Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Need a Pro

Hey Fiverrtastic Readers,
Are you looking for a pro testimonial video seller. Someone who can create an amazing testimonial with or without a green screen, in HD, and with other special features as well. Why not try out Fiverr seller Headdiva101 . She will create an amazing testimonial with the most professional care. I seen this sellers video for her testimonial gig I will do a video review of Product, service, website, business,bookor introduction to your site for $5 and it's the best one I've seen in awhile. Her camera presence almost matches that of a Top Rated Seller and her Gig rating is a 99% which is not too bad at all because she has completed over 270 orders in 5 months time. I've completed about 600 gigs in a years time. So for her to be completing that many orders in such a short period of time say a lot for her as a Level 2 Seller. I think that her ambition and drive to completing micro jobs like these is fascinating. I take my time to complete gigs sometimes but it looks like she completes her videos pretty fast sometimes. That say something about her as a seller. Her lead time is 4 days. I used to do that until my orders started to overwhelm me so I thought hey why not allow other people to work too because there's always people that will still hire me. I'm recovering from surgery right now so The least amount of gigs I have to complete in a day while still making extra money the better. 

Ok, Headdiva101, now this is where i give some advice or where i get a little brutal. You have some awesome gigs so put more up and don't be afraid to always try something new. Your camera presence is something to be had and you can talk about particle combustion and make it sound interesting. Seriously, If you want to have the potential to make more money why not try putting up more gigs. If you get too overwhelmed you can suspend some of them. Oh by the way that tip gig mark it up to 4 days or more. even though you can complete it in 1 day some customers are sneaky. They will literally buy a tip gig with a short lead time because they're in a rush for an actual gig with a higher lead time. Headdiva101 also offers another gig where she will provide up to 3 high quality pics of me holding notecard saying anything for $5. Whichever gig you buy I'm sure you'll be satisfied. Hey Headdiva101 you should try contacting support about being a TRS you've completed a lot of orders and you have a high enough percentile. 
 Check out her video for Fiverr below and see exactly what I mean. 

If you're interested in being in Fiverrtastic contact me on my Facebook Fanpage OR you can buy my Fiverrtastic Blog Gig . The second option might be the fastest because I only notice a handful of gigs a day and only write about 1 or 2 a day. You may only be featuring your gig on my Fanpage and limiting the viewing potential. Maybe you could be the next gig to be featured. Until next time have a Fiverrtastic Day!

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