Sunday, March 31, 2013

I'm back and I'm on track

 Hey Fiverrtastic readers,
I have been off the grid and out of the loop for awhile. I am a Fiverr seller as well as a blog writer, There are many times when my work leaves me extremely busy and extremely exhausted. I have 14 active orders. 1 is late (not my fault the buyer is slow to respond), 1 is going to be late, and 12 others in queue. I'm very popular. I delivered probably 10 other gigs over the last week and I guess you could say I still got 2 lingering IOU writing projects still out there to finish. The thing is I don't sweat the small stuff because 99% of all customers I have met are patient and actually have some sort of respect for common courtesy. It's the other 1% that makes you wonder. We live in a fast paced society where we all want everything in the here and now and we all want something for nothing. That's where Fiverr comes in. The only thing is sometimes you're seller has a life just like you do. So remember that the next time you order from someone. A Fiverr seller has birthdays, holidays, funerals, weddings, gets sick, sleeps, and needs downtime. Some even go to school and work. Fiverr is a mainstream income, but sometimes not the only income. Fiverr sellers are not autonomous and we aren't robots. If we were that might be cool but we're not. Even I get sick and I have an amazing immune system.

I wanted to talk about a seller I met on the Fiverr forum by now. a seller named mesparks but I haven't had a chance to blog in awhile. I will blog about her tomorrow or the next day. You can guarantee that. I just wanted to update you all and let you know Fiverrtastic blog is still fine and Fiverrtastic Facebook page is stronger than ever. Until next time have a Fiverrtastic day.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Master of comics

Hey Fiverrtastic readers,
I found this really cool seller who makes comic strip illustrations for $5. Ya you heard me $5! This seller will create a $5 comic of 4 panels per page. it's 1 page per gig and the comic examples I seen were absolutely amazing! There are 10 different kinds of comics including action, suspense, manga style, anime style and cartoonish style! Where else can you get a comic like this. I won't say it's Stan Lee quality but it's very, very close. This guy is absolutely amazing. I think I want to order one for Fiverrtastic someday soon. The sellers Username is anzal1 and believe me he is amazing. I found him on the Fiverr forum and i'm glad I did. Check out all the samples he's done.

anzal1 I have a few suggestions for you to improve your gigs and yor sales. You should probably offer even more illustration type gigs like logo mascots, childrens illustrations for books and ebooks, and even hand drawn logos. You could even offer caricatures or other things like that. The more original gigs you offer the better earning potential you have.
anzal1 You have some awesome gigs. Keep up the great work and maybe advertise your gigs with social networking and different forums. Believe me you have a really nice gig. Maybe you can make some business cards and postcards to get your name out there. If you need more advice get a hold of me.


Remember to check out this gig today and tell him Fiverrtastic sent you. Until next time have a Fiverrtastic day.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

a million dollar gig

I recently came across another seller whose goal was not just to make money but to help others be successful and share the secrets to wealth and knowledge. Like myself and many others on Fiverr, this seller has tried to find that secret way of making money. Newsflash...there is no real secret. Anything in life isn't really free and everything always comes with hard work.

Fiverr is a really good example. We all have stories to share about Fiverr and how we came across it. Fiverr guarantees positive results as long as you don't stray from it's inbox and forum set up.   Anything in the Fiverr community stays there. You're almost guaranteed clients on a silver platter if your gig is good and if you promote the gigs through ad promotion and social networking. This seller, who goes by the name of itsyourthing has the ultimate goal of making 1 million dollars or more. She plans to donate a portion of her earnings to charity. This is her Fiverr story so far.

Tell me a little bit about yourself:
I don't know whether to describe myself as a professional plate-spinner or an artist-trapped-inan- entrepreneur's-mindset! The bills primarily get paid with consultant work that usually
involves some hands-on production of graphic design and/or marketing materials. I'm also President of WIP Arts,, which is an organization focused on sharing the creative work of artists of all types, and helping folks explore the arts in a welcoming and inclusive environment.

Questions I asked her

How did you hear about Fiverr?

I set up It's Your Thing Marketing as a spinoff from IndiVision Studios (the business my husband and I started). After six years IV had reached a point where the bulk of client work had become
time-consuming programming and e-commerce management. Unfortunately, the economy issues over the past few years had hit our smaller clients hard and they quit spending. So, It's Your
Thing was designed to be affordable and accessible to small businesses in need of small jobs, produced quickly. I started researching some new promotional avenues to get the ball rolling, and found Fiverr through a good ol' Google search.

 What did you do before you started worked for Fiverr?
After several years working in assorted design fields – floral, landscape, interior, and even a brief stint in food styling – I shifted my focus to graphic design. After securing some happy clients,
my husband (a trained illustrator and web programmer) and I opened IndiVision Studios. A few years later It's Your Thing Marketing was launched almost concurrently with my incorporation of WIP Arts. In short, I still do what I did before, plus Fiverr.

