Thursday, January 31, 2013

Triple exposure for your Fiverr


Hey Fiverrtastic readers,
Check out the newest addition to Fiverrtastic. She's new on the scene and she makes awesome photographic wallpapers. The Fiverr sellers username is Leafover and she does some amazing work! She creates work like I have never seen before and it's probably worth triple or quadruple what she charges bare minimum. I may just have to order off her again very, very soon. When I first seen her gigs they were still fairly new and her overall gig rating was a 75%. Over the course of a week she has increased her gig rating by 16% and it is now up to 91% overall. I'm eager to see what she could offer as a level 1 or level 2 seller. She reminds me of myself. I knew what it was like to struggle my first few months and then my gig average leveled out. I think she can do some awesome work here on Fiverr if people just give her a chance. Check out the banner she did for me that I'm going to using on the blog page.

Leafover I have a few suggestions for you. I think that you would do well if you had a few video gigs too. I'm also excited to see you explore other opportunities too like voiceover gigs or other graphic design gigs. Never get too cozy doing one thing too long. Always have a variety of gigs for your clients because your clients are always going to be rapidly expanding. Thank you for the amazing banner i will be in touch with you for more soon. Until next time have a Fiverrtastic day.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Clicking all the way to the bank

Hey Fiverrtastic readers,
Have you wondered how you can make more money online? Well there are different freelance opportunities like Fiverr and many other notable sites. But, then there are many different promotions and e-books out there that can help you harness the potential to generate even more income. There are many websites and e-books popping up about people who have made it big and still do make it big on Fiverr. This one Fiverr seller I came across teaches CPA and ClickBank promotions. The sellers name is gigitall and this seller is the guru of promotion. Her gig I will teach you how to make cool money from CPA for $5 is a 24 hr gig. How can you go wrong honestly! you get your gig fast like a pizza. :) She has had 2 orders in the past month and I think she could do pretty well if she became a level 1 or level 2 seller. 

 There are thousands of people right now who have made it big on the Clickbank, Google Adsense, and the Youtube cashcow. The revenue they have coming in is like a secondary or sometimes a primary income. There are quite a few top rated video sellers who have made good money from advertising. I won't name drop any of them right now because some of them I have mentioned in previous blogs. Clickbank is a whole different jungle though and people not familiar with it should get familiar. Believe me if you're into making money online, this could be right up your alley. gigitall can show you how if you just order off her today.

Ok so here's where I like to play devils advocate. gigitall how do you plan to get to level one if you're not really getting any orders on your gigs. The blog promotion is a huge help, but have you advertised other places or had blogs or articles spinned with other sellers. I imagine you could set up an ad in minutes with your expertise. I have another huge suggestion....ditch the gig with a 0% it reflects negatively. if you force cancelled because client dispute when you could have got help from Fiverr support It reflects negatively on the gig, especially a new one. Sink the ship and recreate the gig another day. I notice you have all these promotion gigs, if you have other types of gigs you could do in something like social networking put them up. Seriously shoot for the moon you can have up to 20 gigs. Also, put up a tip gig, but remember to streamline it, that means to leave the instructions to buyer empty. Only describe the gig saying it's a tip gig if the the customer feels you went above and beyond when giving them service. Whatever skill sets you have make a gig out of them. If you want to check out a cool seller who has gigs in CPA and internet marketing check out gigitall today. Believe me you won't be disappointed! Until next time Fiverrtastic readers catch you on the flipside and have a
Fiverrtastic day!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

critique your website for $5

Hey Fiverrtastic readers,
Ok so I was trying to find new Fiverr sellers to talk about so I was looking on the Fiverr forum. I even put up a post looking for some new sellers to talk about. There was this one seller wanting to get some more exposure and willing to offer and exchange in services. I was like omg my prayers have been answered. I have been looking for someone that could critique my website for awhile. Little did I know I got more than what I bargained for in this order.  The sellers name is jamesosix and he will review your website and provide valuable, professional feedback on how it can be improved for $5. This seller provided an amazing and thorough report about my sire and what I should fix and what was good about it. He also said that it would be easy to transfer the blog over to the actual site even though i think it would be slightly time consuming. I like the blog where it is now. I'm unfamiliar with wordpress and my html design skills are limited. Thats why i design all my stuff in Intuit's site builder program. The seller provided a huge report though and one of the tips was that the pages was not printable. That's a big must in the website world. I also must relate to all readers and keep my language simple.

