Sunday, October 28, 2012

Logo designs in 24 way!

Hey Fiverrtastic readers,
I came across this really cool gig about a seller who will deliver a logo design to you in 24 hours or less. Tha in itself is impressive. I used to do that too but I got overwhelmed with orders and had to do 8-10 days. This sellers username is christiansc and he will create an amazing logo design for you. He basically makes 3 designs kinda like my gig does. I wonder if he delivers in PNG format. I would so order it. Check out his gig now right here. I think this gig is pretty cool because sometimes people need express delivery and don't want to pay for multiple gigs. I think a seller like this could go far if he offered other graphic design gigs like poster design or postcards. Believe me I know because there are sometimes i get overwhelmed just with graphic design orders. Three logos is not easy to do in 24 hours. Believe me I get at least a few orders a week and have had 176 postive reviews on my logo gig since on Fiverr. 

here's one of his logo examples right here:

christiansc you have some amazing gig and your live portfolio is really nice. There will come a time when you can't deliver in 24 hours so i suggest that sooner or later you up your estimated time of arrival. This site is saturated with large amounts of logo gigs and in order to succeed you need to offer a large variety of gigs. I also noticed you have 2 logo gigs. I would change the other one to a seasonal logo gig. I also like that you have a signature gig. There are not too many of those around. now if you could just get a few clients to order the signature gig it would increase your ranking. I also like how you are very versatile with your gigs. Change it up sometimes and put some on suspend when you get a lot of orders. Believe me it will help. I also like how 3 of your gigs have videos. In order for me to get noticed on Fiverr I hade to create more gigs with videos.

Heres another logo he did for a customer:

If you want a really nice logo you should check out this seller today. A seller should not take more than 8-10 days for a logo and when someone is in a hurry this is a good gig to order. He's only had one bad review and sometimes customers can be just unbearable. seriously if you want a nice logo check his gig out now. Believe me I think the next time I want a logo I will order from him. I could design my own, but it's a lot better supporting people here on Fiverr. Until next time readers have a Fiverrtastic day!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

the amazing talent of Breka

Hey Fiverrtastic readers,
Ok so I haven't had a chance to write a blog in a few days. I would like to talk about the amazing art I got for a birthday present for Michelle awhile back from Breka. I ordered an express gig because I was on a time crunch...story of my life. If you don't know by now his seller username is Breka27 and he draws amazing works of art. He  He creates the most amazing works of art with his own gothic flair. If you haven't purchased from Breka yet you need to. It's an order experience you can't miss. Check out the artwork of a lady jester he did for Michelle below.

Breka I've already blogged about you before so I really don't have much suggestions for you to improve your selling. I see you made Top Rated seller since last time I blogged about you. Just keep doing what your doing. maybe the only thing to help improve your sales or keep steady sales flowing is to place ads on websites with high page rankings. Also having people write articles or blogs about you increases your exposure too. If you ever want to place an ad on my site let me know. it says only a month but until i fill up my site with ads all the people who currently order get an ad for months on end. I have a gig for it so just get a hold of me. For people who aren't aware by now Fiverrtastic has a promotional site as well as a blog. I'm trying to get it updated again slowly but surely. The gigs i've had have been greuling and never ending. Well until next time have a Fiverrtastic Day!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Dtong's got it going on

Hey Fiverrtastic readers,
I come to you today to talk about a Fiverr seller who literally works his a$$ off doing what he loves. He has a hip hop sports radio show on blog talk radio and he will play your advertisement or song on the air on his blogtalkradio show for $5. Ya i didn't stutter $5! The sellers name is dtongsports and he has amazing radio advertising gigs. If you want to promote your song or promote your business look no further than dtong. He does an amazing job with his radio show. And believe me I know. not many people on blogtalk radio are live everyday and if they are they don't have the greatest of a show. This show is exciting, innovative, and he tries to keep it going every day or at least every other day. Now that's dedication! This is one seller you can't miss.
check out his blogralkradio show now. Also you need to check out his website too.

Dan I have no advice on your gigs. you have some great gigs. just keep doing what your doing and promote the hell out of the gigs.I think your radio show is amazing and I will order again really soon! Like I said before I can't thank this guy enough for the shout out he playd both of my radio commercials i had! I was surprised as hell at that. Thank you so much dtongsports .

