Thursday, December 11, 2014

Illustrators on Fiverr

Hey Fiverrtastic blog readers,
Sorry it's been forever. I have been super busy with gigs. I am a Fiverr seller and a Freelance writer outside of this blog. Hiring an illustrator on Fiverr can be a fun, but also a daunting task. I have illustrator friends on Fiverr, but they all took vacation. I looked high and low for an affordable illustrator for my new children's book "My Friend Has Epilepsy" now available on Amazon Kindle and Smashwords. Check it out today. I only needed a black and white illustration and I could do the rest. I hired Fiverr seller Ella_banana to do some of the illustrations and I was amazed by her work. It was in a manga or chibi type style, but it was very professional. Her ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival) is really long, but her work is well worth the wait. She produced some amazing work and I colored it in with Photoshop. :) Here, check out the illustrations she did. I don't think I have the colored versions on this new laptop. If I find them on my old dinosaur laptop I will update the blog.  (I had to get a new laptop in the last few months because the charging adapter messed up on the Asus. Go figure. I have bad luck with laptops). Check out the illustrations below.

She did a really good job creating the illustrations I asked for and if  I had the money to hire her for the entire book I would have. I used clip art for some of it and the end result turned out good. The book is called "My Friend Has Epilepsy" by Joshua Peck and it's on Kindle. It's an easy read and it's very informative. Check it out today. It will soon be on Audible and other ebook sites too. I don't really have any suggestions for Ella_banana but to maybe change up her gigs or add more every now and then and decrease the ETA. Besides that her work and her gigs are amazing. They are a must order. The next blog I will discuss a voiceover gig I ordered. There are plenty of things you can get for $5, but if you pay a little extra and are willing to order multiple gigs you will get amazing service. Until next time have a Fiverrtastic day.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Looking for a unique gig

Hey Fiverrtastic peeps,
I totally forgot to write about this Fiverr experience. I reordered from Uniquefivex recently for my website and I was blown away by what I received. I have ordered from her before and the gig was phenomenal. Uniquefivex has been on Fiverr for a long time now, for over 3 years, almost since the conception of Fiverr. That's about as long as I have. If you want an awesome whiteboard or speedwriting gig she's the person to order from. Check out the video below. Sorry the blog is so short, I will write again really soon. Check out what's happening over on Fiverr's blog, their actually going to be launching a TV commercial. Until next time have a Fiverrtastic day.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Double the fun

Hey Fiverrtastic Peeps,
Ok so I have reviewed this Fiverr seller once before, but I really wanted to review them again. I ordered off them for my Custom Creationz site and they made an awesome testimonial. The seller is 2 twins known as Theadtwins. These 2 are amazing beyond words. They created a testimonial for me like you wouldn't believe. I absolutely love their work and I would order off them constantly if I could. These girls do quality work. If you want an awesome testimonial check out their gig today. When I first ordered off these two they were level one sellers I believe. With the help of my blog, facebook fan pages, and various other blogs they became a top rated seller. I am so proud of these two. Here is the video I received, check it out now.

I honestly don't have any suggestions to make the gigs better. You're doing a great job.  Thank you for being so awesome. Hope to work with you again soon. Have a good day Fiverrtastic peeps.

Monday, September 1, 2014

Professor Puppet strikes again

Ok so as you all know I am working on getting traffic to my website and creating awesome videos with Top Rated Sellers. One Fiverr seller I think is awesome is Professorpuppet. He is a very talented testimonial actor and videographer on Fiverr. I have written about him once before and plan to order off him sometime in the near future possibly. So what was the video I ordered from him you ask. Well let me show you:

I think the professor deserves a standing ovation for what he created. He has superb talent and anyone who can have a motorcycle accident and come back working on projects so quickly I admire. Thank you Mark for the job well done and may our paths cross really soon. I have no pearls of Fiverr wisdom for you like I do others. You're doing things right and you're an inspiration to myself and others in the Fiverr community.Next time I will discuss theadtwins again. Until then have an awesome day Fiverrtastic peeps.

