Friday, September 28, 2012

Youtube or not to tube...that is the question


Hey Fiverrtastic readers,
You need to check out theis amazing new Fiverr seller. He goes by the name of realviews4u and he will give you 100, 500, or 1000 youtube views for $5. The gig you want to check out if you want a quick 100 views with maximum retention and active viewers is this gig: .
This seller has only been on Fiverr 2 days and had 3 positive reviews. Most Fiverr sellers don't get orders for at least a few days to a week sot that is impressive! These are real human youtube viewers not bots or some software accumulating views. This isn't someone clicking on your video over and over again! What you order is what you get and that is quality work. If you want to maximize your viewing potential you need to check out realviews4u. Your Youtube video will thank you. would you rather hire someone who says they're going to deliver something and fall short of it. I know that I have ordered SEO and Social Networking gigs in the past only to be disappointed by the seller and what they delivered.

You should also check out the other gigs this seller has.  He will deliver youtube ranking with 500 fast views for $5 and he will  deliver 1000 real Youtube views fast for $5. These gigs are a true gem and should be ordered today.

check out the video to one of his gigs below:

Ok, a little bit about this seller that you should know:
He is Youtubse SEO and ranking specialist from Miami, USA. He has had one of the webs biggest hits with 
"Monkey/Bush - a funny flash game". It's still there somewhere on the web. He also produces Reggae music and dance music.

Here are some tips that I would like to give you from one seller to another realviews4u since I have been on Fiverr 2 years. First, you need to put up more gigs. You can have up to 20 so release a few different types of SEO and social networking gigs. Also doing a tutorial gig or some sort of tips and tricks gig might be great for you. Next, You need to find all different ways to promote and advertise your gigs. My blog is a start. Make a facebook fanpage and a twitter account dedicated to your gigs. write articles and promote them with digg and other social bookmarking sites. Whatever you do make it count. Also, make sure that you always stay ahead of your competition. Just like any business you always have competition so make sure you always sell yourself better than any other seller. Lastly, whatever you do on Fiver have fun with it! If you're not having fun there's no sense in doing it! Until next time everyone have a Fiverrtastic Day!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Have a Giggle good time!

Hey Fiverrtastic Readers,
Todays seller is literally amazing. She is innovative, creative, and she brings sunshine to Fiverr. Her nickname or stagename is Giggle Blossom....but on Fiverr she goes by the username Cindiva. She will make an amazing clown video for a birthday wish or a business promotion! She has been featured on Tosh.0 if she looks familiar. I have been following her Fiverr career awhile now and I looked at a few of her live portfolio samples and they are amazing.Cindiva is so awesome and she takes everything she does so professional. She was Featured on my website yesterday. She even did a commercial for Pizza Hut Canada promtoing their $5 deal. I even like how for an extra $10 she will add gadgets the clown to her gig. from what I see he doesn't talk much. He is her acting camera man when he is not in front of the camera.  If you want a professional virtual party clown check her out today. Here is here video sample from Fiverr.

Cindiva you should have gadget offer his own silent clown gig whenever you get busy with gigs. That's a possibility. You should also offer the choice to do promo videos so people don't have to message you or send an order request on the birthday gig. The Pizza Hut commercial was amazing! I thought the Tosh.0 video was superb too! You should also do a sign gig without talking or with limited words and voice over gig. People pay good money sometimes for people who do those gigs and you have a nice voice. These are just suggestions and I always make suggestions when I think a seller needs more gigs or more improvement. Believe me you don't need improvement your gigs are awesome no matter what! Check out her video from Tosh.0 .

 Tomorrow I will write about a new seller it's a surprise guest. It's a 2 part blog. I still need to discuss Chris Hardy's Voiceover too in a future blog. I need to start doing blogs everyday or regularly. Not too worry I will definitely talk about Chris Hardy's gig. I still need to find a radio show or internet radio show to play the rap commercial and his Ren and Stimpy commercial I have. No sweat though. :) Until next time have a Fiverrtastic day!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Not just an Anarchist...a really nice guy!

