Monday, February 6, 2012

When a Tofu and a Panda meet!

The next person on Fiverr we need to look at is Tofupanda. If you haven't heard of her your on Fiverr...Why the hell not! This woman is talented. At first I was skeptical. I was like ya right how is this seller going to make me what I am looking for. Well I have used her work to create a business card, My Facebook timeline image, and a picture for my girlfriend. She literally is the go to girl for images. Honestly if she had more gigs i would be ordering from her at least once or twice a month. You're probably salivating right now wondering what her work looks like. Well let me show you some images she's done.
(Missy My Girlfriend) If you haven't decided to order yet Why not! She has done soooo many images. The majority of people she's done orders for are sellers, but she is constantly creating masterpieces. Tofu can be found @ and on her tumblr account @ . Go check her out NOW! It will be the best $5 you ever spent. And tell her Josh from Custom Creationz said hello. Thanks for reading and have a Fiverrtastic Day! **Josh**

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