Saturday, July 28, 2012

Make Money by the Click of a Mouse

Hey Fiverrtastic Readers,
Have you ever thought to yourself "Wow there has got to be some way of making money online just by giving my opinion". Survey companies and secret shopper companies like Bigspot for example pay good money just for a valued customer opinion. I found this seller named Jerome who's still brand new to selling to Fiverr. His Fiverr username is wbsrdtv and he will give You 20 Of The Best Sites To Do Paid Surveys And Offers for $5. I myself don't do paid survey sites, but I have heard that promotions and surveys pay pretty good. I guess I'm just one for the art of staying old fashioned. For the longest time I didn't even want to do online freelancing until I found Fiverr. Everyone's always trying to look for their holy grail of internet wealth and I have to say I've watched videos on clickbank promotions and If you want to take the time to find the right offers and promotions this may be up your alley. The whole concept behind survey and referral marketing is how many friends you have. I'm not saying surveys, offers, and promotions are for everyone; just for people looking for something a little different. I think that if there was just a few more gigs like this, offered by this seller maybe people might have some interest.

 wbsrdtv you have a great gig and you have some amazing enthusiasm for the business. Start up a few more gigs. You're still fresh at selling people will order if they like the product. Secondly, don't get discouraged because there are over 1 million gigs on Fiverr. try joining some of the groups or pages onFacebook. Also, if you haven't already take advantage of the Fiverr group on Linkedin. It's designed for Fiverr sellers of all levels. Also, you can learn a lot just by checking out Fiverr's official Facebook page too if you haven't already. Remember when you do start getting orders start saving up some of the money and use it for something worthwhile. Don't be like the illustration below.

One thing we as Fiverr sellers do when we become a Fiverr buyer or just a buyer for that matter, we just don't realize that the next round of transactions could be days or as long as that 2 weeks. That is depending on when we handed in the gig and when it got marked as complete. Soooo, if you're a seller like me who has a 5-10 day lead time, gets a large amount of sales, and the orders get completed by the deadline, it takes damn near a month before you see that money. Don't let money burn a hole in your pocket. To some Fiverr sellers, this is considered like a 2nd job. So all I can say is this wbsrdtv, if you're driven and focused you can pretty much do anything here on Fiverr!
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