  jamesosix I do have some suggestions for you. You should put up some more gigs. Thats a big must. Also you should advertise your gigs through social media if you don't already. Pinterest, facebook, and twitter work great. Also, update your gigs frequently. Even if it's 1 or 2 words an a picture it's keeping it fresh and showing that you were on recently and ready to sell. People who update frequently and keep their page open long periods of time get noticed more. I've noticed more sales when I'm active more. There are a lot of advertising and social networking gigs that will help promote your gig. One guy who helps me a lot is alanletsgo. There are so many different things you can do that will help. Hopefully this blog will help when i'm done. Again, check out jamesosix if you need website advice. He will provide an extensive report on your website and do an awesome job. Until next time have a Fiverrtastic day.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Bring your website to the masses

Hey Fiverrtastic readers,
Along my twisted journey here I have met many different people. None have been more interesting then this next sellers gig. The sellers name is KingJoe. I assume that "his majesty" is a he, so I will refer to as such. The gig that he offers exclusively to Fiverr is pretty bad-ass, if I do say so myself. Believe me if I had the extra right now I would be ordering.
 (I am kinda in a pinch waiting for a few larger Fiverr deposits and already have a few gigs in mind I'm ordering for the blog) This seller will literally turn any website from unnoticeable to noticeable in a flash. The gig I'm referring to is where he will submit your site URL to over 750K search engines and directories site submission for $5 . He will get your site listed on all the most popular search engines with a little software called TrafficSeeker.  

Believe me...I tried out the free lite version and was impressed. The software is phenomenal and has a really nice user friendly interface. I didn't really like it that well because I wasn't able to upload more than my first page...maybe I was unfamiliar with the territory. Maybe I need to get more knowledge with the software itself. It's not like graphic design and multimedia software or your run of the mill computer software. I got lost one time setting up and verifying backlinks. Let's leave it to the pros like Kingjoe shall we. I'll do the designing and let others do the rest. If you want to order from a true professional order from Kingjoe

Ok so let's get down to the nitty gritty. Kingjoe you have been on Fiverr 2 years, you're rated 100% and still a level 2 seller. I think it's time to raise hell my friend. Don't storm the castle yet, just change things up a bit. I am a level 2 seller, I have had negatives in my past yes, but none recently. I need to get some of mine fixed. I think you should be a Top Rated Seller by now. I imagine you're familiar with the ways of getting sales here on FiverrYou also probably work as a freelancer in SEO and web design. Just a guess. I gotta say though Kingjoe your stats are impressive. The only issue I see is you don't have enough active gigs going at once and you haven't established enough client rapport. On the one gig you have 113 completed gigs with positive reviews. That's freaking amazing! you should offer web design here on Fiverr if it is a service you can do. Do the coding for $5 and 1 page at a time $5 each. There are plenty more ideas too.Think of ways to expand up and out. You could offer a package deal maybe? Kingjoe I wish you so much luck here on Fiverr. Until next time everyone have a Fiverrtastic day! 

Friday, January 18, 2013

Sharing is Caring: An Interview with Oldbittygrandma


The following is an interview blog like the blogs I did in the past called behind the gig. Thank you oldbittygrandma for taking the time to answer questions and help in the creation of this blog. I am grateful for the services you provide for Fiverrtastic.

Josh: Today, I was able to grab a few moments with Fiverr's own OldBittyGrandma, aka Jo Uneus. Fiverr made Jo their first female Super Seller and their first actor Super Seller. She is always busy, working many hours. I will see her online at 4am in the morning and then throughout the day through to the evening past midnight. I don't know how she does it, but I am very glad to have had the opportunity to have had these few minutes, so that I can feature her expertise on my blog. 
Jo, not only do you offer great gigs, but you are also known for serving the Fiverr community quite well, and consistently, for a long time now. I have heard you time and time again, discuss the thrill you get from seeing others succeed in growing their Fiverr business. Thanks so much for your willingness to get together with me on this. Let's dive deeper into how you do what you do. First off, how do you promote your gigs on Fiverr? I have tried updating, collecting, and even promoting my gigs on forums and other sites. What advice do you have?

