Sunday, February 26, 2012

A duo called Brack3n

 So I was searching for a new gig to discuss today and I found the most amazing duo. I was blown away by their creativity. Their username on Fiverr is Brack3n. They will create a nice song for you to your liking. The gig is "I will sing a Short Song Especially Made For You for $5" So if you want a custom made song for you, a loved one, or your business give Bracken a try. They will create an amazing work of musical genius for you. I don't know what else to say but to check out their sound cloud page and listen to their samples: 
The female part of the duo is the vocals and the male is the acoustic guitar. When they work together they are complete harmony in action. In my book they are fiverrtastic. I give them 5 gold stars.

Don't believe me check out the promo vid: 

These 2 are amazing and if I needed a song right now I would order from them. These two are Level 2 sellers rated at 99% and have been on here 11 months. Could they become top rated. Ya maybe there's always room for more. They offer the singing gig and a puppet testimonial gig. In my opinion they should maximize their gig potential and offer a few more gigs. More gigs equals more chance of earning more money. It will also get them noticed more by fiverr support for Top Rated seller possibly since TRS are manually added. Check them out today. If you're new to fiverr or haven't ordered much from fiverr here's the perfect people to order from. Until next time have a fiverrtastic one.

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