Tuesday, July 10, 2012

A Hidden Gem

(Here's a work Breka27 has featured on Fiverr before)

Hey Fiverrtastic readers,
OK so I needed a new and fresh idea for my Fiverr blog. Something to get the Fiverrtastic Fanpage stirring. I ordered a hand drawn project for $10 of Fiverr seller Breka27. His gig I ordered says just what he will do I will draw your Ideas or anything you want me to draw with my own style for $5. 
The idea I had at first was to have monsters or demons ripping apart earth which is what my logo is centered around. He went above and beyond showing someone huffing the earth but they were quite morbid looking. Then Fiverrtastic was spelled in blood. I was like holy $hi+...hold the phone! This drawing was like wow. If I could draw this would be something like I would draw. I entered this in my Fiverr Wall Cover contest with all the other sellers I've either ordered off or that are going to be submitting work. This will hopefully get a lot of likes. Ya so if you think Breka27 did an awesome job go ahead go to the Fiverrtastic Wall cover album and like it. 

(This is the work he created for me)

Breka I have no real suggestions for you per se except maybe offer drawn logos or drawn cd covers or book covers or something like that. You have AMAZING talent and If I had a book or cd or dvd cover I would hire you. People would offer you more than $5 or you could charge more than $5 per project. You have superior talent at the level your at now. Oh maybe you should also offer to give people express gigs if they order 4 gigs or more. sometimes people will do that. Besides that I think you are an amazing level 2 seller and I don't know why Fiverr hasn't made you a TRS. Again people hopefully Breka gets the most likes or is a close 2nd. I would definitely use his banner or order a 2nd banner and use both.  All Fiverr sellers interested get to work on submitting those wall covers. You won't win unless you try. I know of a few who would do an awesome job on this project! Until next time you all need to check out his gigs.Until next time have a Fiverrtastic Day!

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