Jo: Oh my! Thank you for that introduction Josh!! It's true, I do get that thrill. I often hope to be that one person that took a small action that either snowballed for another Fiverr seller, or in some way, made all the difference to the success of their Fiverr business. I think that brings more joy to me than anything else I do.
On a side note, I have had people come to me telling me 'Jo, you could write an ebook with all the information and tips you share, and make money from that”. While that is probably true, I think I get more satisfaction with just offering my take on things. In the past, when I was a newbie, many others passed on some great advice to me at no charge, figured greatly into my own success, so it's just my way of paying their efforts forward.
For sure...updating one's gigs and efforts involving Fiverr's collections are always good. Collect gigs, and feature those collections on your social networks. Also, be sure to network with other Fiverr sellers, and follow their collections too. I don't know this for sure, but I suspect that bumping that “follow” number up, helps for your collection to capture the eye of Fiverr's content editors, so that your collection may very well be featured on a prominent Fiverr platform space.
Also, community plays a big part, on the Fiverr Forum, and off the Fiverr Forum. I extend my reach onto other social media platforms and on several forums, posting occasionally. Forums, in fact, that are not always related to my work or what I offer. I have some great friends at a GIMP chat forum and also at a Pool forum. I also don't just focus on promoting myself. Never have. It gets kind of boring, and annoying, to an audience, when all you do is talk about yourself. I also don't spam. Big no-no in my world. It's better to strike up a genuine conversation, or add something unique to a discussion. I also comment on articles that I read.
With the time I spend on the internet everyday, I am always coming across gigs, collections, sellers, Fiverr press, Fiverr blog posts, Fiverr facebook posts, that I share in many various social platforms. It's takes but just a few seconds, but makes all the difference in providing exposure to not just other sellers, not just Fiverr, but for me too, in an indirect way.

Josh: Ok, well let me get a little genuine Do you have a lot of Fiverr connections through social networking sites and is it good to do so?

Jo: Oh yeah...but let me expand on your last question if I may. I know I am long-winded, but I think your audience will really value this additional input. Is that okay?

Josh: Sure, by all means.

Jo: Great thanks. I have a lot of links to share, so grease your mouse up Josh! Lol...
You know, I hang out at the Fiverr Forum quite a bit. I came across a thread by a Fiverr seller named “aweber”.
She was discussing how to use a blog and the Fiverr widget ( to increase sales. Makes sense.
I had bought my OBG domain over a year ago, and that “aweber” thread, along with another blog post from Fiverr seller “twistedweb123” “YourFiverr” blog,
which I featured here on the Forum:
really inspired me to get moving on working on that domain, and the other domains I have too...and then when I read Fiverr's CEO & Co-Founder Micha Kaufman's most recent Forbes article,
I was like "YES!!" *fists in the air* type of "yes"
No longer were there doubts as to whether I was moving in the right direction. I had confirmation from Micha, from that article, that I was, and I was so thrilled to know much so, I have even pressed on further in working on my domain, and sales pages for every gig. It's taking time, but it will most definitely pay off in the future! Very exciting stuff for sure!
By the way, on:
“twistedbeb123” was kind enough to create video showing how one adds a live feed of their gig feedback onto their blog...really cool stuff happening there!
Now as far as your last question Josh, I know you know this, but it never hurts to revisit and remember that positive people attract other positive people. Life is too short NOT to have a good time and love what you do, so yes, I do have a lot of Fiverr connections, and although some of them are people I have booked gigs with, many, many, are not.
I like to extend a hand to new sellers, and I find that in doing so, people remember that, because that kind of contact is genuine. I would strongly encourage others getting involved in the community and a really great place is to start at the Fiverr Forum. You can find out more about the Forum here:

Josh: Yeah I like the forum brings the community together all in one place. I like that Fiverr met the need for one. Ok, so let me ask, which social networking sites are the best to use to promote Fiverr and which ones will not help me?

Jo: If it's on the internet, it will help you. Never count any place on the internet out. People who garden, people who play chess, and even people who arm wrestle, may in fact run their own businesses, need business services or even take delight in emailing their loved one a personalized Happy Birthday video....and again, focus on promoting others too!
There is no end to how useful for everyone that Fiverr and gigs offered on Fiverr can be. I have also heard from a couple of good friends, Fiverr sellers “abcdawg” and “tn5rr2012”, that setting up Google alerts has helped them grow their Fiverr business. Just get creative because the possibilities are truly endless, really they are!

Josh: Jo, I got to hand it to you. Not only is your enthusiasm refreshing but you have inspired me too. I'm still wondering how you keep those hours!

Jo: It's all in the naps Josh...all in the naps!

