Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Average Joe or CEO

Do you need someone to do a testimonial as an Average Joe? Or maybe you want someone to do a testimonial video as a white collar representative of your company. Why not have the best of both worlds? This seller that goes by the username screamingfinger will literally create an amazing professional testimonial for you. This seller has only been on Fiverr 4 months and he is a Top Rated Seller. Not too shabby! Right now he has 32 orders in queue currently and every time he whittles his queue down it just goes back up again. I am amazed by how well this seller is doing considering all of the different testimonial gigs on Fiverr. I really think you should take a look at this gig because this seller caught my eye as soon as I seen his gig. All I was doing was randomly clicking through different seller profiles and came across his. I noticed that he had a massive amount of orders and such a short lead time for a testimonial gig. I was thinking to myself c'mon 8 days and he delivers a testimonial gig in a professional manner. This guy's gotta be good. So I contacted him and he told me his queue is never below 20. With orders like that when the hell do you get a day off? I remember when I used to be like that but not that high in demand! I'm a level 2 seller and he's a Top Rated seller there's a big difference in seller status based on the perks you get and the amount of money you could potentially make, But this guy has only been on here 4 months.

Check out his video below


I do have some advice for screamingfinger though. You should at least post one or 2 more gigs. A script gig may come in handy for those customers who either have trouble writing or editing their script. Also you might think about adding a green screen video gig. green screens are in really high demand. As long as you can use the software and are able to do special effects and other tricks people like you will make great money. Oh and you might consider a voiceover gig. Audio gigs are in high demand sometimes too because some sellers get lots of orders and then suspend the queue to complete them. The more creative you are with your video gigs the limitless potential you have with cash flow. So I think everyone should check out screamingfinger because he is an amazing seller in my humble opinion. If I needed a testimonial right now and wanted to wait in line with 32 other people right now I would literally order. I'm impulsive like that. So Check out screamingfinger today you'll be glad you did. 

Oh and if you want to help support Fiverrtastic blog by making a donation I have a new gig up. Check it out and make a $5 donation to help me keep the blog going and writing about amazing sellers
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Until next time readers have a Fiverrtastic Day! :)

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Need a Pro

Hey Fiverrtastic Readers,
Are you looking for a pro testimonial video seller. Someone who can create an amazing testimonial with or without a green screen, in HD, and with other special features as well. Why not try out Fiverr seller Headdiva101 . She will create an amazing testimonial with the most professional care. I seen this sellers video for her testimonial gig I will do a video review of Product, service, website, business,bookor introduction to your site for $5 and it's the best one I've seen in awhile. Her camera presence almost matches that of a Top Rated Seller and her Gig rating is a 99% which is not too bad at all because she has completed over 270 orders in 5 months time. I've completed about 600 gigs in a years time. So for her to be completing that many orders in such a short period of time say a lot for her as a Level 2 Seller. I think that her ambition and drive to completing micro jobs like these is fascinating. I take my time to complete gigs sometimes but it looks like she completes her videos pretty fast sometimes. That say something about her as a seller. Her lead time is 4 days. I used to do that until my orders started to overwhelm me so I thought hey why not allow other people to work too because there's always people that will still hire me. I'm recovering from surgery right now so The least amount of gigs I have to complete in a day while still making extra money the better. 

Ok, Headdiva101, now this is where i give some advice or where i get a little brutal. You have some awesome gigs so put more up and don't be afraid to always try something new. Your camera presence is something to be had and you can talk about particle combustion and make it sound interesting. Seriously, If you want to have the potential to make more money why not try putting up more gigs. If you get too overwhelmed you can suspend some of them. Oh by the way that tip gig mark it up to 4 days or more. even though you can complete it in 1 day some customers are sneaky. They will literally buy a tip gig with a short lead time because they're in a rush for an actual gig with a higher lead time. Headdiva101 also offers another gig where she will provide up to 3 high quality pics of me holding notecard saying anything for $5. Whichever gig you buy I'm sure you'll be satisfied. Hey Headdiva101 you should try contacting support about being a TRS you've completed a lot of orders and you have a high enough percentile. 
 Check out her video for Fiverr below and see exactly what I mean. 

