next time Fiverrtastic readers have a good day and see you when I do blog # 101. Thank you everyone for reaching just over 8000 views I can't wait until we reach over 10k views I have lots of ideas in store. Hopefully Breka27 finishes my hand drawn logo idea for another Facebook banner for my contest I'm going to be promoting. More details in another upcoming blog. Until next time stay safe. 

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Is Your Book Worth Five?

Hey Fiverrtastic readers,
Ok so it occurred to me that I don’t talk enough about promotion gigs. Fiverr has now just surpassed over 1 million gigs and this is by far the most under-appreciated. This seller known as  Booktourradio will promote your Book onour AUTHOR Book Tour site Plus tweet to 10,000+ on our 4 lists for $5. So if you have a book that you want to promote why not take the $5 plunge! C’mon it’s only $5 to advertise your book! How often do you get to advertise something for $5…let me think about that…never again in your life will you ever advertise for $5. So if you have a book that needs promoting by social networking then give Booktourradio a try. This seller will blow you away just by what they can do for you. I wouldn’t be putting this seller on my blog If I didn’t have high hopes in their expertise.  So if you have a book or an e-book you want to promote give Booktourradio a try. They will give your book that extra oomph it needs to make it a best seller. If you mention You found out about Booktourradio through Fiverrtastic then they will throw in some extra publicity on a PR2 Book Blog.
Check out the video of that promotes their service below. And if you like this service they have a wide array of other services 

Booktourradio I want to give you some advice just like I do other sellers. Go ahead and expand your services. Don’t be afraid to always put up different gigs. If you’re good with social networking and promotions gigs put more up. I see already that you’re going to do very well with promotional gigs. You may even do well with advertising gigs like making commercials for other people. Don’t be afraid to charge people more than 1 gig if needed or offering $10 gig extras. When you become a level 2 seller or top rated seller don’t be afraid to offer a $20 gig extra or a $50 gig extra. I just noticed something I constantly tell new sellers all the time you don’t have a tip gig. Put up a tip gig. People will give tips when you do good work. Just refer them to your tip link or if they want to give extra send them the link in a reply. The tip gig also helps when you don’t have a gig to cover the service they want or if you suspend a certain gig and they still want your service. The more gigs you have the better it is for you. Just make sure you can handle the workload.

Fiverr is an ever expanding place and it’s only going to keep expanding. It has had a 600% increase in just one business quarter. That’s a bigger increase than any company than I know of. This book promotion idea is huge and when more and more people read about it and hear about it, this gig is going to be huge. The sky is the limit. So be ready.

 Until next time Fiverrtatic readers have a Fiverrtastic Day!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Lips of an Angel

Hey Fiverrtastic readers,
Ok so I needed a new Facebook Cover for my Fiverrtastic page. I wanted something that wasn't so stuffy and sophisticated. I wanted something sensual and at the same time inviting. So I decided I wanted to change the Facebook cover page. I hired Fiverr seller Kymmypops to do the bidding. her gigs are amazing! one of her gigs is where she will write your business name on a smaller piece of card stock and put it between her lips and sen you a picture of it. It makes for great advertising. Kymmypops is a part time model and a full time Fiverr seller. She is a Top rated seller with over 900 positive ratings. that is an amazing feat for any fiverr seller. I have just over 600 positive sales. If you want to order from an amazing seller who is going to deliver something out of the ordinary for your business or website order from Kymmypops. She will deliver for you and deliver exceptionally well too. I ordered expecting to receive my order in maybe 3 or 4 days or almost the full 10 days because she had a full queue of orders with other orders. She delivered my order the next day. The very next day....that's like having express delivery! She also offers Testimonial services and voiceover services. This Kymmypops is the real deal when it come to a Fiverr TRS. I hope to maybe work with her again someday. 

this is what the example looked like on her gig:

Kymmypops This is when I usually pass off a nugget of knowledge like Sam would at the end of his vlogs. Since I've been selling for as long as I have (it will be 2 yrs in August or September) I feel I have learned a lot from customers and other Fiverr sellers.  But, you're a TRS and you have done way more positive sales than I have even in the short time you've been selling. If I had to make a suggestion for any gig ideas to expand your services maybe you could offer writing services? like script writing for example. Or you could make a collection of a variety of different writers who provide different writing services. The only other idea I have is to put seasonal gigs up if you don't already. Besides that TRS is as high as you can go and the sky is the limit from here Kymmypops. I wish you much luck and many thanks for the new banner. I plan on changing out my banner frequently.

 Here is the Fiverrtastic images she did for me

I chose the first one. Go look at how it looks as a Facebook wall cover at

I have an idea for anyone who does picture advertising or facebook timeline banners. Send me your gig, let me see it, and if I like it I may order it for the next banner for Fiverrtastic.

Until next time have a Fiverrtastic Day readers.