Hey Fiverrtastic Readers,
Today I'm going to write about Anarchosfighter who is a seller who goes far beyond the call of duty of being a Fiverr seller. He will show you how to make your business, website, service, charity, or whatever project you have, literally go from zero to amazing. One of my favorite gigs is his gig I will give you a surefire method to Get Local Media Coverage for your business or cause using a Publicity idea you love GUARANTEED for $5. This seller is not just an amazing seller here on Fiverr though...he is an innovator and a free thinker. On the LinkedIn Fiverr group (believe me I'm glad we have one) he is a huge contributer on advice to other Fiverr sellers like myself! Anarchosfighter knows how to make a statement and he knows how to move an audience! Why annouce you're around and make a scene when people will find you and refer others! And believe me with gigs like his, people come straight to him and keep coming back. Who wants to pay thousands of dollars for advertising or business consultation when they can seek help from a professional like him for a starting price of $5. Now granted, I imagine if you want extensive service he doesn't come cheap, but his videos speak for themselves. If you want an amazing gig you need to seek out his gigs now!

Anarchosfighter I do have suggestions for you like I do a large majority of sellers. Why don't you have other gigs up. You should be putting up advice gigs or motivation gigs. You are an innovator and a free thinker. Fiverr needs more people like you! You need to have gigs offering people more than just business advice. You are absolutely amazing! You also need to come out with more consultation gigs where you're discussing marketing strategies by skype or via conversation. Believe me conversation sells! You have so many different ideas rattling in your brain and you need to keep churning out more! Also you should have gigs with higher lead times. What if you end up having 10 orders on 1 gig in 1 day. Are you able to complete them all? I would freak out! Well Thanks for letting me write about you and hope to keep talking to you more on the group. You all need to to check out his gigs. Next time I will discuss a virtual party clown who makes some awesome videos and was even featured on Tosh.0 and I still need to review Chrishardy's awesome Ren and Stimpy radio commercial he made last week. If you haven't checked out Fiverrtastics website yet you need to. I now have a seller of the day tab and I am updating the site all the time. go to . Until next time have a Fiverrtastic day!

Monday, September 24, 2012

She Works Hard for Her Fiverr

Hey Fiverrtastic Readers,
Ok so I came across this Fiverr seller who is absolutely amazing. I have seen and heard of her gigs many times, but I never have actually checked out her gigs extensively. Now, I see that this seller is a level 1 seller that is working so hard to become a level 2. When she becomes a level 2, I imagine she will become a very sucessful level 2. Her username is Cheekymm and she has talent like no other. Her testimonials are like the australian girl from next door. It just blows me away how much enthusiasm and wholesomeness she puts into each gig. You need to check out the video she did for my blog and facebook page.

 Cheekymm (or also know as Michelle) is just one of those sellers who I wanted to share because she went above and beyond! She gave the star treatment my blog and facebook page needed. It was a video that was simple, quick, and to the point. You absolutely have to check out her gigs, especially her fairy princess is so adorable! Just check out her gigs you'd be crazy not to! Michelle works 2 jobs outside of Fiverr to make ends meet and loves Fiverr. Her goal is to one day either be self employed or not work so much.

Cheekymm we already have talked extensively by message on how you need to improve to get to level 2. Don't fret it you will get there. Where there's a will theres a way! Add more detail in each gig like a few unseen gig extras that people can order. That's called downselling...something a customer can order before, during or or after the service. Always promote that tip gig to the customer too. Say to them "If you feel I went above and beyond or did exceptionally well here is my tip gig feel free to order 1 or more tips". Also, here is the most important...make sure you stick to what you believe. If you don't want to do adult content or other certain content then you tell a customer that. If  you disagree with a job, but you will do it with certain changes ask for extra. 