What are you going to do when you reach level 1?
I'm really looking forward to “Gig Extras”. With IndiVision Studios & It's Your Thing Marketing, clients almost always want to expand on the work I'm doing for them. For example; I'll name an event or business, or offer advice on a promotional campaign or website design, andthen the client asks me to create the logo, images or material documents for the project. The best thing about Fiverr is the convenience for buyers and sellers, but without access to “Gig Extras” it's too complicated to up-sell complimentary gigs.

I hear you have a goal to be the first to reach one million dollars or more selling on Fiverr. How do you plan to do that?
Theoretically, it should be easy! But in practice, we'll have to wait and see. The simplicity is that I'm selling advertising, plain and simple. A linked , permanent blog post with publishing to
Twitter and Facebook. It's surely not an original idea, but the 'twist' is more value for money than something like a pixel project.
I'm also hoping to eventually convince Fiverr HQ that by making me the 'poster child' for successful selling, they'll be getting a made-for-viral advertising campaign handed right to them.
A very important aspect of my “Million Dollar Fiverr Gig” is that I will be donating $150,000 of my earnings to charity. I haven't decided if all the money will go to one charity or several, but so
far it's looking like I'll have plenty of time to make that decision!
I'd also like to stress that this gig is supposed to be fun and helpful. Yes, I could definitely do with a bigger income – that's a necissary priority – but I'm also enjoying the opportunity to be involved with the Fiverr community, share others' gigs, and I'm really looking forward to'outsourcing' to some of my fellow Fiverr sellers.

I see that you have been promoting seller’s gigs on your site. What exactly gave you the idea to do this? What is the site or site that you are using to promote sellers gigs?
   The gigs are listed on The site is also home to the actual blog posts that I'm selling through the “Million Dollar Gig”: Promoting other sellers serves a few purposes. It obviously helps them by providing a link to their work. (It may be hard to believe, but I honestly try to be a helpful person!) It also and increases my visibility on the web by having relevant, keyword-rich content – of course, too many links can end up doing more harm than good, so there will be a limit at some point. I also share the gig links on Twitter through and on Facebook at It's my sincere hope that other Fiverr sellers (like you), and Fiverr itself will help with publicizing my “Million Dollar Gig” - the only way to get something to go viral is to share it. I'd hate to have to resort to ignorantly burning off a chunk of my hair to get media attention!
If you could do anything else either as a career or online besides Fiverr what would it be?
   Honestly, I would love to be able to have WIP Arts be my focus. I truly believe that experiencing 'creativity' is fundamentally good for people. It strengthens the mind, heart – even the body. And
it builds community. As wonderful as technology is, humans need first-hand, real connections, not just automatic happenings. The arts offer something to balance auto-correct and check-ins. Without imagination, process and effort, we turn to mush. If I can motive, participate, inspire or encourage, that's when I'm happy.

What are some future gigs you have on the horizon?
I love to communicate (as you can tell by my long-winded answers), so I think I'll be introducing some gigs that feature real-time interaction. Quite probably Skype Q&A Sessions. I'm also going to produce some more PDF guides on different subjects. Essentially things that can be provided to the buyers almost instantly. I've been toying with the idea of offering internet research (I have mad skills and years of experience),but I'm not sure how to package it to fit the Fiverr gig

Check out her "million dollar gig" and help her give to charity. Until next time have a Fiverrtastic day.


Wednesday, March 20, 2013

social networking through tutorials

Hey Fiverrtastic readers, 
I got a new blog for you today and it's a doozy. This seller will show you ideas on how to generate more PROFITS with social media marketing with my 20 high definition videos for $5.
This gig looks really  promising. The video captivates the audience and when I seen it, it got my attention immediately. The only thing I don't like about tutorial videos is unless it's a tutorial tha's interactive like a Spanish lesson or a guitar lesson what am I really buying. I love to learn and i'm always trying to learn new skills but I want in your face lessons that will amaze me. This seller who goes by the name enrichsm and he gives you 20 high definition video tutorials on social media marketing. I think that's awesome because social media is the wave of the future. 

Here is two video attachments the seller wanted me to attach:

Believe me this seller is worth ordering from. You should order today because it's going to show you many different ways to use social media to your advantage. Social media is the best way to help your business thrive.

  enrichsm I have a few suggestions for you. First, you need to put up a few more gigs. People love to see more than one active gig. Second, You need to make the videos a little more interactive and engaging in the next series if and when you make one. Maybe you can also create ebooks or some sort of presentations and offer them on Fiverr too.

So don't forget to check out enrichsm today. Believe me you will be captivated by his gig. until next time have a Fiverrtastic day.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

voice from the heavens and instrumentals that will blow your mind

 Hey Fiverrtastic readers,
Ok so I was looking everywhere for sellers to help me make a new radio jingle. After much surfing around on the forum and on Fiverr itself I found a few gigs that I was able to tagteam at $10 a piece and make an amazing 1 minute jingle. Usually jingles cost $50-100 minimum but I got really lucky. I used the lyrics I got a long while ago from Missoptimistic's poetry and rap video gig and got someone to make the song have a bluesy or jazzy sound. The seller who did the vocals on the project is ruanna3 and she does amazing vocals. She has 20+ years experience in singing professionally and she is selling her work here on Fiverr. She has an amazing voice that kind of reminds me of Norah Jones or KT Tunstall. Her voice sends shivers down my spine. just check out ruanna3's gigs today. Here is a video of what she did.