Monday, August 25, 2014

They call her Shiftypop

Hey Fiverrtastic peeps,
So there's this Fiverr seller I was following for a red hot minute named Shiftypop. She's pictured above. If you haven't heard of her yet you're really missing out. She's a musician on Fiverr with that flare and pizazz missing from a lot of the music artists on here. She does catchy jingles in an upbeat electronica style and believe me she does an awesome job. I ordered a jingle for my website and I was extremely impressed. The only thing is I didn't get a "video" like in her gig. I got just an audio snippet with my company name in the background. For $5 it was still worth it, but I was expecting just a little more. She delivered in like a little over a day though so I was like holy hell that's more than worth it. I expected to wait most or all of the estimated time period so I'm not going to complain. 

Ok so I sent her a snippet of lyrics, like a simple 30 word verse and she delivered an amazing upbeat jingle. I enjoyed working with her and I would definitely work with her again. I don't think I have any suggestions for her on how to improve her gigs. Just keep doing what she does and change the videos and gigs regularly. Pause or delete ones that aren't selling and keep pumping out good quality deliveries for the gigs she's doing well.

Ok so here is the jingle I received and if you want a jingle like this go to this link

Thank you shiftypop for this amazing jingle and hope to work with you again soon. Fiverrtastic blog and Custom Creationz thank you very much. Next blog I will be reviewing Professor Puppet again. It's been a long while since I reviewed him. He did an amazing video for my website and I was extremely impressed by it. He did just as good or better than he did for my blog advertisement video. Until next time everyone have a Fiverrtastic day.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Two Testimonials That Make My Site Amazing

Hey Fiverrtatic peeps,
Ok so today I would like to talk to you about my site that is still in it's infancy called Custom Creationz. I have been working on this brand for a long time now and almost ready to actually brand the name or possibly sell the site if someone might be interested in branding it. Ok so I bought 2 videos from top rated sellers I have discussed in the past. You may remember them as Kymmypops and Oranjegirl. They are still selling on Fiverr and doing pretty well. It was the suggestion of Oranjegirl's husband Marko, after viewing my site, that I hire his wife and another Top Rated Seller. At first I liked the other person he suggested...but Kymmypops responded back eager to work on my project. Sometimes I'm limited on funds or the amount of orders and time. I ordered from her and ms. Oranje. These two delivered amazing videos and my site is showing a lot of traffic, probably more steady traffic than before. Still not getting the clients it should, but that will change soon enough...or hopefully it will. Here are the videos that I recieved. They are also on my Facebook pages and on Youtube.

                                                   Oranjegirl's video message to clients

                                              Kymmypops video message to freelancers

They both did an amazing job! I couldn't ask for anything better and wouldn't ask for anything more. They went above and beyond what I expected. That's how Fiverr should be when you can. That's what makes clients want to come back. Oh by the way check out my new blog called Your Digital Underground. It's a blog about a place discount digital goods and it will also be chocked full of free advice about things you should know about working as a successful work at home person. I haven't written my freelancer blog because this one has a lot of traffic and the other one is picking up. Fiverr keeps me really busy too. Leave comments if you want and if you would like to write for my blog or help with my Facebook pages let me know, I'm always looking for content creators and moderators. Thanks for all of your support everyone because without you Fiverrtastic is nothing. The next blog will be about Shiftypop so keep an eye out, I have been waiting to review her gigs awhile.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Be careful what clients you choose

Hey Fiverrtastic peeps,
Today I would like to talk to you about private clients and large projects on Fiverr. Be careful how much workload you take on no matter how much money you're offered. Make sure you stay firm to your prices too. If you say 3 cents a word for a writing project with a private client do not budge from that price. On Fiverr make sure your gig descriptions are clear and make sure that your delivery time is clear. The new Fiverr will change your delivery time if you deliver late, believe me I know. If you say 10 or 12 days and you deliver in 13 or 14 it will boost your delivery time. It will say the 12 days but in the statistics it will say a higher delivery time. Also Fiverr has a new rating system so ensure you keep your customer happy with lots of contact. The more contact the better chance of getting a good rating and 5 stars. Ok so back to talking about large orders and private clients.

