Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Undeniably amazing

Hey Fiverrtastic readers,
       Sorry I took soo long to write a blog. It's been a month for new blog content and I haven't been updating my facebook page much either. I have been noticing newbies trying to sabotage my posts with spam...and when they do they get blocked. The last month has been crazy. All month has been an endless amount of order after order after order. I still have 11 orders in queue. Still playing catchup but people keep ordering.

      Today I want to talk about a really cool gig from a seller who gave me a free gig for some blog promotion. The Fiverr seller's username is nicred and I have seen them around on Fiverr and on the forum before. This seller does some amazing animated videos and they are already a level 1 seller after 1 month. Say hello to Nic from South Africa, who's only been on Fiverr about a month. This seller has sold multiple animated orders already...his most popular gig looks like the Pacman animated video gig. But, the Animated message gig looks very popular right now. nicred created an animated message for my blog and believe me this thing is awesome. When he sent the message the first time i don't think it attached but when he got a hold of me today I was more than impressed. He has some amazing gigs and I'm excited to see when he becomes a level 2 seller what gigs and gig extras he might offer. 

Here is the video Nic made me:


       Hey Nic I have some suggestions to make your gigs even more better. I think that maybe your fire spinning gig is an original gig and you should put a video up for it. Any gig that original should have a video to show your talent. You should also come up with a few other gigs that have raw talent on camera. something expressing a talent you have. A good example is Fiverr seller       Mr Marcus. He juggles knives, chainsaws, and fire. Maybe you could tap into something customers want to order that would be viral on youtube. These animated videos are awesome and will get a ton of orders, but you want to have a ton of different gigs with a wide variety to choose from.

     I will be writing another new blog later tonight or tomorrow hopefully. I want to apologize to everyone for being out of the loop for a month. Until next time have a Fiverrtastic night.