Thursday, June 28, 2012

A little Kick in her step

Hey Fiverrtastic Readers,
Ok so a fellow Fiverr seller who I have featured in Fiverrtastic blog before needs help with her Kickstarter campaign. The seller was featured recently and she is Comedian Ester Goldberg. She does testimonials under the Fiverr username estergoldberg. She is doing a comedy show in Hollywood at KingKing and needs everyones help. All she needs is $7000 or more to get started. The majority of her campaign will pay for advertising and that's where she needs everyone's help. If you support her show you get wonderful perks. Check out the awesome perks that you get anything from a personalized email to tickets to the show or even your name listed on the show as an honorary producer. Seriously people $5, $25, or even $50 donations can really make this show a dream come true. Not to be cynical but if people can turn an anti-bullying campaign for a bus monitor over on indiegogo from a projected 5K to 660K . The money that bus monitor made will not just be a summer vacation her ass can retire. I wanna be a bus monitor. Ester isn't looking to retire she just wants to put on a comedy show in Hollywood. If you help her with a sizable donation you'll get tickets so c'mon people give her some help. Go to this link:

Just click the kickstarter link or click her picture. If you're not convinced watch her clips you'll laugh your ass off at the "Wizard of Oz" one. Until next time have a Fiverrtastic day readers!

A Voice for the Masses

Hey Fiverrtastic readers,
Do you often wonder about commercials you hear on the radio and popular commercials and who does those types of commercials. Sometimes the person in charge of scouting out a voice over talent looks no further than people like the seller I'm going to discuss today. The seller's username is Voiceovershawn. Shawn is a professional broadcaster with decades of major market experience. His voice overs are high quality and he always delivers on time. In his intro Fiverr intro video he sent I heard samples of commercials he did for Fleetwood Homes, Cisco, Visa Check Card, Budweiser, Dominos, and Energizer. This seller is more than just a voice over artist he is a professional at what he does in the voice over business. The gig I want to discuss, the only gig he has active right now is I Will Do A Professional Major Market Voice over For $5. He has had 3 positive sales on this gig and I think if more people took notice he would go from a level 1 seller to a level 2 seller. I have noticed a lot of people that after being on Fiverrtastic Blog go up one level or even become Top Rated Sellers a few months after the blog was written. Why not spend $5 on a professional voiceover artist whose done commercials for some of the big name companies I listed above. It honestly doesn't get bigger than Budweiser and Visa. Honestly, what's $5 the cost you pay for lunch or an expensive coffee. You can get an amazing voice over for your next commercial (music is an extra gig) for $5. Just look at the details of the gig and ask Shawn any questions you have before ordering if you need to. 

Voiceovershawn This is where I give you some advice to make it to a new level or to be a more successful seller. Put up a few more gigs for people to order. The more gigs you have the more people will notice your seller page. For instance, maybe you can sell voice overs for audio books for 2 minutes each gig. or maybe you could do script writing for commercials. Or maybe you could offer product testimonials and product reviews by voice over as well. You could also do Voiceovers for Voice-mail, teleprompter, and  other phone based services. You have an amazing voice for a guy almost like Mike Rowe from Dirty Jobs or Alan Kalter from David Letterman Show. Both of them do voice overs and both of them can really captivate an audience. You almost sound like radio personality Tom Griswold from Bob and Tom radio show. You captivated my attention immediately. Check out his intro video below. 

Check out Voiceovershawn and you'll be glad you did. He will make an amazing voice over for you. What are you waiting for check him out now. Until next time have a Fiverrtastic day readers.

Monday, June 25, 2012

For the Love of Language

 Hey Fiverrtastic readers,
ok so i came across this seller who has the most innovative gig idea by far. This seller will literally create a voice-over for your product, website, or service in Spanish.  His skill is being fluent in the Spanish because that's his native language. He will make a voice-over for you of a Spanish script spoken in Spanish. The script has to be in Spanish. You will literally be amazed by his speaking abilities. This seller's name is v_works which is short for Voice_ works and he creates amazing Spanish voice-overs. He has done 118 positive orders over a years time. That may not seem like a lot but that's quite the reputation in itself for a voice over artist. Past projects have included Voice-overs for Web Videos, video promos,  radio spots, multimedia presentations, documentary narrations, Children eBooks and Ipad apps,  Corporate voice-over, jingles and Dubbing for TV series (HBO, Cartoon Network, Boomerang and Nat Geo).