Josh: Thanks Jo. You're a gem!!

I will be finishing the newsletter soon and I was more than amazed by the answers I got from Jo. Hopefully the next person I interview will be just as responsive. Maybe the next one may be the amazing ProfessorPuppet or the certifiably insane Youtubefun or the sultry Voiceworkpro. Maybe it might even be YOU. Until next time everyone have a Fiverrtastic day :) 

Thursday, January 17, 2013

A Good Feeling

Hey Fiverrtastic readers,
So I was going to write a negative blog about a seller named Tina_menser but she was chased off by her horrible seller rating. I still am considering doing a negative gig blog but Fiverrtastic is doing fine. I think that basically the issue was she was an imposter seller. She advertised one thing which was probably another sellers gig and she gave out horrible looking caricatures not even worth $2.50. So I say this to careful who you buy from because it's caveat emptor or buyer beware. For example below is the "caricature" I got. I could have done it in photoshop with warp and paint effect. It looks wretched!

So like I said remember that it's a buyer beware type place. Fiverr has a large majority of really good workers but for every twenty great people theres always one bad one. I'm just glad the customers drove her out before I did. She would have been gone in a day! I will be working on my newsletter tomorrow. Sorry it's taking so long I have had trouble coming up with content. Until next time have a Fiverrtastic day!

Saturday, January 12, 2013

A handmade gig you can't miss

Hey Fiverrtastic Readers, 
I came across this really cool gig on Fiverr a few days ago that I wanted to talk about. It's a really cool stone carving pendant. In the gig the seller offers 2 unisex stone carving pendants. Unisex means it's made for both male and female so why not order the gig for you and someone else. It's well worth it. Believe me this seller has some really cool gigs. Her username is sumsheetal and she has some really cool handmade gigs. If you need a nice gift for someone and not sure what to order why not order a stone carving pendant. 


These pendants look so cool and the look well worth the $5. Why not order more than 1 gig. Valentines day is just around the corner this is just the perfect gift! I do have some suggestions to make your gigs better sumsheetal. Have you tried pinning your handmade products on Pinterest and linking your Fiverr? Have you tried selling your products on Etsy or other handmade product sites. You have amazing products and the more you get exposure the more gigs you will get on Fiverr too. It will increase you're internet rankings above other gigs and you will be able to get orders more smoothly. If you haven't checked this gig out yet you need to. 

By the way Fiverrtastic is still working on coming up with content for a newsletter and we are coming up with a new blog idea for bad Fiverr gigs. If you have ever had a bad Fiverr experience send it to me. Until next time have a Fiverrtastic day! 

Monday, January 7, 2013

a picture is worth a thousand words

Hey everyone,
Here is a Fiverrtastic gig you really need to check out from an amazing seller who is still very new. The sellers name is Hironan and without my blog promotion this seller already has 30 orders in queue. This seller is well on their way to becoming a level 2 seller. I was so happy with my order I just had to post my picture on my Facebook right away. I just never got to blog about it. She delivered the order in a little over a day. I was so impressed! She literally over delivered beyond my wildest expectations. I was literally blown away by the amazing attention to detail even at the digital level.

Here is the picture that was delivered to me:

This is such an awesome job! I think that this seller will go very far. Remember the name because you will be wanting to order from this seller very soon. The sellers name is Hironan in case you forgot. Go check his virtual portfolio out today. I really don't have suggestions to better help you at this time Hironan you're well on your way to becoming a level 2 and possibly a Top rated seller very soon! Until next time everyone have a Fiverrtastic day!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

More info about the newsletter

Hey Fiverrtastic Readers,
Ok so lately I have been bringing up something about a newsletter right. Well I want you to know that I have plenty of ideas for it, I just need to create it. I need to complete my gigs in queue first. I just got a new laptop to kinda replace the old one. The old one is bound to go soon if i don't. I got a virus fixed on the old one awhile back so it was sitting a long time unused.Ya so it's in great shape still but my mom just uses it for games now. Now, I have an all new Asus with 320 gig dual hard drive with an Intel dual processor. Lets just say this is more than I need. I will complete the Newsletter in Indesign probably but I am unsure of the date yet. Even though I have considered ordering a Fiverr gig off someone to create it because after all giving someone else a chance is what Fiverrtastic is all about right. If you want to be notified about this newsletter and other things happening with Fiverrtastic feel free to subscribe to the blog. Until next time have a Fiverrtastic day!