Wednesday, February 8, 2012

A Day in the Life of a Fiverr

Whether you're a seller or customer support; things can get hectic! People are always buying things and people are always creating new gigs and opening new accounts. Your job as a Fiverr seller or customer support is to please 1 person at a time. I know many different fiverr sellers who contact Fiverr online support more than they contact a call center. It is the sellers responsibility to take care of the job handed to them and sort it out with the customer before involving a third party. But, lets look at it from a buyers perspective: I'm Joe Schmoe and I want a birthday video. I just gave you a script with a name and an age and all the details. You messed up the video and you delivered late. You don't want to resolve the issue and yet your response is "Sorry for the inconvenience if you're having an issue contact support". $5 is FIVE BUCKS! So here's how I look at it: Some advice to the sellers would be to get as much detail as possible even if it annoys the hell out of the customer. in the end they will be happy and you will be happy as well because they may feel your service was more than $5. A suggestion to the buyers is to be sure to ask questions but not be too invasive. If you're seriously going to order great, ask until the cows come home. But, if you're shopping around remember all of us start at a base rate of $5. Support is fantastic when you need to talk to them. I swear they must be on energy drinks all day. They don't miss a thing! You can contact them and within an hour or less sometimes someone has taken your ticket and contacted you via email.
Fiverr is a website that's always evolving and will keep evolving. Right now the newest feature is "Levels". This gives sellers the opportunity to make "more money" if they are good at selling. Not only do Top Rated Sellers get to sell multiple gigs at once or gig extras. If you sell 10 or more sales a month you're a level 1 seller. Keep a high rating and sell 50 or more every 2 months you are a level 2 seller. Not too much difference except for level 2 sellers can sell gig extras up to $20 and can sell up to 8 gigs in one order. Believe me I've had a multiple order quite a few times lately. Level 1 can only sell 4 at a time and sell $10 gig extras. Now Top Rated Seller is a different story that chosen by Fiverr staff based on sales and rating. It's not easy to maintain a seller status once you have it because sometimes you get the customers that make you cringe when they order. The ones that write up an extensive detailed order expecting every detail to be followed like "The Soup Nazi" on Seinfeld. I do graphic design for a majority of my gigs. One of my most popular gigs is my logo gig and runners up are my e-book cover design and t-shirt design gigs. In order for one to understand the multitude of work like this I would say try it out for a few weeks. This is nothing you can quit your day job over! I have made over $1600 in a years time and plan on making more within the next year! Micro-job sites are becoming the new wave of working from home. I know some Fiverr sellers who have quit their jobs or now work part time because they have so many gigs a week it's like a steady monthly income! Is Fiverr for everyone...No. Should everyone either buy, sell, or give fiverr a try? Yes they should and you would be insane not to. Ok let's recap: If you're a buyer being respectful of the seller and having good communication can lead to a good career based relationship. If you're a seller the easiest thing to remember is that the seller has just as much going on as you. Communicating any needs or any need for extending time limits is a must. Having a good relationship with the customer can lead to a beneficial friendship. And lastly buyers and sellers if you can't resolve things amongst yourself that's when support can help. But support can only do so much. ensuring that the order is done to the best of your ability before asking for a mutual cancellation is best. We all lead fast paced lives and we live in the hear and now but if we could get a logo, testimonial video, or handmade scarf at Walmart there wouldn't be a Fiverr. Go to today if you haven't yet signed up. It's free to join! Until next time Have a Fiverrtastic day! On the next edition I will discuss an internet marketer whose probably one of the very few Fiverr sellers who could not work and make money all day everyday.

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