Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Fireballs, Knives, and Chainsaws...Oh My!

Hey My Fiverrtastic readers,
The next guy is talented beyond words. He will do anything to create the most amazing video presentation for you. This includes juggling dangerous objects. His day job is a street performer and he's very good at his performances. He can juggle the most amazing things.and not get injured while doing it. His name is Mr_Marcus. He will juggle a Chainsaw and Knives or juggle Fire clubs with a firework on his head. And his starting rate is $5. But if you want the primo order pay for the extras. Believe me you won't be disappointed. Plus, He will deliver a small message while juggling the objects if you want. What a better way to get a message across than with a guy juggling dangerous objects. It's an absolute psych out. This guy is the real deal this isn't a fake chainsaw or fake objects...he's really risking life and limb for low amounts of money. Why because it's like having a job. Fiverr is like a real job to some people. we earn a decent living selling gigs doing things we love that we're good at. He just seems to be absolutely amazing at performance.

Check out this video of Mr_Marcus juggling fire.


I found Mr_Marcus just by doing a random gig search and I was surprised at his bizarre behavior. He was so interesting and intriguing, yet sinister. I just wonder if he will release more than 2 gigs and what he would do if he released more gigs.What would he do next ride a unicycle and juggle machetes. Or maybe wrestle a tiger? He is a level This guy is Fiverrtastic in my book and he's only been on Fiverr 4 months. Very impressive! I see top rated seller or a stay at home fiverr seller in his near future.Check out his website at: http://www.mr-marcus.net .
Check out his other Chainsaw juggling video below:


So if you want something interesting yet a tad on the crazy side... Mr_Marcus is your guy. Go check out his gigs now. He's sure to not disappoint. Until next time have a fiverrtastic day!

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