He will do a voice-over of up to 100 words in Spanish for $5. That in itself is a steal and if you need a Spanish voice-over you should jump on it. Voice-overs in other languages are important on Fiverr and the more people who can speak different languages the better. There is only 10 different voice overs in Spanish and 4 are successful. V_works and another seller are the top 2 sellers for Spanish voice-overs. His voice captivates audiences everywhere and he can make rocket fuel sound exciting. Who knows...I may even use his skills for my blog someday. Check out some samples here >>>

(check out this video for Disk Drill he did the Spanish voice-over for it.)

V_works I have a few suggestions for you. Try starting up a few new gigs. you have the ability of speaking a different language so maybe doing Spanish video testimonials might work out good for you. If the person provides the Spanish script to you. You could also do other things like Spanish script correction services,  and even Spanish lessons by Skype. The more gigs you have on Fiverr the better chance you have of being noticed. Also, the more gigs you have equals more money. You can literally do a lot on Fiverr if you put your mind to it. I have been on Fiverr almost 2 years and went through about 30 different gigs and the ones I have now are the most successful. I can see you becoming very successful having multiple gigs if you advertise them with social networking and your former clients order these other gigs.
Order from V_works you definitely won't regret it. This seller does amazing work. Until next time readers have a Fiverrtastic Day!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Life is a Highway

Hey Fiverrtastic Readers,
So today I was looking on the Fiverr Facebook page and came across a seller by the name of Sixlanehighway. They have only been on the scene 4 months and they are a level 2 seller. I say "They" because Sixlanehighway is a small multimedia company that has worked with such clients as the rap group Three 6 Mafia, Deanland studios, and award winning children's reading website Sixlanehighway expanded their services to Fiverr to offer services for an everyday customer that may be looking for a professional in the biz. Believe me I know it's not easy having to weed out the pros from the not so pro here over on Fiverr. That's why I'm here. A professional in graphic design and multimedia myself I was amazed by the services they offer for $5! Maybe its strategic marketing more than anything. I remember when I first started doing my own graphic design site I didn't want to compromise below certain fees. But, in economic times like these it's feasible to make a risk like promoting your services on Fiverr. A large amount of my clientele come straight from Fiverr. I imagine as their gigs start to blow up Fiverr they will start getting a huge client base too. 

Ok so I'm going to feature a different gig than Fiverr's Facebook page did. I'm going to show off their CD cover gig. They will literally make a CD cover for your band or whatever you need a cd cover for. Like I said they did a CD cover for Three 6 Mafia. You can't get much more pro than that! Now I can design logos and I can design Ebook covers. I have designed a variety of different print multimedia but never done a CD cover so I give you mad props guys. it takes a lot of patience and diligence to make a nice cd or dvd cover. And to sell it for $5 is just mind blowing. Sixlanehighway also does projects like photo realistic mockups, Facebook timeline covers, a video intro like "Lost", and even getting your multimedia work featured on IMDB. check out the video for their CD cover gig below. 

Sixlanehighway I have a few tips for you that may increase your sales on Fiverr. Try offering a few more video intro gigs like the lost one. people eat that up. I don't know why but animated videos are awesome ways of getting the name out. Keep the seller profile fresh. Any gigs that aren't selling or making much put them on suspend or get rid of them. Always keep cranking out new ideas. Customers like when you keep things fresh. Besides that I got nothing your site is good and the Fiverr seller profile is good. Until next time readers have a Fiverrtastic Day.

Monday, June 18, 2012

A Video Worth Your Five

 Hey Fiverrtastic Readers,
I came across this really cool gig where this Fiverr seller will make an amazing video. Not just any video it's animated. It's an animated testimonial where the characters are computer animated cartoon characters. It's a 20 video per every $5 and you have several characters to choose from. If you want to add an additional character it's another gig. If you want to add a logo or text on screen it's a $5 gig extra. The sellers username is Deaun1 and she has some really cool gigs. She is a level 2 seller and the variety of gigs she has are definitely worth checking out. The gig I'm referring to is I will create a 20 second cartoon commercial for you for $5 and it is well worth $5. This gig is done in an estimated time of 7 days or less. She could offer a video like this for $10 or $15 per 20-30 but she isn't. Animators make an upwards of $30-$50 an hour or more depending on if it's illustration or CGI. This gig is a must have for $5 every 20 secs. A 1 minute animated commercial for $15 when some places may charge $50 or even $100 or more. Ya I would jump on it! She has other amazing gigs too all to do with animation and she does these gigs in 7 days or less. Most of them are done in 1 or 2 days. Seriously, What are you waiting for get off your duff and go check out her username Deaun1 right now. I've already looked at a few of her gig's I could use later on to promote Fiverrtastic.