Asking the customer for more is not bad, it's just saying to the customer you're interested in the job, but you just want more. If you're going to be the spokesperson for a zit cream, a sex toy, or hemorrhoid cream you sure want more money! Believe me I know a few top rated sellers who can vouch for this. Believe me customers can and will  pay more than $5. They don't want to work for less than minimum wage and they don't want us to if the job is more than 15 minutes-1/2 hour. We spend more time editing or ensuring customers like the work and communicating with the customers than anything. (the behind the scenes work)

 So yeah you need to check out Cheekymm gigs if you want an amazing testimonial seller! I am going to be releasing another advice blog directed towards how to help Fiverr sellers. The top 10 ways to improve sales for a seller starting out or getting back into the game. If you want to add any advice add it in a comment or add it to the facebook page. Tune in next time when I discuss a Fiverr seller that goes by the name Anarchofighter. Until next time have a Fiverrtastic day! :)

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Fiverr Etiquette.

Hey Fiverrtastic Readers,
It's been a few days since I have written a blog but I gugarantee you will like this one. Ok so this one is not about a Fiverr seller but just about some Fiverr insider advice. Recently, I went from a Level 2 seller back down to no level and if any of you know how that sucks! You literally go from as many as 2-3 sales or more a day to as little as 1 or none a day for days on end sometimes. I'm here to tell you how to get out of that slump! How I went from nothing to level 2 in two weeks when this happened the first time AND how i'm working my way to a level 1 or level 2 status again.

Follow these steps and You are almost guaranteed to maximize your sales by at least 200-300%

1) Maintain a positive relationship with as many buyers as you can...especially your high dollar buyers who are inclined to order frequently or order gig multiples and gig extras.

2) Ask the buyer in a message a few days to a few weeks after the order if they need anything else to make thier order experience better. Ask if they need more gigs to make the project even better. Some have more work but they are inclined not to ask because they think you're too busy to take on a new project.

3) If you lose your level don't stress it's temporary. Find ways around it by getting customers that can afford to order more than 1 gig to order multiple gigs to get speedy service, more designs, HD video, More voiceover work, more writing...and give them a little extra with it to show you care!

4) Order from other sellers, especially the new ones. We were all new at one time and we know how it is to get our first few sales. Top rated and level sellers are great but we all can't be a level seller. The new sellers are the heart of the company. They are bound to give up if they don't get 10 or 20 sales within a month or two. It's depressing!

5) Really sell the product by showing you know you have the skills. Whether you're a freelancer or a small business entrepreneur or you work in a specialized career Fiverr allows us to make money based on our skills.

6) Don't settle for $5 gigs "all the time". If the customer follows your guidelines of the $5 gig then fine and dandy. But, if they want the bells and whistles then you need to charge more. You wouldn't charge $5 for a webpage would you. You would charge $5 per page plus hosting. You would also charge to give the coding and all the graphics in a seperate package. For instance, when I do a logo I give 3 basic designs with 2 basic revisions. if the customer wants revisions or extra designs it's another $5. if they want the original vector files it's another $5 or more. If they want express delivery it's $10 for 4 days and $20 for 2 days. Make gig extras that people will buy whether you have a level or not. Be descriptive!

Just follow this advice and you should be fine. If you have other advice to add to this blog get a hold of me. I will either edit this blog or update it with a second blog. Have a Fiverrtastic day all. I will release a new blog about a Fiverr seller tomorrow or in a few days.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

The Outer Limits of Fiverr, Simply a Deja View

Hey Fiverrtastic Readers,
So I was looking around Fiverr looking for an off the wall gig. I wanted something extraordinary. something that no one was really offering or that I didn't think was offering. I wanted to see if there was any authentic psychics or mediums on Fiverr. I was surprised at what I found. There was a Level 2 seller by the username pensacolaevent who went above and beyond my expectations. Her name is Ericka Boussarhane and she is an amazing psychic medium. she is the Oprah of the psychic world.Ericka has been featured on TV and interviewed by national radio stations across the country. She only wanted one question and my first name and she did the rest. She answered so much about me. I was literally blown away by the amount of stuff she came through with. All I wanted to know was if my current girlfriend and I were a good match. We come from different backgrounds ethnically and in many other ways, but it seemed like we were destined to meet. pensacolaevent or Ericka validated a lot of things about out our relationship and how I seem to be like a girls guy friend a lot. I was floored when she said that because it's totally true. If you are skeptical about psychics at all take the $5 risk and check out pensacolaevent believe me you won't be disappointed!

