Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

 Hey Fiverrtastic readers,
So I was randomly searching Fiverr and came across this amazing seller who will send you 5 pictures of a hairstyles that was personally picked out just for you, your hair type and lifestyle for $5. The sellers name is vegashairgirl and she seems like she could become very successful selling fashion advice. I myself don't need a haircut  and I don't need a specialty hairstyle (my head is shaved), but I just had to show this gig to the world! She has only been on Fiverr about a month and she is a level 1 seller. That says something about her sales. A) she's done 10 or more sales in a month B) she's maintained a 100% gig rating. That's impressive. She's a cosmetologist in Las Vegas who's been doing hair for 18 years. I myself can't imagine doing any of the same thing for 18 years but if you love what you do stick with it. Vegashairgirl has some other amazing gigs to do with vacationing, product review, and she even has a tip gig. Some sellers i discuss don't realize they can have a tip gig. Honestly if I needed some hairstyle advice I would be buying a gig.

Vegashairgirl I have a few suggestions for you. Try adding videos to your gigs. even if it's simple slide shows to showcase what you offer a simple picture, text, and music video made in windows movie maker really brings out a gig. Put up a gig to do with writing for fashion blogs and magazines. There may be a demographic of people looking for articles on hair, beauty, or fashion. I write articles and blogs and believe me I know nothing about fashion. The more people out there that do articles about specific topics that have a specific demographic the better. Vegashairgirl Maybe you can do a gig with postcards or something symbolic of Vegas. Las Vegas is iconic for what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. You live in Vegas be creative. Lastly, offer more writing gigs people are always looking for people to do writing, video, and graphic design gigs. If your good at a certain skill make money with it. Charge customers more than 1 gig if you have to. Set a word limit. You will be a level 2 in no time I can see it. It takes a while to become a Top rated Seller and very few do unless your sales are astronomical but level 2 is good. I'm a level 2 and I make pretty good money. I might be a TRS if it wasn't for some of the ratings I've gotten.

Seriously people, if you want to check out a really cool gig check out Vegashairgirl's I will send you 5 pictures of a hairstyles that was personally picked out just for you, your hair type and lifestyle for $5 . She will ensure that your order is dealt with in the most professional manner. Thanks everyone for helping me reach over 5600 views and over 3000 Facebook likes. This blog has been around 4 months now and still going strong. Until next time have a Fiverrtastic Day. :) 

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