Friday, February 10, 2012

This guys got dancing fever!

Ok, so I scour Fiverr for the most exciting gigs to bring to you guys and gals. I was doing a random gig search last night and found this amazing guy who will make a 2 minute dancing video for your website, company promo video, youtube page, or just for a friend. This guy literally has feet like fire. Although I didn't order because he has a large queue and I'm not the waiting type sometimes I wanted to discuss a few things. This guys video was amazing! He did a few different eclectic styles of dancing just in one dance. He did break dancing and what looked like the moonwalk all in one dance. I was like WHOA! If you want this guy to dance he will dance to any style or various styles. He is trained in choreography and he wants you to order his gig now. Why not? order it for a 404 page or your website. Order it to cheer up a friend or order it for someones birthday.
I literally think Clau has something. He's a level 2 seller with one gig. I have multiple gigs and I've been on here a year and it took me until the levels feature came out and to make a few sales and release a new gig to accomplish the same thing. He's only been here 3 months. If he had more gigs or keeps his gig rating up and keeps getting more sales he will be top rated in no time! I envy his dedication to his gig! If I could dance like that I would have a dancing gig! Seriously what are you waiting for just take the challenge! It's $5 and for him to do so much dancing. I'm still waiting for a few orders to come in to rate a few users. But trust me when you see his video you will want to keep watching! Well that's all I got for now If I got time I will blog again today. :) Here's a tip for buyers if you feel the gig is worth more than $5 buy the gig extras or buy an extra gig as a tip. A tip for Fiverr sellers...don't undersell yourself. Especially if you have some talent. Many of us are talented and there are many more popping up everyday. Until Next time have a Fiverrtastic Day!

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