Friday, November 8, 2013

I'm back. sorry for the delay.

Haven't been on here in awhile. been really busy with gigs. Bear with me. I am also seeking new opportunities outside of Fiverr. I think I have found a few. One pays really well. Better than $5 at a time. Did you hear Fiverr is now allowing people to make multiple gig extras with their multiple gig orders. Thats a potential of 100's of dollars to up to $3000 for a level 1 to a Top rated seller. Ya that's amazing. And that's just 1 sale. But the days don't change and that makes things slightly difficult. So ya the order potential is huge. I have a product you guys will love if you love your computer and if you are a work from home seller. This is a product that will help back up all of your important files like your pictures, documents, and music. Don't get stranded not having your files. If you sell on Fiverr you need cloud storage right. So check this out now. 

Ok so here is where I promote some Fiverr sellers: 

Tumichael has impressed me lately. If you need a Michael Jackson Impersonator check him out. OMG when he had a different account he mafe an awesome video for me.

 Well another one who is impressing me is Mrevilhairday. Yes he's back and for a limited time you can be a bean too. not sure how long this gig will be up so you need to check it out now bean-caricature-of-you

 Guess what...Sexysamantha is back. Ya so if you need some sexy modeling shes back you may remember her from Tosh.0 , Ya so what are you waiting for.

Ok so that's 3 awesome sellers and I will keep updating my page with newer sellers daily. Sorry that I have not been active lately. Ya I have been super busy and had a lot of stuff going on lately. If you ever need any writing or graphic design done...or want to be featured in the blog order from me.

 Until we meet again peeps have a Fiverrtastic day.