If you're interested in being in Fiverrtastic contact me on my Facebook Fanpage OR you can buy my Fiverrtastic Blog Gig . The second option might be the fastest because I only notice a handful of gigs a day and only write about 1 or 2 a day. You may only be featuring your gig on my Fanpage and limiting the viewing potential. Maybe you could be the next gig to be featured. Until next time have a Fiverrtastic Day!

Monday, May 28, 2012

Learn To Play Stairway To Heaven

Hey Fiverrtastic readers,
Do you wanna learn to play guitar but don't think you have the time or money. Do you want to learn in 20 minute increments from the basics to the more advanced stuff. Why not learn from a professional by Skype? She charges $5 per 20 minute session or $15 an hour. The seller with the username Crystalhinds could possibly teach you how to play "Stairway to Heaven" or "Purple Haze" if you are patient enough. I know that if I had a guitar i would be buying lessons. I mean I can play Guitar Hero and Rock Band like a pro but when it comes to actually strumming a guitar I've tried it's not easy! She will even teach you how to sing or play the Ukelele. I think that the Ukelele is the hardest string instrument because you don't have much room to work with.

Crystalhinds I have a little advice for you. If you play any instruments other than string instruments put a gig up for God sake. You're talented and you should spread your talent with the world. Get your name out there by advertising your gig with other Fiverr pages on social networking sites like Facebook. Fiverrwall is a good start. I advertise my blog there all the time.  Secondly, If you have other ideas don't be afraid to put them up. Fiverr loves people who are innovative, captivating, creative, and hardworking. Determination is what will make you successful. Lastly, get rid of or suspend any gigs that you think aren't selling and the low rating gig. You can always activate them again or put them up again fresh later on. Fresh starts are always good I do it a lot. People like new stuff we as people in general sometimes have the attention span of a newt. Not to offend anyone but people are easily amused and then get bored very easily. Keep the gigs that are selling and just update the info or the video every now and then.

Check out her Fiverr video for her guitar lesson gig and you'll see what I mean. 

If you haven't checked out her seller page yet what the hell are you waiting for
Until next time Fiverrtastic sellers have a nice day and may you learn to play "Yellow Submarine", "The National Anthem" or "Stairway to Heaven" thanks to Crystal.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Barrel of Monkeys

Hey Fiverrtastic Readers,
 Have you ever found a seller who is literally a bundle of energy? No? Well You haven't scoped out the realms of Fiverr video gigs until you checked out Fiverr seller Barrelofmonkeys . This guy has an aim to please and is willing to go the extra mile to please you. Whatever the request, as long as it doesn't break the law (because it takes a lot of Fiverr's to post bail) this guy will make a video that pushes the envelope. I seen this guy's intro videos. There's selective few gigs I buy due to finances and because I can't buy them all...but this guy's got Top Rated Seller skills. I may just buy from him in the near future. His camera presence is something not to be missed and his ambition to be successful is that much more. We are a society now where half our media entertainment is TV and movies and the other half is clouted with viral videos, vlogs, webisodes, and whatever. This guy could do his own viral video stuff and probably make good money off of it. He has a few popular gigs check out this one in particular I will go mad with your message for at least 60 full seconds for $5 .

Right now he's a level 2 seller but I imagine he could be a Top Rated Seller or a successful level 2 with the right plugs. The thing is we move up the Fiverr ladder quickly sometimes and then just stay there at a plateau with no advice on what to improve. The only advice I have for the gigs i see is to always create new ideas and never be afraid to try something new! Another idea might be to come up with something outside of Fiverr. Make Fiverr the business opportunity, but always leave room open for an exit strategy. You ever think of becoming a stuntman Barrelofmonkeys. The movie "Death Proof" scared the hell outta me, but it might be right up your alley! Well anyways, if you want an original gig where the seller will go the extra mile look no further than the seller above. Check out the video below if you don't believe me this is his Fiverr intro video.