Deaun1 I have some advice for you. I always give some sort of advice to the person I'm writing for. You have 20 gigs. That's great that you have that many some people try the 20 gig limit and either can't get that many or can't come up with that many. Kudos to you! Have people add your gigs to their collections. I'm going to add a few to mine after I finish this blog. If you feel like you get overwhelmed at all and sometimes we do as sellers put a few gigs on suspend. Lastly, take advantage of Fiverr pages that allow subscribers to show their gigs to other subscribers. some subscribers are not just other Fiverr sellers their Fiverr customers. My Fiverrtastic Fanpage on Facebook likes to have gigs on it every now and then. I just put your animated one on it. :) Oh and if you don't already have some sort of fanpage for your gigs do one. Facebook has free pages. It's a great way to promote sales.Check out Deaun1's gig video below.

So, if you want a cool gig that is worth your five check out Deaun1's animated advertisement video gig. Believe me you'll be glad you did. Until next time have a Fiverrtastic day readers.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Alexa Who?

Hey Fiverrtastic Readers,
Ok so I came across a seller who sells something I'm not exactly familiar with for once. Ya go figure I'm usually familiar about a little bit of everything but when this seller contacted me I was bewildered. The sellers username was  yvancg and He's a level 1 seller from Thailand. The seller is very professional in my opinion and just on one gig alone he's sold 22 gigs and has a 100% rating. He's been on here for 4 months and has a lot of cool gigs. most of them are centered around articles and internet. He done SEO as a career for 3 years now full time and developed quite a few successful sites, Here's one gig of his I found really interesting:  I will write a 5 star Alexa review for your site and ping it for $5. I kinda know what Alexa is ranking is in terms of Google being ranked #1 ranked and Facebook is #2...etc.  But this seller will write a 5 star article and make your site rank in the Alexa rankings. The sellers profile briefly explains it in a nutshell "Alexa is one of the key metrics for your site. Google uses Alexa reviews and rankings for his own ranking. Having good Alexa reviews helps both for search and human traffic.". So when people do a keyword search you will literally be on the first few pages of every popular search engine. Why is this important? If you're not on the first few pages I'm sorry you and your site don't matter. 

Yvan will make your page matter with a 5 star Alexa review! Would you rather do it the old fashioned way and pay hundreds or even thousands of dollars to someone who isn't guaranteed to help...or pay a mere $5. Take the risk of $5 you won't go wrong and believe me with ratings like his you may end up ordering more services or referring a friend. He will do you the service of creating a review your website only dreamed of. What is $5 really it's enough to buy a Subway footlong sandwich or a 20 piece chicken nuggets at Mcdonalds or even an expensive coffee. To put it into perspective $5 to do the work it would take for a $20-50 an hour job usually. Why do sellers like yvancg  and myself (cust0mcr3ationz) here on Fiverr do insanely cheap services. We offer services to help others get services they wouldn't be able to get otherwise. I know that if it wasn't for Fiverr I wouldn't get some of the stuff I have bought like the amazing logos and video projects I have gotten. yvancg does this type of stuff for a living so I know he's good at it I've seen his Fiverr page and his linkedin page. His ratings speak for themselves. Now you the reader take the time to check out this gig I will write a 5 star Alexa review for your site and ping it for $5. Believe me you won't be disappointed.

Check out the video for his gig below

yvancg I do have a little bit of advice for you from one seller to another. I always offer this at the end of each blog it's just something for the readers and you as the seller based on experience. You have some great gigs so to make them stronger advertise them in different forums and walls on Facebook and other social networking sites. Not in a spammy way, just in a way where your getting some exposure. Writing about other people is amazing but having people write about you is a step in the right direction kudos to you on that one. If you have gigs that aren't doing so well put them on suspend or replace them with a new gig altogether. You have a lot of talent I see you doing a lot of different gigs. Lastly, don't let any customers overwhelm you with work. You do SEO work and just like graphic design it can be time consuming. So if you feel one customer is too demanding nip it in the butt. no customer is ever worth the stress. Besides that I wish you much success and I will be updating readers when you become a Level 2 or TRS.

Until next time Fiverrtastic readers have a Fiverrtastic Day! :)

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Felling Kinda Yellow?

