Wednesday, February 8, 2012

No Monkeying Around or A Banana Will Split!

There aren’t too many times when you place an order and expect something totally different than what you got. Not often do sellers go above and beyond, but when they do they deserve to be recognized as Fiverrtastic! As I’ve discussed a few times now I’m in the process of seeking out some of the most extraordinary sellers. Four of them were selected for a Valentines Day video montage. For $20 I didn’t buy my girlfriend flowers, expensive perfume, candies that will go to her ass or anything like that. I sought out four sellers who had short lead-times that would create the craziest and most random videos while hitting a key point script. Two of these sellers I will discuss today! Fiverr sellers Bethan and Kiwivin went above and beyond the call of duty creating videos that were extremely phenomenal. Let’s discuss Bethan first . Bethan was amazing! Her diligence and sheer excellence made my day. The video made me smile an ear to ear grin. I ordered the gig where she will dance and shout anything you want in a banana costume. I had to take the Bethan banana challenge. The banana outfit is so cute! She is so passionate about her work and she is so creative that she followed the script to a T. The tone and pitch were good, she was very animated, and she was so delightful. Nothing like having a banana deliver a message for you! And I especially love how she emphasized Missy’s nickname “chunky monkey”. She said it with a cute growl type sound…I was like wow she’s got something going for herself. I actually think she should be getting more recognition and charging more for her gig extras. She should have more gigs but I think the gigs she has do great. If you haven’t ordered a video gig and are new to fiverr, Bethan is the person to buy from. She will handle your gig with professionalism and care. If I were to rate her Banana costume gig I would give it 5 stars. I cannot show the video yet I’m still waiting on one seller and until Missy gets the Valentine video montage I don’t want to ruin the surprise! Bethan makes me want to go buy a costume and do a dancing gig myself. But, Fiverr is saturated with dancing gigs. She is such an inspiration though and she makes me feel all bubbly inside with her enthusiasm. Thank you for being so Fiverrtastic Bethan! Missy will love this video!
The next seller I want to review is Kiwivin or my personal Fiverr seller acquaintance Vincent! Vince takes his orders very seriously and tries to go the extra mile when he can to ensure the customer is more than just satisfied. Vince caught my attention with his Winchester the Monkey puppet gig and Officer Larry puppet gig. He gives that special oomph that other sellers don’t sometimes. He makes the puppets come to life. Although, he doesn’t just monkey around with puppets either. He does video gigs and voiceover gigs. This guy is talented and should have his own radio show or variety tv show. He’s lol hilarious and made me chuckle watching the video. He put Winchester and Officer Larry in a video together and the video might have been worth $10 or $15 for another customer. I felt he deserved recognition on this blog for that alone. Going above and beyond is what I like to refer to as “Pay It Forward”. For anyone that’s seen the movie you know what I’m referring to. If one person helps another and we keep helping people over and over soon we have a Perfect Utopian Society. I’m not saying go plant a tree and go help old ladies cross the street! But if we humble ourselves to a few people a day and take time to realize other peoples days could be worse we just “paid forward”. Something as simple as lending a helping hand to someone else can form a bond between two people. Vincent, thank you for being so Fiverrtastic! For going above and beyond the Fiverr seller duty of what is “worth” $5 or what we're willing to do for $5 sometimes. You are 5 stars in my book. I would recommend you to anyone. Your dedication to Fiverr will someday pay off. And you’re still young so anything can happen. I know that I have done very well on here just by selling graphic design stuff. I foresee Vincent doing something other than Fiverr within the next few years because his sheer talent and enthusiasm will lead him many places.

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