Ok so let me tell you about my last few experiences. I had a Craigslist client who wanted me to work on a novel for him. He had 6 other novel projects too. Ok so this client had handwritten manuscripts and the stories were really good, but he couldn't write to save his life. His use of the English language and grammar was horrendous. I was mortified for even taking on this project. I charged him $75 when I probably should have charged him $300 or even $500 or more. The guy would call me every day or every other day and he expected me to only work on his project. He came over to my house almost every day to pick up the chapters i had typed so I told him that I was done. I quit 1/4 way through the project.

There was a client on Fiverr who was a complete ass too and he expected me to do an outline for his story. I don't do outlines. So after more than a week of having this order and not finishing it because it was a large project he cancelled. I told him I don't do outlines but I would have did a rough draft or the first few pages. I guess he had worked with too many writers on Fiverr from other countries who can't write so having an American writer was a relief. He thought that he could disrespect me though and in the end he got a mutual cancellation. My best piece of advice is if you get negative energy from a client stop working with them because the stress isn't worth the money. Have a Fiverrtastic day.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Trusting a traffic gig is like...

Hey Fiverrtastic readers,
If you wonder about the title "Trusting a traffic gig is like trusting a dog to watch your food. Ok so you all know that I have been trying to become sucessful with branding my business name for a long time now. I have gone by Custom Creationz for awhile now and with each release of a new website and new provider i'm learning as little more about how to have a successful website.  I have made more of an online presence on Fiverr and on my blog than I have on my website and it's a shame. I'm here to tell you that 95% of traffic and SEO blogs are complete garbage and only care about the high dollar upsells. These people don't tell you that you can do the same thing with traffic generators, backlink softwares, and traffic sharing websites because if it was that easy you wouldn't need them. Ok i'm not even going to say who the seller on Fiverr was even though I should. The person was a Top Rated Seller, yet they gave me less than a top rated experience. I should have just gave them $5 to do nothing. They gave me a BS cookie cutter pdf thanking me for the order and saying that in order to give me better service it would cost a minimum of (2) $100 gig extras. If I had $200 to shell out on SEO services it sure wouldn't be on Fiverr. For anyone who's curious this is my site

 Ok supposedly this person was supposed to increase my ranking by building 40,000 blog backlinks and 10,000 traffic hits. I seen no sign of traffic and if I did a backlink search, the backlinks are probably non existent. So that is why I posted a thief image, I may as well given my money away. I'm refusing to leave a review at all because this will bug the seller even more. I have gotten almost 500 hits on my website and almost 1000 on this blog just in the past week. I did it myself without the help of some person who claims to be an SEO professional. Let's just say this much, I am not happy with the way some of the people on Fiverr are conducting business. If I wanted to work with or order from sellers who have multiple people selling on one account I would work for Freelancer. I have a Freelancer account and all the people with small business accounts get all the orders. The people working for themselves get no orders. The larger accounts pay their freelancers 10% -20% of what they are really worth and keep the profit. I see jobs all the time where people are willing to pay $1.50 for 500 words.  Ok enough ranting, I just want to tell all of you that you don't need to order off a Fiverr seller to do web-listings and to get basic traffic and backlinks. Are you sitting close to the screen...CLOSER.  

Ok here's the secrets you've been waiting for. These are the links you can use to help build up traffic. These are unique views, but they all show up from the same centralized server because that's where the websites are from. So when you look at your statistics it will say "300" from this site. ok here's the sites I found that work the best.

