Monday, July 16, 2012

Monsters in the book instead of the closet


Hey Fiverrtastic readers,

ok so I came across an amazing gig from a seller who sells handmade goods by them name of  littlemsmonster. She makes some amazing handmade goods but the most amazing thing she makes is these cute little monster book marks. She sends them quite quickly too. I only check my mail a few days a week at my po box so it took me a while to get them but it was well worth the wait. I really think if you want some awesome handmade stuff you should check out littlemsmonster.There are a lot of other sellers that sell handmade goods out there and some are not that appreciated for what they do. They're are a lot of hidden gems. I will be trying to find at least a few handmade goods a month to discuss. 

Check out what they look like right here (it's not that good of an image it was taken with my smartphone):


littlemsmonster You need to come up with as many different gigs as you can and then find a way to advertise them to people. Use social networking like Facebook and go to different groups or pages that deal with Fiverr and try and show off the products.  You're products are amazing! If you have other skills besides handmade goods use them. I see you as becoming a level 1 or level 2 seller in no time. Oh and by the way, contact previous buyers and ask them to leave positive feedback. Follow up and make sure they got the gig and they're happy with the service. The more feedback you have the better your gig will be.

Thank you everyone who entered my Fiverrtastic Facebook wall cover contest. Starting today everyone can go to the Fiverrtastic album and vote on which cover they like the most.

Until next time have a Fiverrtastic Day!

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