Sunday, May 6, 2012

Skunk As A Drunk

Are you looking for an entertaining video of a stumbling drunk Indian guy. One such video where the seller stays spot on with the script while being drunk. Have I got the seller for you! I've discussed this seller in the past but I've never ordered off the seller until last night. The seller is Arjunrocks and he's not just any Fiverr seller he's an original. If there were 10 more like him there still wouldn't be enough. He's a bundle of energy who can't be contained. He always has a positive attitude and he is always a great person to talk to. I'm glad to know him.

Arjun has a video I just had to order where he woill stumble around drunk and deliver your message. . He literally over delivered on this one and created 2 videos. He made me the original video and sent me a Taj Mahal video as an extra. So I thought hey he did great and delivered him a tip. Since I've talked about Arjun before, I just want all of you to check out his gigs. If you want to see what I wrote before back in February go HERE.

Check out all of his different gigs at his seller name Arjunrocks .

If you want to see the video he did for Fiverrtastic where he was stumbling drunk check it out below:

And if you want to see the Taj Mahal one go to:

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  1. superb...yeah this seller is good...
    :) cheers..