Friday, May 18, 2012

Innovative and Captivating

Hi Fiverrtastic Readers,
When searching for a fiver seller to discuss I look for 3 things: Innovation, Creativity, and Originality. Does the seller grab you by the shirt and drag you in wanting more. This seller I want to discuss today does that. I've been meaning to discuss this seller just haven't had the chance to. The seller goes by the username oldbittygrandma. Shes a top rated seller here on Fiverr and she literally comes out with some of the most interesting and fun gigs. She also gets a lot of orders too. She's so popular and so loved by customers she's been featured on Fiverr's Blog before back in March. That's a huge accomplishment! Oldbittygrandma uses all the tricks of the trade to create her videos. She uses green screen technology, HD video, and a little bit of quality acting. Shes one of the very few i've encountered whose newest gigs always meet the expectations and caliber of the older gigs. Her customers are always in for a treat when they order from her.

       I like all of her gigs but 2 of them really strike a cord and grab my attention. The first one is the utterly fake psychic reading. She will do a fake psychic reading for you for $5 for every 30 seconds of video. It is absolutely hilarious. Your recipient will get a great reading of nothing but fake stuff. Very funny! That is very original and for $5 it's well worth the $$$. Second gig I would like to mention is the "I will perform rude sarcastic video rant or rude testimonial" video. She will literally rip someone a new ass on video scripted or unscripted for $5 every 30 seconds of video. You can't go wrong! She is literally amazing! Her talent in front of the camera is professional and is much to be seen. So what are you waiting for go check out Oldbittygrandma now. Below you can see a video of her psychic reading gig and her rant video.

 Fiverrtastic readers have a great day and thanks for reading. Thank you for helping us reach over 5000 views and over 3000 Facebook fans. That's a huge accomplishment. Until next time stay safe. :)


  1. Thanks for featuring me Josh!! But hey, your gigs ROCK too! Everyone needs to check out this Creative Master at I highly recommend Josh's gigs because he works so very hard to satisfy his customers!! Once again, thank you Josh. You are a bright and kind young man! :) -OldBittyGrandma