Until next time have a Fiverrtastic day readers. :) If you haven't subscribed to my Fiverrtastic Facebook page yet go check it out . Catch you on the flip side Fiverrtastic peeps!

Friday, May 25, 2012


Hey Fiverrtastic Readers,
Have you ever wanted a Fiverr gig with that little special something. Ohhhh I dunno that special something like a drag queen. Well, look no further than my next Fiverrtastic Diva known as HRH Sisterface. This seller is absolutely fab and will knock your socks off! in the gig the seller will sing happy birthday,do fabulous testimonials,anything positive, up lifting message for $5 ,
Yes, this seller will be your Fiverr drag diva and will literally make the video shine. this sellers camera presence is amazing. I myself was flabbergasted by the stellar performance I had to contact the seller. This is my first time actually finding a drag queen on Fiverr and you either go big or go home. You haven't went above and beyond until you put a drag queen in the mix. I've already put a chainsaw/fire thrower, a fire breather and a certifiably insane guy on here so why not. 

I have a few suggestions for you HRH Sisterface
 put up a rip gig of some sort, put up some sort of photo sign gig where you will hold up a sifn with a message, (so you can use you fierce modeling and advertising skills), and put up a few different video gigs. You're a Diva embrace it. Fiverr is about making money you need to be trying to get to a level 2 or top rated seller that's where the moneys at. don't do videos more than a 1-2 minute long for $5 it takes 10-20 minutes or more to do the video I think you will be very successful after this plug and Fiverr's plug it has given you.

just check out the fiverr intro video  and see for yourself. I may just order sometime soon for my blog,

 I always try and push the envelope and I'm not done yet. I'm going to even be starting my own website soon. I even started selling a gig on Fiverr to advertise Fiverr sellers gigs. So If I don't pick someone and they find me first well so be it. I like to write blogs and I want Fiverrtastic to be synonymous with Fiverr. I want people to know the blog and know that's where to look for help in deciding where to shop for a gig. 
Until next time have a Fiverrtastic day!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

New You

Are you in need of someone to draw a caricature for you? Or maybe for someone else? Check out Sunshower Rose the caricature artist. Her username on Fiverr is Sunshower and she is an amazing artist. She creates some of the most mind blowing art. It has been long overdue for me to talk about this seller I have known this seller on Fiverr for awhile now. She is a level 2 seller who gets steady sales most times. She has multiple gigs pertaining to her caricature art where she will do the caricature, add color, add a background, or even put the character in motion. I myself have been tempted to order but sometimes I order too many gigs as it is so when I do order from her I will update you with a follow up blog.

My favorite gig is her old faithful gig in which she will draw a funny caricature of a human face for $5 This gig is original, fun, and captivating. Gigs like this are what make Fiverr interesting. Sunshower Rose is well worth ordering a gig from so order now.

I just have one suggestion for you Sunshower, the gigs that aren't selling either suspend or get rid of. But, any gigs that you have got sales on and think you still will get sales on keep. Fiverr is always expanding and always changing so new gigs are always worth a try. :) Besides that your gigs are great and you have a great seller profile. I wish you much luck in the future hope to keep talking to you. Check out her video below for her caricature gig. Until next time have a Fiverrtastic Day everyone. 