I wanted to release this blog yesterday but I got busy with a lot of different things. I guess i've just been losing focus on things and that isn't fair to you the reader. So I want to know if theres people out there who are interested in contributing to the blog. send me written submissions on fiverr orders you recieved with a positive or negative review. Or send me a written review of your gig. Keep it short at about 300-500 words with a few graphics. Short and simple and to the point. This is a fiverr community I want you to all feel welcome to send in submissions. Until Next Time have a Fiverrtastic day!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Just a quick FYI.

You all need to check out this radio show by Dan Tong! If you haven't you're missing out. it's got the hottest underground music and sports updates. I will be writing a blog about this amazing seller because he literally did an awesome job with a commercial gig. go check out his radio show now!

Check his gig out now
More info on Dtong's gigs tomorrow. I was going to do a blog about Breka...I still will but It will either be tomorrow night or saturday. Remember everyone if you have gigs you want to submit or if you want to write a blog about an amazing gig you recieved drop me a message. Until next time have a Fiverrtastic day!

Spice things up with some graffiti

Hey Fiverrtastic readers,
Sorry I haven't been keeping up with my blog but I decided it would be  better time than ever to discuss a birthday gig I got for my girlfriend. A few weeks ago I ordered a graffiti tag for my girlfriend. I made one mistake and instead of spelling it "Lady Jestor" I spelled it Lady Jester". She still liked how the graffiti tag came out. The sellers name is ivan886 and he does amazing artwork! He got 2 bad ratings recently but don't let the percentage steer you away. He makes awesome artwork and this is way beyond what you pay for! This seller will make an awesome tag for your website or Facebook wall. it works amazing as a signature or a logo. If you need sn amazing graffiti tag check this seller out now! again his user name is ivan886. Check out his portfolio and see exactly what he created for other buyers.

ivan886 I have a few suggestions for you. Post some more gigs first of all. You're extremely talented. Secondly, if you have a negative customer like your most recent customer don't let the customer take control. Remember the customer is always right, but you're in control. Be willing to compromise and haggle if you did 2 orders you should have offered a refund of one in exchange of changing her ratings to get you back to 100%. Negative ratings will literally tear your gig to shreds! Don't let that happen. Oh and by the way contact your previous buyers and ask them if they need more work. especially if they really liked the first order. it will help you when you launch a new gig. Make sure you keep the gig open I will be ordering again really soon for my blog. :)

Oh and by the way if you enjoy Breka's artwork when I discussed him a few months ago, you're going to love this piece he did for me. Until next time Fiverrtastic readers have a Fiverrtastic day.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

A linkwheel...what's that?

Hey Fiverrtastic readers,
Sorry it's been so long since last blog. I have been so busy with writing gigs and I was sick for a few days. just getting over my cold now. Believe me when i'm down i'm down. Today I come to you to discuss a seller who will makes customized linkwheels. He will make this linkwheel tailor made for your website. A unique SEO service that i think not very many sellers even offer or mention in their package. The sellers name is bigfish47 and he will send you a lot of different things included in one order. The concept is to create a unique linkwheel tailored to your website.

The gig is I will send you unique link wheel patterns that you can use to create your own link wheels and boost your SERP for $5 and the gig includes
-7 unique link wheel patterns w/ corresponding worksheets
-9 different example link wheel combinations w/ corresponding worksheets
-1 PDF that explains how to use the pattern images and worksheets
-1 text file containing a list of "DoFollow" Web 2.0 sites
-1 folder containing internet resources that may be helpful in the process

Here are the pros and cons of traditional link wheels pictured below:

The problem with traditional link wheels is that they have been overused since the concept was first created. Search engines are now able to distinguish the unnatural flow, or footprint, of a traditional link wheel and this may actually have a negative effect on your main site.

The solution would be to create a unique link wheel pattern that is not as widely used, but who has the time to create multiple unique link wheel patterns? Fortunately, bigfish47 created them for you! All you have to do is click the buy button and you'll get everything you need. So check out this gig today!

bigfish47 why do you have only one gig up? You can have a maximum of 15-20 gigs i think it is. the more gigs you have the more potential to earn money. You have the SEO skills use them. I don't really have any other suggestions for you right now, just get in the game and start selling. Getting a blog on Fiverrtastic is a good start!

