Monday, June 4, 2012

Visually Appealing

Hi Fiverrtastic Readers,
Ok so today I want to discuss a Top Rated Seller who is a logo designer. This seller helped me make a new logo for my Custom Creationz website. I was browsing through all the different logo designers because I didn't want to redesign it myself. the one I already made was tacky and I really don't have an eye for my own style. I can design other peoples stuff A OK but! So While I was browsing I seen this Top Rated Seller by the name of Designinc. He only had 2 orders in queue when I ordered from him and the seller has had over 2500 positive reviews. So I thought to myself hey why not. I jumped on the chance as quick as I could. I sent my previous logo and explained I had no specific color scheme just a contract of lights and darks would be fine. I had 4 choices to pick from. 3 of them I had so much deciding over and I narrowed it down to 2. Finally after about 5 or 10 minutes of deciding I decided on one of them. I think that this seller went above and beyond what some sellers offer and for him to complete the order in 2 days was amazing! 

Designinc, you've been in the Fiverr biz a little bit longer than I have. I've never heard of you but you're an amazing seller. Just by the way your sales page is written up and by how you intricately describe everything you offer and don't offer in detail. I'm a Level 2 seller because of some of my sales early out but I am an experienced seller in the Fiverr universe. I noticed you don't have a tip gig. (maybe you do I didn't see it) Put one up or keep it active it comes in handy. There's been times I suspend a gig and people still want to order and are driven away because there is no gig to order. People sometimes like to order the tip gig when they don't have a gig that matches the service they want from you or they want to give an extra incentive. The more exposure you have on Fiverr the better. I always maintain at least 10-12 different gigs. Designnc you do amazing work so I'm not surprised you have over 2500 positive reviews and all the negatives (a mere 40) are just douchebags. (excuse my language but some of the people that leave negatives can be real pricks) Out of 4 logos i wasn't fond of 1. I was super impressed. $1 a logo is what it breaks down to (after Fiverr makes their dollar). Try going outside Fiverr and getting a logo for $5, let alone four choices. We work hard to please people and most times we do. The Fiverr community is just that a community of individuals from all around the world brought together by the World Wide Web.

If you haven't checked out Designinc yet and want to see some of the work he did for me check out these 4 logos.





I chose #3 and if you want to check out how it looks go to . This logo designer is someone not to be missed and you should take up the offer to have 4 different designs made because there would be at least 1 you would like. I only offer 3-4 designs and 2 revisions and I charge extra if they want extra designs, the PSD or AI, EPS, or extra file types. Designinc gave the jpeg of each logo, the jpeg of all 4 on a page for viewing side by side, and the EPS file. That is a deal of a lifetime! As soon as his gig is unpaused run and order you'll be glad you did. Until next time readers have a Fiverrtastic day.

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