Thursday, May 24, 2012

New You

Are you in need of someone to draw a caricature for you? Or maybe for someone else? Check out Sunshower Rose the caricature artist. Her username on Fiverr is Sunshower and she is an amazing artist. She creates some of the most mind blowing art. It has been long overdue for me to talk about this seller I have known this seller on Fiverr for awhile now. She is a level 2 seller who gets steady sales most times. She has multiple gigs pertaining to her caricature art where she will do the caricature, add color, add a background, or even put the character in motion. I myself have been tempted to order but sometimes I order too many gigs as it is so when I do order from her I will update you with a follow up blog.

My favorite gig is her old faithful gig in which she will draw a funny caricature of a human face for $5 This gig is original, fun, and captivating. Gigs like this are what make Fiverr interesting. Sunshower Rose is well worth ordering a gig from so order now.

I just have one suggestion for you Sunshower, the gigs that aren't selling either suspend or get rid of. But, any gigs that you have got sales on and think you still will get sales on keep. Fiverr is always expanding and always changing so new gigs are always worth a try. :) Besides that your gigs are great and you have a great seller profile. I wish you much luck in the future hope to keep talking to you. Check out her video below for her caricature gig. Until next time have a Fiverrtastic Day everyone. 

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