Saturday, September 28, 2013

Double the fun

Hey Fiverrtastic peeps,
Ok so this Fiverr seller I ordered off a few weeks ago did a bang up job. You know I am a sucker for artistic gigs, video gigs, and sign gigs. How would you like a video gig advertised by twins. You heard me...twins. I think they are fraternal twins, but these two women are amazing. Two is always better than one right? Remember when I did a triple exposure picture...ya that was all the same  woman in different poses. This is a Fiverr seller who combines both of their talents. The Fiverr sellers name is theadtwins and they are extremely talented. They are a level 1 seller right now and the way their orders are they will be a level 2 and possibly a top rated seller in no time. I had to order from these two. There was no denying how talented they are. They currently have 30 orders in queue right now. I think theadtwins are going to go really far and with level 1 under their belt and there's no telling what these two women can do.

Here is the video they did for me:

theadtwins I have some suggestions for you to make you that much more talented as sellers here on Fiverr:
1) you're 2 separate women so operate 2 separate accounts with different names and separate paypals. If you have questions how to do this contact support. if you're using separate laptops, separate email, and separate paypal you can sell on 2 accounts.

2) When this account becomes a level 2 make sure to offer a $40 gig extra. Believe me $20 and $40 gig extras pay big. 

3) don't be afraid to charge more than a fiverr. You're 2 people doing the video after all. 

4) If you can do green screen or enhanced video work be sure to mention that to customers. some customers will pay even more for commercial like testimonials.

5) Put up a tip gig with 4 days or longer and describe on it that it is for tips and upgrades only. Also make sure you streamline your tip gig. Don't put any buyer requirements in the second half. all you need is gig info, estimated time and a title. You will thank me. 

6) Put up a few more gigs and leave them active for at least a few months. if they don't get sales suspend them and put up different gigs. You can have 20 gigs and usually 8-12 is the butter zone for gigs. with a medium amount of gigs listed it get's your name out there. You could have a sign gig (unless it's on suspend for a lot of orders), a voice-over gig, a tip gig, and any other gigs that may show what you're talented at. 

7) Have fun doing what you're doing. You obviously are doing something right your orders are nonstop.

So if you need a video with twins check out theadtwins.You will be glad you did. They are the most talented new sellers here on Fiverr right now. They will leave you speechless by their video performance and wanting more. Until next time have a Fiverrtastic day.

Monday, September 23, 2013

How can you become a better seller

 Hey Fiverrtastic readers,
A lot of you who read are a seller or a buyer here on Fiverr. There are many ways in which you can become a better seller. Many sellers ask on the forum all the time how they can become a better seller. They want to know how they can sell like a level 1 or level 2 seller without the gig extras. Here's how you can become a better seller. First  you need to use bullet points to emphasize that you have services other than the initial gig. a good example would look like this (level sellers can do this too as other gig extras). Add it to the gig description:
  • For $5 (1 extra gig) I will do this
  • for $10 (2 extra gigs) I will do this  
  • For $20 (4 extra gigs) I will do this
Next, You need to not settle for just a $5 order when your order is worth way more than $5. Be willing to ask for more or if the buyer also sells services, see if they will add one of their gigs as incentive to do more work.

 Be willing to contact sellers to barter, especially if they have promotional services, advertising services, blog services, or other useful services that could benefit you. Whatever you do just make things interesting for you and the buyer. 

If a buyer messages you take contrl of the situation early. Do not let the messages get out of control unless they actually plan to make a deal to order gigs. When they do plan to order make sure to contact them if they don't order quickly. As a seller, no matter what level you are at, sales are important.That's all I have to say for now and until next time have a Fiverrtastic day.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Bringing life to a picture

Hey Fiverrtastic peeps,
Ok so today I want to talk about Fiverr seller valiantgraphics. This seller is an amazing artist and I want to take the time to talk to about their gig This gig is amazing and extremely original. Right now this gig is really popular and it has 11 orders in wue. The seller is well on thier way to becoming a level 1 seller and in a few days they will be probably, since you only have to be on Fiverr a month with 10 sales or more to reach level 1. in 2 months this seller should reach level 2 without a doubt. I want you to check out the comparison of the picture and the drawing and see for yourself. The picture is of my really good female friend Roxy who lives in texas. She's making a funny face and I really like the picture.

                                    Roxy in real life                             Roxy drawn to life
                                                                                          in caricature form

valiantgraphics I think you need to add a few more gigs. I also think that maybe you should possibly promote your gig a little more and maybe make a page for it on Facebook or some other social networking. Also come visit the Fiverr Forum and come check out my Fiverrtastic Facebook page and promote yourself. Get your name out there more you have a lot of talent. Until next time everyone have a Fiverrtastic day.

Saturday, September 7, 2013

A sketch of a lifetime

(This is an actual sample the seller has on their gig)

Hey Fiverrtastic peeps,
I'm back with a new blog for you again. Sorry it took so long. The seller I was going to show from awhile back...her order was good, but her rating and gigs has tanked since I ordered from her. I guess you live you learn right. So I ordered this sketch gig and it's unbelievable. I always look for artistic gigs of creative sellers and wow I was blown away by this seller. The sellers username is eroel_mj and he will draw your photo to Illustration in my style for $5. This is an awesome gig. The artistic quality of this gig blew me away. If you want to have an artistic rendering that you will be pleased to give as a gift or keep for yourself order a gig from eroel_mj . You will not be disappointed. Here is the sketch he did. 

(Here is the drawing they made me)

eroel_mj  I have a few suggestions for your gigs. You should put up a few other art gigs that have nothing to do with pencil and shading or put different samples with the other gigs. When people see the same cover samples on each gig their unsure if each gig is the same. Don't be afraid to sell out of your niche or category either if you have other skills. People like versatile sellers who sell multiple types of gigs. Don't limit yourself to art gigs. Maybe you can put up art video tutorials, testimonials, voiceovers, writing gigs, graphic design or other skills you may be good at. Just have fun with it and be creative. Oh and if you don't have one already, put up a tip gig. Ok well enough about that.

Ok, so until next time everyone have a Fiverrtastic day. Keep an eye out for all the awesome gigs out there and when you see a new gig that may deserve a little boost order from them. Then, share your experience with me and I would be happy to blog about it.