Thursday, August 14, 2014

Two Testimonials That Make My Site Amazing

Hey Fiverrtatic peeps,
Ok so today I would like to talk to you about my site that is still in it's infancy called Custom Creationz. I have been working on this brand for a long time now and almost ready to actually brand the name or possibly sell the site if someone might be interested in branding it. Ok so I bought 2 videos from top rated sellers I have discussed in the past. You may remember them as Kymmypops and Oranjegirl. They are still selling on Fiverr and doing pretty well. It was the suggestion of Oranjegirl's husband Marko, after viewing my site, that I hire his wife and another Top Rated Seller. At first I liked the other person he suggested...but Kymmypops responded back eager to work on my project. Sometimes I'm limited on funds or the amount of orders and time. I ordered from her and ms. Oranje. These two delivered amazing videos and my site is showing a lot of traffic, probably more steady traffic than before. Still not getting the clients it should, but that will change soon enough...or hopefully it will. Here are the videos that I recieved. They are also on my Facebook pages and on Youtube.

                                                   Oranjegirl's video message to clients

                                              Kymmypops video message to freelancers

They both did an amazing job! I couldn't ask for anything better and wouldn't ask for anything more. They went above and beyond what I expected. That's how Fiverr should be when you can. That's what makes clients want to come back. Oh by the way check out my new blog called Your Digital Underground. It's a blog about a place discount digital goods and it will also be chocked full of free advice about things you should know about working as a successful work at home person. I haven't written my freelancer blog because this one has a lot of traffic and the other one is picking up. Fiverr keeps me really busy too. Leave comments if you want and if you would like to write for my blog or help with my Facebook pages let me know, I'm always looking for content creators and moderators. Thanks for all of your support everyone because without you Fiverrtastic is nothing. The next blog will be about Shiftypop so keep an eye out, I have been waiting to review her gigs awhile.

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