Friday, February 24, 2012


Ok so there are many, many costume gigs on Fiverr. And some of them are very original. When i first started i discussed a costume Fiverr seller named Bethan. But, this edition I will be discussing Matographer. He's a level 1 seller on here who has the possibility of doing an assortment of different gigs and he has 2 going right. My favorite gig is "I will dance on my bed, in a frog costume, wearing a suit, to any song for $5". He is absolutely fabulous. This frog loves to dance! Matographer is an avid photographer, traveler, snowboarder, mac genius, and creative genius.

Just watch the video:

I don't think I would have found this gig without doing some random gig searching and I'm glad i did. This seller is awesome. I see sales going through the roof soon and he'll be level 2 before you know it.  One suggestion to Matographer...Maximize your gigs. More gigs equals more potential to make more sales.
If you're not ordering on fiverr yet what are you waiting for. order today. This could be your first order.
Thank you for all the views so far I have had almost 600 views. Have a Fiverrtastic day!


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  1. I agree that mattographer does fantastic work, delivers as promised, and worth two ti four times a five spot for his intelligent and comprehensive work.