Well I hope this was able to help you out and I hope to see some comments about this. Also the best way to guarantee to get proper SEO and SERPS ranking is to order services from a professional. If anyone is interested in guest blogging about a gig please contact me. Have a Fiverrtastic day.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Nothing can stop my stride

Hey Fiverrtastic Peeps,
I haven't written a blog lately and I'm very sorry about that. I have been very busy with working on a ton of different Fiverr projects and a few different clients from Craigslist. I'm currently working on a novel project with a client from Craigslist. I love working with clients on Fiverr, but the work is extremely stressful. I also like working with clients on Craigslist too and they sometimes pay well, but it's hard work. Ok, so what else have I been up to lately. Well, I started a new freelance outsourcing website and I'm trying to get SEO work done. If anyone knows anyone whose affordable let me know. I hired someone on Fiverr and for $5 they have a good package. They care more about upselling their $100 gig extras though. I will tell you all right now I only buy gig extras that are worth it. I don't have $200 to drop down on my website right now and I honestly am not going to shell out that type of money. I know that this seller is running a business with multiple people working on the same account, so they have to sell as many gigs as possible and upsell as many gig extras as possible. 

Ok so here is some gigs I have seen recently that I like:

I hope to write a new blog for you really soon. If you all have any suggestions on who to put in the blog leave a comment here or on my Facebook Page. I hope to hear from you all soon. Oh by the way if you're a freelancer who works for Fiverr or works from home check out my site. If you're a client looking to outsource multiple freelancers or looking for one freelancer check out my site. I hope to talk to you all again soon and catch you on the flipside. This is Josh signing out.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Ten second songs are where it's at

 Hey Fiverrtastic peeps,
This blog is long, long overdue. I have been seriously busy and unable to write any blogs, but my Fiverrtastic page on Facebook has been pretty active. Ok so here it goes. I found a really cool Top Rated Seller on Fiverr recently...the seller is not very active though. Fiverr wrote a blog about him and if Fiverr took the time to write about him it must have been important. The sellers name is Tensecondsongs. He recently took a break (like a few other Top Rated Sellers I know) to pursue other projects. He is well known for his Katy Perry "Dark Horse" remix. He does 20 different musical versions in one parody. Seriously, if you haven't seen it you need to. while you check that one out check out the Jason Derulo "Talk Dirty to Me" parody/remix.  Ok so why am I featuring this seller if he doesn't have any active gigs right now? Why the hell not? He has charisma, style, and he has made it from being a Top Rated Seller to getting private clients outside of Fiverr. This guy is what I aspire to be. I wish I had his motivation. Here is the blog Fiverr wrote about him...if you have time read it. In the blog it talked about his video reaching over 4 million views. Now it's reached almost 8 million views almost 2 months later thanks to the blog and social networking. Seriously, this guy is sensational and I wish I had his drive and determination. While he's getting up early and working on any projects or starting his day...i'm sometimes going to bed.

  Tensecondsongs I salute you for being so creative. I wish I was more creative with multimedia and videos and had your drive and energy. You make some amazing videos and I hope you make more soon. I would love to have a jingle or small video created for my blog someday. We could talk about that someday maybe. Seriously peeps this seller is the real deal. When he's not doing projects he plays in a band. I have met a few other Fiverr sellers like that. It takes a lot of dedication to do that. Hey Fiverrtastic peeps let's see if we can get the Jason Derulo video over 4 million views and te Katy Perry video to reach 10 million.

I just want people to knowthat the reason why it took so long to put out a blog is I have been overwhelmed with projects as of late. I need to take a day off and refuse. I also need help managing my page and writing my blog but I'm stubborn. I want to reach out to the Fiverrtastic community and ask if anyone is interested. If you have a seller you want to write a blog about or you have a gig you bought that you want to rave about run it by me. Also, I am always looking for people to add content to my facebook page, if you think you might be good at it let me know. I can't pay for this but you can put your name or nickname at the end of the posting or the blog. You could also add a blog or website signature to direct people to a blog you write or direct people to your Fiverr. Well that's it for now. Have a Fiverrtastic day peeps.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

This could be your next avatar

Hey Fiverrtastic peeps,
Ok so recently I bought some gigs on Fiverr I hadn't got to review and I really wanted to review this one. Ok this is for another drawing gig for a caricature gig. I absolutely love this pic so much i put it as my Facebook photo temporarily. Some of you may wonder ok why should I by images and put them up as my Facebook picture or as an avatar on other social networking sites or forums. The answer is simple. Avatars make your profile fun and random. You don't look exactly like yourself and it gets other people on the bandwagon of wanting to shake things up a little too. Ok so the Fiverr seller I bought from was renatoautore and his gig is . This gig is absolutely amazing. The only thing I didn't like about the picture was a few little lines I was able to correct in Photoshop myself.