Hey Fiverrtastic Readers,
Do you often wonder how you would look like as a Simpson character? Of course you do...we all do! There are a lot of different sellers on here that can help you become immortalized like a work of Simpson art. The seller's username I ordered off was Eliana93fer and this seller will literally take any high quality head shot and turn it into a Simpsons picture. If you want something a little more above and beyond this seller will draw the whole body for an extra $5, Draw you alongside Homer For an extra $10, and Draw you alongside the family for an extra $50. The seller took my picture and made an amazing Simpson like picture out of it. I ordered off this seller instead of another seller like Zilchy, because Eliana is a Top rated Seller and has multiple drawing gigs. The talent and skill that Eliana93fer is just amazing and the variety of gigs to choose from is like wow! I'm going to admit the reason why I chose to have another artistic gig in the first place is A) I love artistic gigs and B) Molleemay (the girl who donates money to her brothers classroom fell through). She didn't complete the gig and I gave her 7 extra days. That's over a month. She had another cancel before me too. So if you want to look immortalized like a Simpsons character and don't want to have a long wait in queue choose Eliana93fer because the gig is amazing!

I usually give advice to a seller at the end of my blog but you're a TRS Eliana93fer So I don't have much advice to offer. Here's a few tips: make sure all of your gigs have at least one gig extra (3 of them don't), put up a tip gig and mark it for 4 days or longer, and update your gigs regularly. Besides that you're doing an amazing job as a Top Rated seller and I wish you much success. Hope to work with you again in the near future. For anyone who hasn't seen my Simpsons inspired photo yet from my Facebook or my fan page look below.

 Thank you for reaching over 90 blogs and for over 6200 views. What a wild ride this has been so far and we've only just begun! Fiverr is expanding everyday and always having new gigs for me to talk about. If you have a gig you want me to talk about or if you know a gig you want to see on here get a hold of me! I am always looking for new gigs to discuss. Until next time Fiverrtastic Readers have a great day!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Ester Goldberg...Need I Say More

Hey Fiverrtastic Readers, 
Ok so I was trolling facebook pages like I sometimes do and seen on one of my Fiverr friends pages (oldbittygrandma), that Ester Goldberg was selling on Fiverr. If you don't know who she is well that's ok people didn't know who Perez Hilton was for a long long time. The only difference is Ester's got more talent. Ester is a Comedian, TV host, actress, and international celebrity blogger. Yes, you can can order a video or audio testimonial from Ester Goldberg for $5. Ya you heard me $5! Here's her username Estergoldberg. She will make you an amazing video or audio testimonial and she shows proof with her video for Fiverr. She actually shows a video where she's interviewing celebrities. Something she's familiar with doing a lot. She even has her own blog called  "A Daily Dose of Showbiz Schmooze".
Fiverr is just something more for her to have fun with and believe me I can only imagine the video or audio testimonial she would give you the buyer. She's got a professionalism other sellers only dream about and I see her becoming a Top rated seller in no time. By the next time I do another update blog she will be a Level 2 or Top Rated Seller. She should be a level 1 right now. Why she's not on the Fiverr front page where they show off her gig I honestly don't know.

here check out her Fiverr Vid

Ester Goldberg I have a few tips for you. make your gigs known as much as you can. Fiverr is a very big internet site for small business entrepreneurs. Secondly, add a few new gigs like maybe offering to write as a guest blogger or maybe doing something like comedy skits or testimonials that are tv host over Skype where you interview the person. There is so much you can do with your experience. I would also contact fiverr if you don't become a level 1 after updating your profile with a few new gigs or doing a few more sales. I seen you did 20 positive sales and after the 10-20 sales your supposed to be promoted. You have more than 1 gig. So I don't understand why they never promoted you. 

If you want an amazing video or audio testimonial or greeting check out Ester Goldberg's gig. You will definitely satisfied with the product you receive. So check her out today. Next blog I will discuss a seller who creates Simpson portraits from your picture. So stay tuned for our next Fiverrtastic Blog. Have a Fiverrtastic Day. 

Monday, June 11, 2012

Marketing in a Tangled Web

Hi Fiverrtastic Readers,

    Ok so I recently came across this really cool seller by the username Hilgard. He got my interest because some of the gigs he offers are innovative and creative. He offers SEO and Advertising gigs to help promote peoples businesses and websites. One thing he does is helps promote people through article marketing. So in a way he's helping people kind of like I am. Here check out more information about what he does here . People who offer these type of services can make really good money if they advertise their services right and if they are able to get their clients to to advertise by word of mouth. The one gig i want to promote of his is I will successfully promote and rank your fiverr gig, article, or website like crazy for $5 . For $5 this is an absolute bargain. This guy seems is the real deal when it comes to SEO and internet marketing and his ratings speak for themselves. He's a level 2 seller and all of his gigs are rated 100%. That is exceptional. A lot of my gigs are rated 100% but I have a few that aren't because of negative customers in the past. This seller will definitely give you amazing service just check all of his ratings. 