Fiverrtastic readers if you have any ideas for new submissions or want to be featured just send me a written blog of 500 words or less. Make sure to include at least 1 image and include a video if you have it. This is a way of expanding my services to you the reader. Until next time have a Fiverrtastic day.

Friday, October 12, 2012

SEO services for cheap prices

Hey Fiverrtastic Readers,
Have you been looking for someone skilled in SEO but have been disappointed time and time again? Well look no further than Fiverr seller ghelmegeanu. This Fiverr seller will create a must have SEO report for any website and also analyze your first competitor in Google for your main keyword for $5. For anyone that knows a thing or 2 about SEO services this is extremely cheap! You need to check out this gig before his queue starts to fill up. Good gigs like this are few and far between and with a 4 day estimated time of arrival that can't be beat! ghelmegeanu is the go to guy is the go to guy for anything SEO! He just started 9 days ago and already has 1 order in queue on 2 of his gigs. You need to check out his gigs now!

 ghelmegeanu I do have a few suggestions for you as a seller. The first is an obvious one and that is to put up a few more gigs. The next one is obvious too and that's to put up a tip gig. The third thing you need to do is spread the word everywhere. run a few web ads on different sites. Fiverr sellers offer web ads on there High page ranked sites for $5. Take advantage of a $5 offer. I even post my ads for longer than a month on my site. Oh and one other suggestion is to make videos for your gigs. People are more inclined to order if you have a video explaining the service. Next  seller i will be blogging about is going to be a secret so stay tuned. Until next time have a Fiverrtastic day!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

It's me...Mario!

Hey Fiverrtastic Readers,
I want you to check out this awesome gig where the seller will have MARIO record a special birthday greeting. Yes a guy dressed as Super Mario will wish you happy birthday or offer get well wishes for $5. I decided to order a Mario gig from apt1982 to wish my girlfriend a happy birthday. She's a video gamer so I knew she would love it! He delivered the very next day! If you want an amazing gig from a professional seller, you need to check out his gigs today. Check out this birthday video he delivered to me to give to my girlfriend.

apt1982 I have a few suggestions for you. If you have any other puppet gigs or character gigs. You refer to yourself as an "unofficial spokesperson" so maybe you should bring Luigi into the mix somehow. You should also bring in other Mario levels for extra if you have the capabilities. Your gigs are fun and innovative and I could watch them all day. I can't wait to see you as a Top Rated seller if and when you become one. Check out his live porfolio for more videos.

I will be back tomorrow discussing an SEO gig. Until then have a Fiverrtastic Day!

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Save your money, These sellers aren't worth it

Hey Fiverrtastic readers,
Ok I know that I'm a huge supporter of Fiverr and work from home opportunities. I sell gigs on Fiverr myself. I'm a level 2 seller with 100% on most of my gigs. I'm also the type of person that believes that you use whatever skills your good at to make money. But, If you're skills include lying or offering more of a service than you really offer then I think it's time to close shop. Fiverr, for the most part, is based on trustworthy gigs where the seller develops a long standing customer rapport. But there are few sellers and far between that you should probably save your money and not order.
One of them is a Facebook like gig  . The seller promises 2000 likes, but doesn't tell you that they do it via software and the likes are utter rubbish. He "supposedly" increased my like count on my blog by 2000. That's funny because I always keep track of my like count and it would be well over 5000 if he added the likes like he said he did. Whether the seller did the likes through my blog or directed people to my facebook page, if he did it right and not with some chinsy software i'm sure he could have brought me a lot of actual followers. If he brought me an actual 2000 folowers to my blog itself I would have 5 or 10 times more people reading it right now. The sellers excuse why I couldn't get likes to my actual page is because in my written description it says fanpage. Well hello this is a page about Fiverr! If you look at the Facebook page it says its a community page of Fiverr though. I was so angry at the gig delivery I didn't even rate the gig. oh ya here's the sellers "proof" they delivered your 2000 likes. Seriously a plugin!