Here is the caricature I received:
Here's is what it looked like when I cleaned up the nose:

Could I maybe have cleaned it up more...ya but this is about trying to stay with the creativity artistic licensing of the person. I just got rid of the line on my nose that looked awkward.

Ok renatoautore I would like to take this time to discuss things you could do to improve your gigs.
1) change your delivery time. If you get a lot of orders 3 days is not gonna cut it.

2) Put up a few other drawing gigs

3) put up different gigs in different categories. I see you have drawing gigs and sign holding gigs. Maybe you could try doing video testimonials, written reviews, script writing, handmade goods, graphic design gigs, or other skills your good at. The more gigs you have the better. You can have up to 20. 10-13 gigs is usually about the sweet spot. people like to have a variety of gigs to choose from. it weeds out the sellers from the buyers.

4) I see that you have a female that does the sign gigs. if you have someone else who does the gigs with you...a girlfriend/wife maybe you should do 2 accounts or gigs that both you and her can both do separately..

5) Have fun working for Fiverr and it will never seem like work.

Until next time Fiverrtastic readers stay safe and have fun. Have a Fiverrtastic day.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Picfreak strikes again

Hey Fiverrtastic peeps,
      I'm back again to discuss a new gig I ordered from Picfreak. it's not often I discuss a seller 2 times in the same month but this seller has some really cool gigs. This gig is a gig where I'm made to look like a Southpark character. He did an amazing job capturing the Southpark look and I am extremely happy with the gig. If you want an original gig with tons of creativity you need to choose Picfreak. This guy is super talented and you will have the most original facebook picture compared to any of your friends. Here is the picture(s) I received from him. Be jealous!

      Picfreak I want to give you a little advice...something I forgot to do last time. (I usually give pearls of wisdom every blog). Don't waste your time exhausting yourself on Fiverr gigs too long. Know when you have to take breaks, when too many gigs is enough, and when you are experiencing freelancer burnout. Gain some good exposure, land some good clients, and jet out of here as soon as you can. Or maybe work on here less than you did before. I want to be seriously honest with you that unless you get promoted to a top rated seller or start making more than $5 per gig you need to move on to bigger and better illustration projects. You are extremely talented. If I was remotely as gifted I would be selling illustrations on Fiverr or doing illustrations for children's books. I am amazing with Photoshop, Illustrator and Indesign...but i'm not a good drawing artist. I can Photoshop the hell out of things and edit the hell out of things, but you're good with illustration and cartooning...use that gift wisely. Until next time Fiverrtastic peeps have a good day.

Friday, March 7, 2014

Security matters

Hey Fiverrtastic Peeps,
It has come to my attention lately that some people on Facebook are complaining about Fiverr's security. I'm sorry but I have used Fiverr 3 yrs and never, ever had a serious problem. Allow me to give a few tidbits of advice to you people who have been hacked, think you're being hacked, or in fear of being hacked. 

(1) avoid phishing scams at all costs.

(2) don't broadcast things on the Fiverr Forum or LinkedIn. Anyone who posts something asking how much you have earned is probably suspicious and if you make a lot a week or a might get hacked. Don't be so naive...just don't answer or be vague and say something about things you bought.

(3) Don't add people you don't know on Facebook or other places. If you have only 1 common friend and you don't know the might not know them for a reason.

(4) Never give any personal info away...that's a big no no. 

(5) If you get Fiverr. 

(6) If they hacked your fiverr they might try to hack your paypal or other accounts. They will even switch the paypal to theirs.

(7) Here's a no brainer...never leave over 50-100 in your fiverr at any given time. Always deposit when you reach a large amount. Hackers will try and attack your account and if you got money they will steal it. They would sell their baby on e0bay if they could. Hackers are ruthless.