Saturday, May 19, 2012

The Ex Files

 Do you need someone to act as your crazy ex girlfriend? Maybe you need to have a prank video done as someone else s crazy ex girlfriend. Jinnajuice will fit the bill for that said job. She will do a stellar performance pretending you were her boo and you broke her heart and stomped it to pieces. Seriously shes got skills that put reality tv to shame. She should be on a reality tv show...I'd watch it! Jinnajuice is a level 1 seller with a variety of gigs to choose from. If you want to be entertained order from her just watching some of her videos puts me in stitches. Just one tip I have for you Jinnajuice put up a tip gig. Customers will order a tip gig and give an extra something sometimes or they will order the tip gig when you have a certain gig suspended. But set it at a realistic amount of days like 4 days or more so if people do order it they won't try and speed up an order. If you haven't ordered a video gig yet and want something funny and original check out Jinnajuice. You'll be glad you did! Check out her video below. Until next time have a Fiverrtastic Day!

Friday, May 18, 2012

Innovative and Captivating

Hi Fiverrtastic Readers,
When searching for a fiver seller to discuss I look for 3 things: Innovation, Creativity, and Originality. Does the seller grab you by the shirt and drag you in wanting more. This seller I want to discuss today does that. I've been meaning to discuss this seller just haven't had the chance to. The seller goes by the username oldbittygrandma. Shes a top rated seller here on Fiverr and she literally comes out with some of the most interesting and fun gigs. She also gets a lot of orders too. She's so popular and so loved by customers she's been featured on Fiverr's Blog before back in March. That's a huge accomplishment! Oldbittygrandma uses all the tricks of the trade to create her videos. She uses green screen technology, HD video, and a little bit of quality acting. Shes one of the very few i've encountered whose newest gigs always meet the expectations and caliber of the older gigs. Her customers are always in for a treat when they order from her.

       I like all of her gigs but 2 of them really strike a cord and grab my attention. The first one is the utterly fake psychic reading. She will do a fake psychic reading for you for $5 for every 30 seconds of video. It is absolutely hilarious. Your recipient will get a great reading of nothing but fake stuff. Very funny! That is very original and for $5 it's well worth the $$$. Second gig I would like to mention is the "I will perform rude sarcastic video rant or rude testimonial" video. She will literally rip someone a new ass on video scripted or unscripted for $5 every 30 seconds of video. You can't go wrong! She is literally amazing! Her talent in front of the camera is professional and is much to be seen. So what are you waiting for go check out Oldbittygrandma now. Below you can see a video of her psychic reading gig and her rant video.

 Fiverrtastic readers have a great day and thanks for reading. Thank you for helping us reach over 5000 views and over 3000 Facebook fans. That's a huge accomplishment. Until next time stay safe. :)

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Are You in a Creative Slump?

Hi Fiverrtastic readers,
I'm back! Surgery didn't keep me down, Fiverr orders will never keep me away, and no matter what I will always keep writing. Ok, so Last Friday I went in for a shunt surgery to have my shunt replaced. Well let's just say after a 5-10 year gap of it not properly working it needed to be surgically fixed. It was a 2 hour surgery and my mom and other family were on eggshells the whole time wondering what was going to happen. But, I pulled through and everything's doing better slowly but surely.

Today, I want to talk about Fiverr seller Conceptcreative. She is a level 2 seller with 2 gigs and she probably does better with 2 gigs than some Top rated sellers with 10 gigs. She's in the character creation biz. She makes logo mascots and sexy pinup girls and that's the only gigs she has up and she's probably booked up for at least another few weeks easy. I've seen some of her samples she's well worth the order and well worth the wait. If it weren't for issues with Fiverr's revenue page right now I'd be ordering myself a new Fiverrtastic Mascot! This seller caught my eye because of the popularity of her gig. The simplicity of the gig in itself and the amount of work that probably goes into it is what floors me. I sometimes spend anywhere from 20 minutes to 1 hour per logo or design gig and then you get Conceptcreative. Or previous sellers I've mentioned like Yuniree and Mrevilhairday. These are sellers who spend more than $5 worth of time creating masterpieces. If you need something innovative and creative and this isn't your first fiverr order or maybe it is try Conceptcreative . I know I will be soon enough and When I do and get the order back there will be a 2nd blog. Oh I usually offer a piece of seller advice from me to the seller I'm reviewing. The only thing I notice is to maybe put up a Tip gig. Keep doing what your doing because you're doing great.
Have a Fiverrtastic Day Everyone. :)

