Wednesday, July 25, 2012

A New Milestone For Fiverrtastic

Hey Fiverrtastic Readers,
We will be reaching 10,000 views after today so I decided to do something special. As promised I ordered off professor puppet. He's not new to Fiverr, but he's new to Fiverrtastic, and I should have featured his talent the first month or two on Fiverrtastic. But, I wanted to make his appearance special. So I decided, how could I make it special. I thought either the 100th blog or the 10,000th view. Well, we have reached 114 blogs,  so I decided to do the 10k views idea. I have a lot more ideas. Especially when Fiverrtastic turns a year old I want to go big! Professor puppet has been on Fiverr for over a year, he's a top rated seller, and he has had 1422 positive sales on the Professor Hans Von Puppet gig alone. He has also had 281 positive reviews on his other puppet gig he has too. This guy has sheer talent! I was thoroughly impressed by the video he sent me. Mark, thank you so much! I honestly think that if you want an amazing advertisement video or video for a greeting for someone else this is the perfect video. He does amazing videos for birthday, holidays, and for cheering people up. When I was in a Fiverr chat group he made a Christmas video for a fellow group member and I was so impressed by the thought and simplicity that went into it. He had the professor singing her a christmas song in a silky robe. It was so cute! Professor puppet is one Fiverr seller who should not be missed. He has been featured in yahoo news, Fiverr asks him to do projects when they roll out new features, he's been featured in music videos, and you may recognize him from snickers comercials. Before doing Fiverr the professor was a character in big time commercials. Just look up the videos "A Good Snickering" and "Poker Party" you can find them quite easily through youtube.  He's also done a best buy commercial. I don't want to put them up for copyright puposes.

Professor puppet I don't have much to offer for suggestions or nuggets of Fiverrtastic knowledge. I'm a level 2 and your top rated. You've done way more gigs than me too and have a lot more experience in the video production side of things. I just do writing and graphic design. Your puppets are amazing and I wouldn't change them. The professor is doing a great job and the younger version is doing great too for people who want something different. The only thing I could possibly think of is a gig where the 2 squabble back and forth or have a dialogue, kind of like Rin and Michelle do on thier rinandkagura account. It would require a shorter script and people would order more than 1 or 2 gigs at a time which some probably do already.

Check out the video he made me below:

Fiverrtastic will be putting the facebook timeline banner contest to a close on sunday, so if you haven't voted please do so. This contest is not going to be the only contest either. I have a testimonial contest coming up. So if you think you can be the next person to represent Fiverrtastic well I will explain the details again tomorrow. Until next time have a Fiverrtastic Day!

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