Saturday, January 23, 2016

Mind Blown By Art Gigs

Hey Fiverrtastic peeps,

Josh here again and I got 3 more gigs to talk about. They are some awesome art gigs. I needed art for my book covers for upcoming books and I hired 3 artist for 2 separate projects and they came up with some really awesome artistic ideas. I asked one seller by the name of design_print to do a steampunk brain for an upcoming book called "Fugue". it's for a continuation to a zombie love story I wrote called "Requiem" which is available on Kindle. He created some art beyond what I expected, like literally more than what I expected. Here is the project he delivered and I am extremely happy with the results. Even if my fans decide not to want this on that cover I could always use it on a different project.

The second person I hired was an artist on Fiverr by the name of sambkr. I wanted him to help with cover art for a book called "Wicked intentions", a continuation to "Deadly Desires", available on Kindle. This artist is extremely skilled. At first he delivered something way off base, but I described what I wanted more. He delivered something really great. I really can't say thank you enough. Here's what he delivered. I asked for a box with a monster trying to escape.
My last gig I would like to discuss is from a seller named Annagarro. She is extremely talented. I asked her to deliver a door with a monster eye creeping through the hole. Although the eye isn't too prominent she is extremely talented. This was also for "Wicked Intentions". Check out what she delivered to me below.

All 3 of these artist got different artists and delivered in different styles. I can't choose which one did better. I think they all are great artists and can't thank them enough. If you search hard enough on Fiverr you find the diamonds in the rough. I know I sure do. Next blog I will talk about 2 Photoshop editing gigs I ordered. Until then have a Fiverrtastic day. 

Sunday, January 3, 2016

My how time flies

Hey Fiverrtastic peeps,
I didn't realize how long ago the last post was and I am truly sorry for anyone who used to read this regularly. I am a man of many projects and this blog has fell from the wayside. I wear many hats as a Fiverr freelancer, a blogger, a social networker, a published author, and just a 30something trying to live a dull life. I want to talk about 2 different things that have happened recently. First and Foremost, I just recently bought something new on Fiverr. My mom bought me a wooden watch. Ok now it may sound silly or hokey but it's not. It's a leather strap, wood face, bronze metal outside, and glass. It looks like your wearing wood. There are 6 different shades of wood. Here is the watch that I got. For only $29 you can have the same kind of watch. Check out this seller now .

 My second thing I would like to talk about is that I now have 5 Novelettes and 5 children's books self published on amazon kindle. I have officially decided to reduce my fiverr load and do what some of my other friends in the past have done. I am escaping the Fiverr trap. I have made a goal that by the end of 2016 I will no longer be with Fiverr unless things dramatically change. I have seen dramatic improvements though. I have been on Fiverr 5 years and almost 1400 completed orders and I am not Top Rated seller because of early reviews. I know a few other people who became and remained Top Rated Sellers and their percentage is the same or a little higher than mine. Fiverr is a great company that provides advantages to people out of work, for younger entrepreneurs, or the disabled...but it is not guaranteed or sustainable income. So I would like you to keep following my blog and fan page and I would like you to check out my books as well.  
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     I hope that you all had a Merry Christmas and a good new year. There will be new blog posts coming soon and again I am sorry I was incognito for so long. Until next time have a Fiverrtastic day. This is Josh over and out.