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Tweet Tweet

Hi Fiverrtastic readers,
Ok. from a hospital bed after surgery i bring you a blog.This seller and I worked together ordering each others blogs. Funny huh? I did a blog for him and he helped get me readers to my blog by tweeting my blog link.The seller's name is Twitterkings and he literally has some amazing gigs. He's a level 1 seller with some great gigs. He tweeted my blog link to over 20,000 followers. That is impressive in itself. I think that some we adverting gigs are silly but this gig blew my mind. The amount of potential readers I got was amazing. And I got a potential reoccurring customer out of the deal. If you want a good gig check out one of Twitterkings. That's all I got for now I'm exhausted.
Have a Fiverrtastic Day.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Beans Glorious Beans

 Do you want an awesome gig where the Fiverr seller will turn you into a bean! Yes, you heard me right a bean! Mrevilhairday will literally take a photo of you and make it into a beaneriffic version of yourself. A representation of you in bean form and he will do it quite quickly too. I was so impressed by his image and the quickness of the delivery. At first I was like thinking to myself that his lead time was long and I'm not one for waiting. He delivered quicker than expected and his delivery was well worth the wait. If you want an awesome gig and not sure what to order give mrevilhairday a whirl.

Ok, Mrevilhairday I have a suggestion for you. You are an amazingly talented artist. The beans are working well for you. Whenever you get a chance you might want to try expanding to other food or inanimate objects. Your art is amazing. Besides that you have an amazing gig and I want to say thanks for the amazing creation. I may order from you again down the road. For everyone who's dying to see what he created for me look below.

Until next time have a Fiverrtastic day readers.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Mad Beats

Hi Fiverrtastic peeps,
Whats up tonight. Ok. So tonight we're going to talk about a seller who has been dominating Fiverr with his rapping. His Fiverr seller name is I_will_rap. He is a level 2 seller with some talent under his belt. Now i'm not saying he's the next Kayne, Eminem, or Busta...but he makes his own royalty free beats and he creates some amazing lyrical rhymes. I enjoyed working with this seller and I will say this much he did exactly what was asked of him...he was creative. I think he could have made the rap a little more faster but he did match the beat and he made some good lyrics. I can say this much I was impressed by his skills.

This seller has some very unique gigs and people should check his gigs out. His seller name is I_will_rap and He literally will rap 16 bars about pretty much anything you want. Just send him an order and you won't be disappointed. I got one suggestion for you I_will_rap put up a few new gigs like maybe offer so many royalty free beats for $5 or creating beats for $5 or writing raps for people. You're amazingly talented all on your own and doing well with the gigs you have and someday I may work with you again.

Check out the video I made with Fiverrtastic orders and his audio and you be the judge of his talent.Tomorrow I will discuss a guy who has a fascination with making the world look like bean people one person at a time.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Skunk As A Drunk

Are you looking for an entertaining video of a stumbling drunk Indian guy. One such video where the seller stays spot on with the script while being drunk. Have I got the seller for you! I've discussed this seller in the past but I've never ordered off the seller until last night. The seller is Arjunrocks and he's not just any Fiverr seller he's an original. If there were 10 more like him there still wouldn't be enough. He's a bundle of energy who can't be contained. He always has a positive attitude and he is always a great person to talk to. I'm glad to know him.

Arjun has a video I just had to order where he woill stumble around drunk and deliver your message. . He literally over delivered on this one and created 2 videos. He made me the original video and sent me a Taj Mahal video as an extra. So I thought hey he did great and delivered him a tip. Since I've talked about Arjun before, I just want all of you to check out his gigs. If you want to see what I wrote before back in February go HERE.