I hope this helps and if you do get hacked I hope Fiverr support helps close the account or helps you change the password and info back over. Hackers are dangerous but they can be stopped if you are smart and think like they would. Make sure you make a password not easy to guess with numbers,letters, and even characters. Until next time have a Fiverrtastic day.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Futurama illustration that will last a lifetime

Hey Fiverrtastic peeps,
You need to check out this illustration gig. This is such a cool gig. If you remember the futurama talking heads in a small tanks of will love this gig. You can now personalize yourself and make yourself immortal in a small round tank of water like on futurama. This Fiverr gig is so cool and is brought to you by the Fiverr seller Picfreak. This seller is extremely amazing and has some really cool gigs. I even ordered his Southpark gig and will post that when I recieve the drawing. This seller is very professional and I think he's going to go far on Fiverr. If you want to order an original gig from a seller who's just as animated as his gig's I suggest you order from Picfreak.Here's the picture I recieved from him.

 Let me know what you all think of it. Next time I will be talking about something else interesting. It will be about freelancing, but not exactly about Fiverr. You can be successful with Fiverr, while working for other sites too. I'll tell you how. Until next time have a Fiverrtastic day all.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Time management is key

Hey Fiverrtastic readers,
     Have you ever wanted to learn how to make more money working less time. There's got to be some bullcrap get rich quick scheme or something right? Wrong! Actually I came across a Fiverr seller who sells e-book and tutorials and they are well worth their $5. This guy's books are logically sound and very thought provoking. One that I read the first few chapters of was about time management. The e-book is called "How to Work Less and Earn More". Seriously this book is extremely thought provoking and just from what I have read I have realized that I am a big time waster myself. The Fiverr sellers username is petervcrisp and whatever you order from him is definitely worth way more than $5. Ok so let me explain to you what I have taken out of the book so far: I have learned that not everyone is gifted at running their own business. From what I have learned on Shark Tank and Dragons Den there's an entrepreneur and a "Wantrepreneur". Think about that for a second, there's the ones who have what it takes to be successful and the ones who lack the understanding of a business. The ones who lack the understanding will ultimately struggle from one business venture to another or their business will ultimately be a hobby. I'm going to speak to my larger audience of readers, the freelancers and the stay at home mom's and dads. Is your freelance career making you money or is it just a hobby? If after doing this more than a year you're not making enough to live comfortably, you might want to find other websites to work with and take a risk with subscription job posting sites.

petervcrisp has some really nice gigs that I think everyone should check out. I'm surprised that he's not already a level 1 or level 2 seller. For $5 what have you got to lose...not much. But the wealth of knowledge you will gain from one of his e-books is astounding. Check out his e-book gig for his book "How to Work Less and Earn More"  you will be glad you did. While you're checking out his gigs you might be inclined to order one or two more. He writes practical information for a broad audience and anyone who wants to learn how to make money or become financially independent could benefit from him. Until next time have a Fiverrtastic day.


Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Fiverrtastic is looking for contributors

Hey Fiverrtastic Peeps,
Have you wanted to get your feet wet writing blogs? Do you like the blog content of Fiverrtastic? Are you interested in writing for a blog dedicated in offering fresh content all the time. Fiverrtastic is the blog to write for. I am having trouble keeping up with writing fresh content. I am also not able to find blogs that entice me lately and need other peoples opinions. I was going to try and make this a daily blog but I have been overwhelmed with Fiverr gigs and freelance work lately. This is strictly voluntary submissions and I really can't pay very much if anything per posting. What I can offer you is the chance to get your name out there as a writer and if you are a seller on Fiverr I will promote your gigs on my Facebook page and on my blog. This is you're chance to shine. If you're interested in getting your feet wet in the field of writing contact me today. 

All you have to do is review a gig that you bought from a seller. If you didn't buy one but your passionate about a seller then review that gig. Please don't review your own gig. Let someone else review your gig. Ok well hope to hear from you all soon and have a Fiverrtastic day.