Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Frets of Fury

(created by fiverr user Breka27) My blog today is about a seller who is well deserving of being Fiverrtastic! This person is known on Fiverr as Guitario. Although I've only ordered from him once the order experience was phenomenal. I ordered his song composing gig and I only wanted a royalty free track with no lyrics and just guitar in a rock sound. A song with the sound of alternative or metal feel to it that would match my promo video. What I got...whoa amazing. it blended in with my animated ad video very nicely. My computer crashed later and had to get a new computer but I can still retrieve my orders on Fiverr. This is what i got (if you're interested in the who the other seller is his name is giventodesign)(he is no longer selling on fiverr) listen to the amazing music playing in the background. I kid you not it was only $5! Five Bucks got me a royalty free track! If you aren't asking this guy Guitario to create music for a promo video, a birthday, a holiday present, a royalty free song, or whatever you need your head checked! This guy could easily charge $20 an hour. Guitario has been on fiverr about a year now, he has multiple gigs on fiverr and all of them are successful. So successful he's Top Rated seller and has 100% seller rating. a feat that is hard to maintain. Your probably saying to yourself by now where is some more of his work. Sit back and listen to Johnny B, Goode done by the great Guitario. Now go to http://fiverr.com/guitario and order from him. while you're there tell him Josh sent you. Oh and be sure to check out all of his gigs he's got some amazing gigs! Later today i will be featuring a new seller that was brought to my attention by my good friend Sam. This kid is sure to be a star soon. I just can't help but to double blog today. Tomorrow: What happens when you order a video from a user in a banana costume. The results are awesome. More tomorrow. Have a Fiverrtastic Day!

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