     Hilgard I do have suggestions for you like I always do other sellers based on my own experiences being here almost 2 years. I think you should have a tip gig. Time it for 4 days or longer because your ETA is 2-4 days for a lot of your gigs. Oh and I see another thing you could probably fix. You may not be busy now but as soon as the SEO gigs start to dwindle down or people get overloaded with work they will suspend their gigs. They might take a break even and you will be get hit with gigs hard! So you might want to change the ETA (estimated Time of Arrival to 6 or 7 days when you start getting busier. believe me people will wait if its a good gig and your gigs will build up more too.
    Hilgard Create a few new gigs. Maybe some Facebook advertising ones. The twitter is great but don't leave out the other social networking sites. Also, I think that if you did video tutorials or a troubleshooting gig to help people with their website problems that might be cool too. Hilgard You have some nice gigs keep up the good work. If you aren't checking out his gigs yet why the hell not. Go now and check them out. Just click on his name or his picture. 
     Until next time have a Fiverrtastic Day readers. We have reached just over 6000 views and over 3000 Facebook fans. Keep up the amazing work. Tell everyone how much you love Fiverr and How much you love Fiverrtastic Blog. :)

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Makes banana look appealing and has an ear for corn

Hi Fiverrtastic Readers,
Ok so I came across this seller who literally has the most amazing slight of hand advertising. His name is Neatpuff and Either he's a good slight of hand or he's a really good magician, better than the last guy I talked about in a previous blog. He will literally use a banana or ear of corn to advertise your product. Here check out the banana gig I will produce a unique video of your logo or message and reveal it inside a banana with message confetti for $5. He's had one negative rating out of all of his orders on the banana gig and it was probably a buyer who cancelled because he didn't deliver on time. He will also use an ear of corn either cooked or uncooked with advertise your product too. I think Neatpuff  is an amazing seller if you want some original top of the line advertising. I was so tempted to order but I didn't because Sometimes I have $5 to spare and other time I don't and a banana and ear of corn can only hold so much. Fiverrtastic is 12 letters and his order says 13 letters or less. it would just look crowded. I would suggest this to anyone though.

Neatpuff I only have a little advice for you. You are probably the most innovative level 2 seller I've seen in a while and you got a full variety of gigs. keep up the creativity. Never stop coming up with ideas. Here's a suggestion though. That tip gig, make it 5 or 6 days because on average that's how long some of your gigs are. Even if you can fulfill a tip in 24hrs, if someone orders a gig multiple and its a larger project and orders it under tip you're screwed! A person would look at it as you not fulfilling that persons order. Some customers are like that. Believe me I've had a customer order a T-shirt design under a tip and it was 1 or 2 day time period and my t-shirt designs take way longer and I was irritated. Oh here's some more advice, suspend gigs that aren't selling or that get more then 5 to 10 orders in queue. You don't want to get overwhelmed. There are times I want to pull my hair out and I only have 10 to 20 total over the course of week. You have the creative gigs that are the ones people will pay good money for and ones people will wait for. Let the queue build up but not too much. Neatpuff if you ever need anything don't be afraid to contact me you know how to get a hold of me on Fiverr.

Check out his advertising video for his banana gig below (I had to upload it to youtube to my Fiverrtastic page to get it to work. Blogspot hates me

I can also be reached on my Fiverrtastic Fanpage on Facebook. Fiverrtastic readers if you or someone you know wants to be featured on the blog send me a message. I'll look at their gig and get back to them.

Until next time have a Fiverrtastic Day! :)

Friday, June 8, 2012

Update Part 2

Hey Fiverrtastic Readers,
Yesterday I discussed readers who have made it to Top Rated Seller from level 1 or Level 2. Today I want to discuss sellers who have made it from Level 1 to Level 2 and are doing really well at Level 2.