Check out all of his different gigs at his seller name Arjunrocks .

If you want to see the video he did for Fiverrtastic where he was stumbling drunk check it out below:

And if you want to see the Taj Mahal one go to:

Saturday, May 5, 2012


 Do you need a professionally written short story and want it done from a fresh youth perspective.I know this seller personally because I helped her create her create her Fiverr account. She goes by the seller name makayla99.  She's a published author at the age of 13. She's already published one book at the age of 11 and has her second on the way. (it's in publication processes right now) The second one will have illustrations. To top it off she is already a few chapters into her third book. Her first book was published by and can be found on Lulu, Amazon, and Barnes and Noble. It's in both e-book and softcover format. The book is called "Wolf Life In Tokeya' s Pack" by Makayla Keister.

  How many people do you know are an established author at such a young age. Makayla plans on selling art and writing on Fiverr only a few gigs at a time. She has already got inquiries about multiple gigs from one seller just waiting for him to buy the gigs. I really think she will be very successful. So everyone take a look at this gig and keep an eye on her seller profile. Just go to and check out her short story gig. I guarantee she will do an amazing job.
Until next time everyone have a Fiverrtastic Day. :)

Thursday, May 3, 2012

I'm gonna make him an offer he can't refuse

Have you searched high and low for a video testimonial only to come up short and not be able find one that tickles your fancy. Why not try a video seller who creates a Godfather inspired testimonial video. The sellers username is Chrys1 and he has some amazing gigs. Two of his most interesting gigs are his Godfather Testimonial video gig and V for Vendetta testimonial gig.

I first found out about his gigs when i seen a video of his on a Facebook Fiverr Fanpage called "Fiverrwall". I literally felt like I was watching a old fashioned gangster movie. He is insanely talented. He creates the ambiance that you are literally watching a real commercial or a movie clip. Chrys1 is very friendly too. His interaction back and forth with me was a delight. He even tried to offer to make me a small video ad for the blog as trade for the blog. i said it was not necessary i just needed a sample of a previous clients work or one of his promotional videos. He sent me a video for a chocolate video he did.

In time this seller may be a Top rated Seller on time will tell. I only have a few suggestions for Chrys1. maximize your gig potential by putting up as many gigs as possible you can put up to 20. I usually find 14-17 is a good #. Oh and if you have gigs that aren't selling put them on suspend or delete them and replace them with new ones.

Check out this video and see what I mean:

Until Next Time Readers...Have a Fiverrtatic Day. :)

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Squeezed to perfection

Hi Fiverrtastic Readers,
Ok so yesterday I wrote a blog about Top Rated Seller Oranjegirl. Tonight I write about her husband Marko Top Rated Seller Oranjewebdesign. Whether you want a logo, a testimonial or video advertising, a voiceover, a facebook fanpage, or even help with your website Marko is there to help. Oranjewebdesign is literally the one stop shop for web needs. Like oranjegirl, he will provide some of the most unique and innovative services available.

Marko has some amazing gigs but one of his most unique gigs is I will create a FANTASTIC facebook fanpage for $5. This guy is absolutely amazing when it comes to web designing needs so why wouldn't you want him to create a facebook fanpage for you. if you order his gig extras one of them is to add 1000 Facebook fans to your page. Seriously, try getting that anywhere else dded onto an order!  if you order all of his extras plus the $5 gig it will cost $40. You will have a page, a group, the graphics, and 1000 fans. Seriously, if you're still reading and haven't ordered WHY!

Ok, Marko I got nothing except maybe to keep the gigs fresh. But I imagine you do. Oh and maybe do a few more web or graphic design gigs. You can have up to 20 gigs.  You're a busy man though, you got other projects besides Fiverr. You and Annie or "Oranjegirl" do an amazing job. I should have discussed you 2 earlier.Remember if you need excellent service on Fiverr Oranjegirl and Orangewebdesign are the ones to check out.