If you want a good twitter gig those are few and far between too. The one seller I ordered a tweet gig off honestly doesn't understand anything. I gave her 3 unique posts with less than 140 characters and she came back saying my blog and my promo site had deals. the posts I gave her were changed and all said that Fiverrtastic has great deals. What deals? The only thing I was happy with was her delivery speed and ability to work under pressure...there was a lot of gigs ahead of me. That gig that you want to avoid is

It's takes a lot for me to write a negative blog. When a seller doesn't do the basic duties of either: following the buyers basic directions or doing something the buyer didn't ask for, it can be catastrophic.
until next time have a Fiverrtastic day readers.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Make Me A Playlist...As Fast As You Can

Hey Fiverrtastic Readers,
I'm back with a blog about a previous seller I discussed a few blogs ago. The Fiverr sellers name was Realviews4u. He requested I write another blog about him (if someone orders my blog gig, I trade gigs with them, or I order a gig off them I don't like to refuse.) He now has 4 Youtube gigs up and one of the gigs is to create YouTube playlist for $5. This seller is very skilled and knowledgeable in the workings of youtube and can help make your youtube account that much better. He can probably even make it go viral if the videos are good. Realviews4u description of his playlist gig says this "I will create YouTube Playlist for you and add it to your Channel. Playlists rank quicker and higher than new videos and can get vast amounts of traffic. Any genre, any theme. FAST. 100% secure, I have a big presence on YouTube and will not ruin my reputation with silly tactics. " 

Theres a lot of social media sellers on Fiverr. Some sell facebook likes, others promote on twitter, and even others do social bookmarking. But youtube gigs are extremely hard to do just like facebook likes and organic website views. You literally have to promote a persons video and then get people to click. This gig is so amazing because say you have a whole bunch of videos and you want them put in a playlist but don't have time to Realviews4u will do just that for you. Seriously if you haven't checked out his gigs yet you need to. You'll be glad you did.

Realviews4u I'm going to offer a few more suggestions to you. if you can do other social networking gigs maybe you may be sucessful doing that too. You also might want to promote your gig via facebook and twitter. There are also a few fiverr sellers who have ad gigs where you can place an ad on thier high traffic site for a long period of time.
Here's one I found for 1 month:
Here's one for 21 days:
I accept ads on my promotional site too but mine isn't page-ranked very high yet. I just got My Blog to the 2nd and 3rd pages of the popular search engines. Next time on Fiverrtastic I will talk about a few negative experiences I have had on Fiverr with a facebook and twitter seller from awhile back. This isn't all peaches and cream. And then I will follow it up with sellers who are actually worth it.  Until next time have a Fiverrtastic day!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Thorough Keyword Research for Just $5...No Way!

Hey Fiverrtastic Readers,
My next Fiverr seller I want to discuss goes by the name of Baaltazar. One of His services on Fiverr that he does is He will do a thorough keyword research and provide 10 lucrative keyphrases with explanation for your niche for $5.  He has been doing SEO for 3 years now, he is up to date to the last minute with the industry, he has created about 100 niche sites and ranked them, and he is a trusted flippa seller (profile:, now doing SEO consulting for various companies. This gig is only 2 weeks old and already has had 13 positive reviews and is getting steady orders!  Baaltazar is a level 1 seller and he has 2 other gigs as well. One is a wordpress gig and the other is another SEO gig but that one is to give you advice on your blog or site. SEO services are not cheap, so to be selling them on Fiverr is a bold move it shows that he's offering them for as low as $5 and then the services go up depending on how advanced the service you need is. Baaltazar is one seller that everyone need to check out today and if you don't you're crazy not to. Anyone who mentions "Fiverrtastic" when they order his gig gets a 2 for 1 special.

Check out his video for his services below:

Baaltazar I have a few suggestions to help you become a better level 1 seller or to become a level 2 seller. (1) don't lose faith no matter how many or how few orders you get they will come in. Find different ways to promote them. Like the movie Field of Dreams "If you build it, they will come".
(2) Try out a few different gigs. if you're good at SEO and web consultation why not offer some sort of promotion gigs or design gigs (if you're skilled in web design)  (3) Even though you haven't got orders on the other 2 gigs yet offer gig extras because you never might know when you will get orders on one of the gigs. (4) Have Fun with what you're doing and it will never seem like work.

I want to take a moment and apologize to the readers for taking so long to release a blog. I want to do a daily or semi-daily blog but, I have been overwhelmed with writing gigs. But, I will try and keep to my word and keep writing a blog every day or at least every other day for now on. I will also start updating my site again very soon. Until next time Fiverrtastic readers have a Fiverrtatic day!