Level 1 to level 2

Youtubefun: He is a little wacky and he might be certifiable, but his quick turnaround time and his tenacity to do 1 and 2 day gigs has made him a level 2 seller in just a mere 3 months. This guy is literally going places. if he was on a reality show i would watch him. Hopefully he becomes a TRS soon because he deserves to. If you want to see some of his work go to

 Catvertising: When I first met her on Fiverr she was only a level one and she was doing really well but she just wasn't getting the whole Fiverr thing yet. After talking to her extensively and writing a blog for her she became a level 2 not long after. I wish her much luck as a level 2 and hope she becomes a TRS someday.

Adamrussel: The cheer up video guy. When I first met him he didn't even have a level. Sam Cornwell The community manager and a Top Rated seller on Fiverr referred me to him after sending a cheer up video to me. Adam is now a level 2 seller and his gigs are quite steady. Adam if you read this good luck with your future endeavors man. You're very talented and you have lots of potential. Fiverr is just a starting point for you.

Voiceworkpro- You all remember her right? The Marilyn Monroe lookalike. She actually sounded like her too and she is amazingly talented. She went from Level 1 to Level 2 and she is going to be featured in LA weekly. I will keep you updated on the Fiverrtastic Facebook Page.

Gorungigs: Remember him? He did a lot of drawing gigs. He's most famous for the swipe drawing video gig and for using his dog Ozzy in video gigs. He has a variety of different gigs for people to choose from. He made it to level 2 nt long after I blogged about him. Awesome Job! May you become a TRS someday!

tn5rr2012: The seller who would read your family history. She would literally go back as far as 4 generations or farther investigating your family history. At first, when I met her on a Fiverrwall, a Fiverr facebook page, she had no level, then she skyrocketed to level 1. Then she went to level to. She had to cancel orders here and there and I guess because she cancelled too many orders Fiverr demoted her. They didnt just demote her she lost her badge. She was still getting steady orders but she had no badge. We talked, she got it straightened around and Tada! She's a level 2 again

Missoptimistic: Last but certainly not least is the lady with mad beats! She made Fiverrtastic sound cool with a Lyrical poem. She's gotten a decent amount of orders since I worked with her. Hey where's the tip gig? Oh awesome job on putting up a voiceover gig. If you ever need help coming up with ideas for gigs get a hold of me. :)

Now lets discuss the people who have left Fiverr or Taken a break to pursue other interests.

SpandyAndy: Last time i knew on his Facebook page he was keeping it tight and bright in Australia. He is pursuing other interests doing street entertaining spreading his colorful joy with the world. But from what I can see on his Facebook page it looks like he is back in Vancouver, BC, Canada. I hope you come back to Fiverr someday. SpandyAndy I will miss you.

Mrevilhairday: Remember the bean guy I ordered off. Of course you do. I was turned into a bean and I looked pretty cool as a bean! Well he went on a much needed sabbatical from doing gigs. Whether he comes back or not remains to be seen. But I wish him luck while he pursues other interests and takes a much needed break from gigs.

Pidge121 She was the Woman who drew me a tattoo design of the angel and devil wing and the realistic portrait of myself. She is a very talented artist. She decided to stop doing gigs to focus on her tattoo artist career. Believe me there is more money to be made as a Tattoo artist. I wish you luck in your future endeavors Pidge even though we see each other on Facebook

Matographer- The frog put away his frog suit unfortunately and is no longer selling gigs. I haven't seen him on in over 2 months. He had some really cool gigs too. Whatever You're doing Matographer I wish you much success.

Brack3n- They are the husband and wife duo who did jingles and personalized songs for people. They are either taking a break or they have stopped selling all together. the gig is on pause so i imagine they are taking a break.

If you have ideas for people you want to see on Fiverrtastic or if you want to be part of Fiverrtastic contact me on my Fiverrtastic Facebook page. Have a Fiverrtastic Day everyone. I may write another blog today if i have time. if not it will be tomorrow. This gig is really cool too. But I'm going to keep it a secret.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Update On Where They Are Now

 Hey Fiverrtastic Readers,
Are you wondering where the Fiverr sellers I've written about in the past are now. Well let's just say the've moved on up since I've written about them last. Some have moved up to Top Rated Seller and Some have moved up to Level 2. They are now making more sales than ever either directly or indirectly because of Fiverr's Front page, Fiverr's Facebook page, and Fiverrtastic.

Jinnajuice The Crazy ex girlfriend seller she went from a level 1 seller to a Top Rated Seller in just 3 weeks. No lie! She is the hugest sucess story I have ever seen on Fiverr. Kudos to her.

Remember Alyssaerin The girl who made animated objects and food drawings. She's a Top Rated Seller now. From a Level 2 to a Top Rated Seller. That's really cool. I wouldn't have known if I didn't see it in the LinkedIn Fiverr Group. I wish you all the best as a TRS.

