Sunday, July 8, 2012

Let The Games Begin!

 Hey Fiverrtastic readers,
Ok so the time has come to talk to everyone about my Facebook timeline contest I'm going to be holding. I have been ordering a few different gigs for timelines over the last few weeks. I already have ordered from Kymmypops, Samcornwell, and Breka27. I have a few others in mind but right now I think it's only right to just give everyone a chance. If you want to submit one to promote your gigs here is the specs: 
1) your banner must be 851x315 that is the size Facebook requires to git perfectly. Here is a good link that explains sizing.
2) if you create it in photoshop or illustrator please make it in 200-300 resolution. 
3) Your banner must be appropriate for all audiences.
4) You're banner must say Fiverrtastic clearly somehow either by a sign, text, or however you want. 
5) It can be a photo, hand drawn and resized, or digitally created. please send me the gig link or your seller link. Any other questions please message me on the fiverrtastic facebook fanpage .

I will make an album for all the different submissions and the one who gets the most votes will win. I will buy a gig from you and I will feature your banner for 4 months. I will also write a 2 part blog on your gig. ($10 value). People from all over that see Fiverrtastic will see your gigs. Fiverrtastic is now a Fiverr community page so now people join every day. What are you waiting for get started today contest submissions end next Sunday at midnight. I will pick a winner 2 weeks later. Have a Fiverrtastic day!

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