Wednesday, February 29, 2012

To Read or Not to Read

 My next addition to Fiverrtastic is family friendly. She will read and e-book to your kids. Her gig is "I will put your child's favorite ebooks on mp3 for their listening enjoyment for $5". This gig is not only original, but really cool. Just imagine it, your child no matter how old, can sit and listen to a book. That is so cool! She will read to your child in a soothing voice and your child can listen to it anytime they want.  Her username is Travelbug7. She brings the book to life. So why not buy a gig like this for your child. Go check out the gig if you don't believe me.

I found her while doing a random gig search and if i felt i had a need to order i would have jumped on the order right away. I have a younger niece but she probably wouldn't be interested she can read on her own and loves to read all the time and all the rest of my nephews and nieces are grown. Travelbug7 just seems so professional and i see her as becoming a level 2 seller soon. Being a level 1 seller you don't have as much benefits as a level 2 and top rated but it's better than being a beginner trying to claw and scratch your way up. Someday she will become very successful. One suggestion I have for her is to maximize her gigs. If she has more gigs to offer like voiceover gigs, SEO gigs, advertising gigs, video gigs or whatever she should try them out. You can offer up to 20 and the more gigs you have the more opportunity to make money.

Travelbug7 Your Fiverrtastic and keep doing what your doing! You're doing awesome! Until next time have a Fiverrtastic day everyone!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Culture Clash

When searching for the right person to do a video testimonial you want someone with experience. This person I've been meaning to discuss for awhile. He's been on Fiverr about the same time I have, around a year, and he's got more talent in front of the camera than i could every imagine. This guy should host his own talk show. His name is Arjun. On Fiver he goes by Arjunrocks and this guy is amazing! He makes the most unique and custom videos fitted to a persons requests. He goes out of his way to ensure each customer is always pleased. 2 gigs i think are great are his newest gig "I will create a love video for your special someone for $5" And his other gig that is really cool is I will record a Hindi or English video testimonial for $5. He will actually record you a testimonial in a different language and/or English for your company. With the internet we encounter the problem of having a translator. Someone who can relay a message to your customers in a different language. His native country is India so he's fluent in many of the dialects (Hindu, Urdu, Punjabi and Bhojpuri. He is eliminating that communication gap between you and your customer.

Arjun is very professional at his work and he's a top rated seller here on Fiverr. I've had the pleasure to talk to him many times before on facebook and he's a very friendly person. If you want to work with anyone on a video and need one that's off the wall or very formal Arjun is your guy! Just check out his gigs what are you waiting for. If you have a loved one you want to express your love to and need a middleman to send the message Arjun is the man. And 1 day delivery is awesome. Arjun delivers all his videos in 4 days or less. How can you beat that!Oh and check out this video of his love video gig. (it even has love fish in the background)

If you haven't checked out gigs on Fiverr yet check out Arjun's gigs. Sign up for now it's free to join. I guarantee you will love what he creates for you. Until next time have a Fiverrtastic Day.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

A duo called Brack3n

 So I was searching for a new gig to discuss today and I found the most amazing duo. I was blown away by their creativity. Their username on Fiverr is Brack3n. They will create a nice song for you to your liking. The gig is "I will sing a Short Song Especially Made For You for $5" So if you want a custom made song for you, a loved one, or your business give Bracken a try. They will create an amazing work of musical genius for you. I don't know what else to say but to check out their sound cloud page and listen to their samples: 
The female part of the duo is the vocals and the male is the acoustic guitar. When they work together they are complete harmony in action. In my book they are fiverrtastic. I give them 5 gold stars.

Don't believe me check out the promo vid: 

These 2 are amazing and if I needed a song right now I would order from them. These two are Level 2 sellers rated at 99% and have been on here 11 months. Could they become top rated. Ya maybe there's always room for more. They offer the singing gig and a puppet testimonial gig. In my opinion they should maximize their gig potential and offer a few more gigs. More gigs equals more chance of earning more money. It will also get them noticed more by fiverr support for Top Rated seller possibly since TRS are manually added. Check them out today. If you're new to fiverr or haven't ordered much from fiverr here's the perfect people to order from. Until next time have a fiverrtastic one.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Shes Sexy...and she knows it!

I came across this fiverr seller named sexysamantha. She is a  level 2 seller on Fiverr and she has been on here 3 months. Don't let the name and the gigs fool you this woman has entrepreneur written all over her! In a world dominated by sex and image she has combined her expertise in modeling with advertising without having to leave her house. Her room is her own private sanctuary of video camera wackiness. While some women her age with her beauty would be either doing work as a bot or struggling to find work in commercial and modeling work, Samantha is expanding her portfolio one gig at a time. With the help of youtube, Fiverr, and social networking Samantha is moving up quicker than she probably could pounding the pavement for modeling work and cold calling, I've watched her gig advertisement videos and I've seen her youtube channel videos. None of it seems to cry out anything negative she is a very creative and energetic individual and she seems to handle gigs in the most professional manner possible as to not tarnish her name, image, or reputation. Very smart.

Believe me if i was photogenic like her and loved the camera I would be doing tons of video gigs like she does. She makes amazing videos and I think anyone who works with her should be lucky. Samantha is a Professional Promotional Model who has worked in the modelling and talent industry for several years! She has experience working for hundreds of companies around the world! I think if i had anyone doing my videos i would trust someone who is a professional model. If you don't believe me check out this video from her Youtube page.

If I had to pick 2 gigs of hers to recommend to a buyer it would be   "I will hula hoop in a bikini and say whatever you want me to for $5" AND "I will dance as a sexy little devil while holding your sign for $5"
You should order from Samantha today because she is professional in every way.  I would say that Samantha is what I like to call Fiverrtastic and Hopefully someday soon she becomes a Top Rated Seller. If this is your first time ordering from fiverr what took you so long. Go place an order with sexysamantha today. Next time on Fiverrtastic I haven't decided who to discuss yet but I am sure not to disappoint.
Have a Fiverrtastic Day!