check out the video below:

ErikaI love your gigs and I don't think you should change them at all. If anything you should maybe add more if you have any other ideas. I always add my 2 cents, since i've been on Fiverr 2 years and I have been a lower level and level 2 seller. (right now my account has no level again). Let's just say I know the ins and outs of Fiverr. You seem like you have a good handle on how Fiverr is working though. So keep up the good work. If you want a reading from an actual psychic hire Ericka!

Until next time check out my website and if you haven't joined my facebook fanpage join now. Until next time have a Fiverrtastic day!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Gabriel the Violin Hearted

Hey Fiverrtastic Readers,
Ok so I ordered off this seller who creates some amazing instrument composed music.  If you want to have some amazing compositions made by Violin, Viola, Guitar, or multiple instruments playing at once you need to order off liongabriel. Whether it's for a birthday, a promotional video, a gift to help someone sleep, or just royalty free music to use later later liongabriel help you. This Fiverr seller may not be selling his services so cheap for long so you should order now. I only have one suggestion for you Gabriel...make a few more gigs! Showcase your talent more.

You can't miss this seller his music is absolutely phenomonal. I discussed him in a blog 3 weeks ago titled "Lullaby and goodnight". So I just want to share with you the order i recieved. I made the presentation in retrospect to the music i recieved. i plan to use this audio again and again.

Currently I'm looking for administrators for my Facebook fanpage. I have appointed 2 creative content admins and a secondary admin so far. You're only as strong as the people in your Facebook community. A blog, new site, and page like Fiverrtastic which is still in it's first year of operation needs he Solp to keep it going strong 25/8 like Fiverr. If you would like to be an Admin and feel you'd make a good contribution to the blog or the page please get a hold of me. Don't forget to check out my website. It's being updated all the time and I have new ideas for that too so keep your eyes peeled.  Until next time have a Fiverrtastic Day.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Let's Get Zombie-fied

Hey Fiverrtastic Readers,
Ok so I came across this awesome gig. The seller will make you look like a zombie. Who hasn't watched Thriller, walking dead, or 28 days later and thought "I wonder what I would look like as a zombie!". Well never fear because I have you covered. The seller goes by the username erwinjob and he creates some awesome digital creations. Whether your looking for a logo mascot, a cartoon character, or you want to become a zombie erwinjob has you covered. This seller literally blew me away with his creation! I seen what he created for Fiverr seller Kymmypops (and it was amazing) but wow he went far beyond my expectations for mine. Below is the one he did for Kymmypops.

Fiverr Seller Kymmypops
If you remember she is the seller who made an amazing lip advertising banner for me. I featured it on my facebook page in my timeline banner contest. Well this is what helped me decide to order mine as quick as I did.
Below is what I recieved and I absolutely love it! I even decided to use it as my profile picture on Facebook. He could have charged 3-5 times more or even as much as 10 times more. this is the type of thing that caricature artists at the mall could have a field day with.
                                                                           This is me
erwinjob here is some suggestions from one seller to another. You should offer a few other caricature gigs because the Zombie gig is un-freakin-believable. You should also make sure that people have the opportunity to have a higher paid gig extra. I see a $5 and $10 one. Your work is so worth a $20 one too. I can see you being very sucessful in months to come and I wish you much success here on Fiverr. Now you're officially Fiverrtastic! The next edition of Fiverrtastic is going to be about a violinist who makes some amazing lullaby music. He can also make some amazing royalty free symphonic tracks made with one or more instruments. I have already discussed him once before, but I want to discuss an order I ordered from him. Until next time have a Fiverrtastic day.