Oh and Djemotion How could anyone forget DJ. He's a TRS now. He was a Level 2 and He should have been a TRS when I wrote about him. Awesome job DJ. He's been featured in The Huffington Post, Yahoo News, and more recently in The Winnipeg Free Press. He just created a Fiverr course called The Fiverr Gold Mine. I wish you much success on all your future endeavors DJ.

Remember TofuPanda of course you do! She went from a level 2 seller to a TRS. She gets a ton of gigs ordered now and makes better money than she did when she first started. She's the one that sells the cartoon drawings with the captions. I ordered one for my Facebook image and one for a business card. She is an amazing artist! I wish you luck in all your future endeavors Tofunmi.

Oh and remember SexySamantha of course you do she went from a level 2 to a TRS too. She sells a lot of different gigs so if you're not familiar with her gigs go order from her today. Samantha awesome Job!

Oh and who could forget The Plastic Bag Man RobertoCarlos and his hairless kitty. He helped me make a Valentines video for Missy when I was dating her still. He did an amazing job! Now that you're a TRS Roberto I wish you all the best!

Oh and who could forget the death defying MrMarcus. I thought this guy was certifiable but his gigs are awesome. The only gig he didn't have was wrestling a tiger or swimming with a shark. He is so awesome. I wish you best of luck now that you are a TRS Mr Marcus. Now you'll have money to pay for emergency room Just kidding.

Ok this blog is to be continued because there are level 1's who have made it to level 2 and people who have put Fiverr on hold to focus on other things. So keep an eye out for part 2 tomorrow. Until next time have a Fiverrtastic Day readers.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

 Hey Fiverrtastic readers,
So I was randomly searching Fiverr and came across this amazing seller who will send you 5 pictures of a hairstyles that was personally picked out just for you, your hair type and lifestyle for $5. The sellers name is vegashairgirl and she seems like she could become very successful selling fashion advice. I myself don't need a haircut  and I don't need a specialty hairstyle (my head is shaved), but I just had to show this gig to the world! She has only been on Fiverr about a month and she is a level 1 seller. That says something about her sales. A) she's done 10 or more sales in a month B) she's maintained a 100% gig rating. That's impressive. She's a cosmetologist in Las Vegas who's been doing hair for 18 years. I myself can't imagine doing any of the same thing for 18 years but if you love what you do stick with it. Vegashairgirl has some other amazing gigs to do with vacationing, product review, and she even has a tip gig. Some sellers i discuss don't realize they can have a tip gig. Honestly if I needed some hairstyle advice I would be buying a gig.

Vegashairgirl I have a few suggestions for you. Try adding videos to your gigs. even if it's simple slide shows to showcase what you offer a simple picture, text, and music video made in windows movie maker really brings out a gig. Put up a gig to do with writing for fashion blogs and magazines. There may be a demographic of people looking for articles on hair, beauty, or fashion. I write articles and blogs and believe me I know nothing about fashion. The more people out there that do articles about specific topics that have a specific demographic the better. Vegashairgirl Maybe you can do a gig with postcards or something symbolic of Vegas. Las Vegas is iconic for what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. You live in Vegas be creative. Lastly, offer more writing gigs people are always looking for people to do writing, video, and graphic design gigs. If your good at a certain skill make money with it. Charge customers more than 1 gig if you have to. Set a word limit. You will be a level 2 in no time I can see it. It takes a while to become a Top rated Seller and very few do unless your sales are astronomical but level 2 is good. I'm a level 2 and I make pretty good money. I might be a TRS if it wasn't for some of the ratings I've gotten.

Seriously people, if you want to check out a really cool gig check out Vegashairgirl's I will send you 5 pictures of a hairstyles that was personally picked out just for you, your hair type and lifestyle for $5 . She will ensure that your order is dealt with in the most professional manner. Thanks everyone for helping me reach over 5600 views and over 3000 Facebook likes. This blog has been around 4 months now and still going strong. Until next time have a Fiverrtastic Day. :) 

Monday, June 4, 2012

Visually Appealing

Hi Fiverrtastic Readers,
Ok so today I want to discuss a Top Rated Seller who is a logo designer. This seller helped me make a new logo for my Custom Creationz website. I was browsing through all the different logo designers because I didn't want to redesign it myself. the one I already made was tacky and I really don't have an eye for my own style. I can design other peoples stuff A OK but! So While I was browsing I seen this Top Rated Seller by the name of Designinc. He only had 2 orders in queue when I ordered from him and the seller has had over 2500 positive reviews. So I thought to myself hey why not. I jumped on the chance as quick as I could. I sent my previous logo and explained I had no specific color scheme just a contract of lights and darks would be fine. I had 4 choices to pick from. 3 of them I had so much deciding over and I narrowed it down to 2. Finally after about 5 or 10 minutes of deciding I decided on one of them. I think that this seller went above and beyond what some sellers offer and for him to complete the order in 2 days was amazing! 

