Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Ester Goldberg...Need I Say More

Hey Fiverrtastic Readers, 
Ok so I was trolling facebook pages like I sometimes do and seen on one of my Fiverr friends pages (oldbittygrandma), that Ester Goldberg was selling on Fiverr. If you don't know who she is well that's ok people didn't know who Perez Hilton was for a long long time. The only difference is Ester's got more talent. Ester is a Comedian, TV host, actress, and international celebrity blogger. Yes, you can can order a video or audio testimonial from Ester Goldberg for $5. Ya you heard me $5! Here's her username Estergoldberg. She will make you an amazing video or audio testimonial and she shows proof with her video for Fiverr. She actually shows a video where she's interviewing celebrities. Something she's familiar with doing a lot. She even has her own blog called  "A Daily Dose of Showbiz Schmooze".
Fiverr is just something more for her to have fun with and believe me I can only imagine the video or audio testimonial she would give you the buyer. She's got a professionalism other sellers only dream about and I see her becoming a Top rated seller in no time. By the next time I do another update blog she will be a Level 2 or Top Rated Seller. She should be a level 1 right now. Why she's not on the Fiverr front page where they show off her gig I honestly don't know.

here check out her Fiverr Vid

Ester Goldberg I have a few tips for you. make your gigs known as much as you can. Fiverr is a very big internet site for small business entrepreneurs. Secondly, add a few new gigs like maybe offering to write as a guest blogger or maybe doing something like comedy skits or testimonials that are tv host over Skype where you interview the person. There is so much you can do with your experience. I would also contact fiverr if you don't become a level 1 after updating your profile with a few new gigs or doing a few more sales. I seen you did 20 positive sales and after the 10-20 sales your supposed to be promoted. You have more than 1 gig. So I don't understand why they never promoted you. 

If you want an amazing video or audio testimonial or greeting check out Ester Goldberg's gig. You will definitely satisfied with the product you receive. So check her out today. Next blog I will discuss a seller who creates Simpson portraits from your picture. So stay tuned for our next Fiverrtastic Blog. Have a Fiverrtastic Day. 

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