Sunday, February 12, 2012

Save a tree, use more bags!

You ever try and look for that perfect gift to compliment a set of gifts and you just don't know where to look? Have you ever thought to yourself "Hey a guy in a plastic bag outfit saying something on camera would be awesome!"? Well, look no further because Robertocarlos will impress you beyond no ends. This guy made my day when i got back the valentines video for Missy for him. Now I can't show the Valentines Montage yet, But lets just say the 4 superstars I picked made an amazing video and I'm glad Robertocarlos was part of it. At first I was like "Ok a guy in a plastic bag suit saying whatever you want in front of a camera" I was trying to make sense of it. But, his sales video was hilarious and he has the most adorable hairless kitty. I placed an order immediately. He is so funny and so professional that after I watched some of his other videos on Youtube I was jonesing for my video. Here's a video from his Youtube page I want to show you that gives more of an inside look into the plastic bag man Check Out His Video Here

When it arrived yesterday I was tickled pink. I had to watch and listen to the video with my headphones so Missy couldn't see it. He did everything I asked and the Hairless kitty at the end was a nice touch. If you're not spending $5 on this guy loosen up your wallet or purse strings and order from him. Come on it's $5 for crying out loud!
He is so lol hilarious. He handled the script with seriousness while adding his own comedic flair. Robertocarlos has been on here 8 months and is a level 2 seller. It shouldn't take much longer for this guy becomes a Top Rated Seller. You should order from him now before he get's flooded with orders as a Top Rated Seller. When Someone becomes a TRS they literally get orders like it's a full time job. Some are able to quit their job or work part time and make really good money. He has another cool gig too that piqued my interest that i wanted to share with you real quick. He will do a video as a part of the Farmer and his wife painting "American Gothic". I thought it was cleverly done because he becomes part of the painting and talks to the wife in the
What are you waiting for go order from him now now! And if you still haven't signed up for Fiverr and are a regular reader it's easy. Go to and sign up. You can buy stuff for $5 and sell services and handmade goods on Fiverr. The question is "What are you willing to do for $5" because there's always a buyer for something. In the next edition of Fiverrtastic the seller is a surprise, but I know you will love this seller. Like always Have a Fiverrtastic day! :)

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