Designinc, you've been in the Fiverr biz a little bit longer than I have. I've never heard of you but you're an amazing seller. Just by the way your sales page is written up and by how you intricately describe everything you offer and don't offer in detail. I'm a Level 2 seller because of some of my sales early out but I am an experienced seller in the Fiverr universe. I noticed you don't have a tip gig. (maybe you do I didn't see it) Put one up or keep it active it comes in handy. There's been times I suspend a gig and people still want to order and are driven away because there is no gig to order. People sometimes like to order the tip gig when they don't have a gig that matches the service they want from you or they want to give an extra incentive. The more exposure you have on Fiverr the better. I always maintain at least 10-12 different gigs. Designnc you do amazing work so I'm not surprised you have over 2500 positive reviews and all the negatives (a mere 40) are just douchebags. (excuse my language but some of the people that leave negatives can be real pricks) Out of 4 logos i wasn't fond of 1. I was super impressed. $1 a logo is what it breaks down to (after Fiverr makes their dollar). Try going outside Fiverr and getting a logo for $5, let alone four choices. We work hard to please people and most times we do. The Fiverr community is just that a community of individuals from all around the world brought together by the World Wide Web.

If you haven't checked out Designinc yet and want to see some of the work he did for me check out these 4 logos.





I chose #3 and if you want to check out how it looks go to . This logo designer is someone not to be missed and you should take up the offer to have 4 different designs made because there would be at least 1 you would like. I only offer 3-4 designs and 2 revisions and I charge extra if they want extra designs, the PSD or AI, EPS, or extra file types. Designinc gave the jpeg of each logo, the jpeg of all 4 on a page for viewing side by side, and the EPS file. That is a deal of a lifetime! As soon as his gig is unpaused run and order you'll be glad you did. Until next time readers have a Fiverrtastic day.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Lil Bit of This and Lil Bit of That

Hey Fiverrtastic readers,
Ok so this seller really struck a nerve really close to my heart. I love magic! let me repeat that emphatically I LOVE MAGIC! I have a Criss Angel Magic Kit. I can only do the basic tricks but I can do them. ;) This guy on the other hand has got skills. He will teach you an amazing card trick for $5 . I kept watching his slight of hand trying to figure out what he did and I couldn't keep up. I think I figured it out just by watching the intro video but I'm not sure. The sellers name is Magicteacher and he has some really cool gigs. If you haven't checked him out yet you need to. For a few of his gigs he says in the description that if you buy 2 you get the 3rd free. That is a great sales tactic.I don't know if it would work for me? I have to wheel and deal with customers all the time by quoting gigs at lower rates than what they should be. But I like his thinking and if it works for him he should keep doing it. Never fix what isn't broken. These gigs are the most original I've seen in awhile I just wish there was more of them to choose from.

Magicteacher here's a little advice to increase sales. Put some more magic gigs up if you have other tricks you can put up. People love magic it's original, fresh, and innovative. Put up a few into videos involving magic people pay good money for into videos. The money comes from the gig extras like green screen, HD, and even express delivery. Oh by the way sometimes delivering above and beyond what a customer expects will help increase your sales too because a customer comments or a customers word of mouth increase sales immensely. So, ensure to deliver things customers wouldn't expect you to deliver even if they ordered a $20 order. You are an amazing seller ans I wish you the best of luck in the Fiverr game. I will be watching your gigs closely because I absolutely love your gigs and I might use your gigs sometime or another to promote my blog. Remember that originality will beat out anything else in the Fiverr game. Go check out Magicteacher's gigs now. 

here is the intro video of Magicteacher's card trick gig:

 Thank you everyone for helping the blog reach 5500 views and over 3000 Facebook fans. Hopefully the next blog won't take so long to release.  If you know anyone who you think is Fiverrtastic contact me on Fiverrtastic's Facebook Fan Page or contact me here commenting on the blog. Until next time have a Fiverrtastic Day readers.