Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Cheer up!

Not everyday do you get a cheer up video! And not everyday is it from the community manager of Fiverr! My good old friend Sam Cornwell thought I needed some cheering up and wanted to give a new Fiverr seller some recognition. This is sort of what you call Fiverr initiation when Sam or Micha notices your gig and places an order. Now mind you, at first I took it as sarcasm, but, I enjoyed the video. I enjoyed it so much I felt obligated to write a blog. This seller goes by the username adamrussel . Adam will make anyone a cheer up video for a friend or family member. And this guy is very good. At first I thought this guy was just kidding and it was complete mockery. But, this guy made me laugh. He entertained me in no way any Fiverr seller has besides user Cousin Dobber or aka Baldy on fiverr (he doesn't do gigs on fiverr anymore, but he did amazing green screen work) and Bethan has before Adam Russel. He has sheer talent without a costume, puppet, or green screen. I foresee this individual becoming a top rated seller or level 2 seller within months. Bold statement, I think not! Just take a look at his profile and see what gigs he has to offer. You won't be disappointed! Ok so you're probably wondering what was the video that set off a tailspin of euphoria and delight. Well sit back and check this video out. If you need a video that will cheer someone up order from this guy he is absolutely amazing! Seriously it will be the best $5 you will ever spend! Seriously stop sitting around and make a fiverr acount today. It's free. go to fiverr.com and sign up! you can sell on there, buy services and other cool things, or you can buy and sell. And the price is $5 and up. Like always have a Fiverrtastic day!

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