Saturday, February 11, 2012

Meow, Meow

Hey peeps, Ok so this fiver seller is amazing! Her username is Catvertising. I came across her this morning and she is on top of her game. She is a level 1 seller and she is taking Fiverr by storm. I for-see her becoming level 2 very, very soon. And I see her as becoming Top Rated seller within the next 3 to 6 months if she keeps getting flooded with orders the way she does. She is very professional at what she does and she is so dedicated and passionate about her orders. She has video gigs, a script gig, she does green screen, and she also advertises on her lips. This woman will create the most amazing product for you! Why not take the plunge and spend $5. I thought 2 of her gigs were absolutely amazing. One was a valentines gig where she will play the role of Aphrodite. I thought her acting ability was amazing and the use of green screen was phenomenal. She just has that bubbly personality that makes you want to go eat a slurpee and get a head rush! She is clever, witty, and she advertises with a kitty (well sometimes). I really think if Fiverr had more bubbly energetic people like her advertising wholesome products Fiverr would be sitting on a gold mine. More people should know about fiverr though before we go into that idea. Ok so do you need an advertisement on a pretty girls lips...something referred to as "skinvertising". She will put a message for your website or company on her lips like an image shown above. Just give this woman a chance to brighten your day. . She did mine and i didn't place an order i just had an amazing conversation about being a fiverr seller. If you haven't spent $5 yet take the chance and spend $5 on her. My opinion hasn't strayed you wrong yet and it won't. This seller is top notch and I feel she's Fiverrtastic. What are you waiting for...go now!

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