 When I needed the instrumentals done I had an easy time finding a few different sellers to do the job. One seller stood out because they offer 30 seconds of instrumentals for $5. My song was 1 minute so it turned out good. I just ordered 2 gigs. The sellers name is jive_a_five and believe me you will want to jump, jive and wail when you hear what he did. jive_a_five knew right away what instrumentals to add after hearing the raw vocals and had a sample for me a few nights later. I asked him to make it flow better and he aligned the vocals and instrumentals perfectly. I made a quick video with previous Fiverrtastic stuff as the content so you all could hear the completed song. Enjoy.

jive_a_five and ruanna3 I don't really have any dramatic suggestions to make your gigs better than others. the best thing you can do is get people to promote and collect your gigs. Thank you so much for creating such an amazing end product. Until next time everyone have a Fiverrtastic day.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Finding facebook likes is easier than you think

Hey Fiverrtastic peeps,
Ok so I love to promote my page and I love to have an active page. But, like the next person I don't have tons of money to take out of my pocket and put into Facebook's for lobster and caviar. So Instead of promoting my page for new followers I'm fighting back and finding sellers who sell organic or natural looking likes. All three of these sellers offer likes that are active users or not so active users. Stop buying likes from bot sellers who's likes fall off the face of the earth in a month. Now you can use your money for more promotional things like advertising contests and other quality content.

The first seller I just recently ordered from and he literally over-delivered. He delivers over the course of 10 days at 200 likes or more a day. Ya 2000 likes minimum. Seriously when have you got 2000 likes from Facebook from active users. I came across this seller when he messaged me and I ordered from him. His gig is no longer visible so I think something may have happened to his gigs. here's his link just so he knows I mentioned him fb_liker12 . He plans on doing all new gigs soon with a brand new account so I'll keep you all posted.

Another seller I ordered from promised 8,888 likes or more in a day. let just say i think he delivered like more than the amount by the time i was done. My page stats are through the roof. That sellers username is facebook999 and I must say at first I was skeptical and now I'm blown away.

Next there is another like seller who delivers amazing work by the username facebook_llikes 
and he delivered over 4000 likes when I ordered from him. These are all legit likes from real people. Sometimes their facebook's aren't that active but when they see you're page...if you have good content that interests them...they'll stay.

Lastly I found another seller last night who gave 3000 likes in 24 hours our less. he delivered in less than an hour and by this morning I had almost 30k likes. His seller username rafe99.  When it all evened out I have just over 28k. When I say you need to invest a little to make your page rock just order from a Fiverr seller, you'll be glad you did. 

I have ordered a lot of gigs since being on Fiverr. Some I have been impressed with and others not at all...but when someone can turn a regular fanpage into a superstar fanpage that's the type of gigs you want to order. I now have a large following, an awesome timeline banner, and awesome individuals who help manage my page. I couldn't ask for more. Stay tuned for another blog coming soon about when I bought gigs from 2 separate sellers to make a catchy radio friendly jingle. Until next time have a Fiverrtastic day!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

leading the pack by reading cards

I recently came in contact with an amazing seller on Fiverr. She has been on my radar for awhile now I just hadn't had a chance to write about her. She is a tarot card reader and she is a very professional Fiverr seller. Her name is mrspanda and she has become a Fiverr superstar since arriving on the scene.

mrspanda Tell me a little bit about yourself:

Hi there. My name is Fiona Benj, also known as Mrs. Panda. I am the owner of which is just a simple blogging website that I have devoted to the spiritual path, mainly in the Tarot route. I am currently living in Japan with my wonderful husband and awaiting the arrival of our first child.

Questions I asked her:

   1) How long have you been reading tarot cards?
I started when I was 12. I had a set of fairy oracle cards that my mother would later take from me, calling them tools of the devil. I forgot about the cards until I was about 17 years old when someone in my college reintroduced me back into the spiritual world.

2) How did you hear about Fiverr?

I recently, in the past year, became a stay at home wife, since I knew we were going to be relocating from New York to Japan. I was part of a freelancing group and one of the ladies in the group was a top rated featured writer on Fiverr. She introduced us to the website and I was hooked from the beginning!

3) What did you do before you started to work for Fiverr?

I was a U.S Marine, believe it or not. I am also a writer of erotica and romantic fictions.

4) What are your plans when you reach a level 2 seller? When you reach a Top Rated Seller?

Well, it’s funny you ask this because I just got promoted! I do not have any plans I can execute right now because I am not sure how much time my baby is going to take from me. However, once I am settled, I want to start offering personalized lessons for those that wish to learn the Tarot or those that are stuck in the spiritual class. This will be a brand new gig. I also want to do Tarot over Skype, although I am not sure how to implement that since I am in the Japanese time zone. I just want to help others further their lives and I want to bring hope to the community. It sounds cheesy, but when I was little, I used to tell my mother I wanted to be Superwoman and save the world. I can’t save the world, but I know that I can give a hand to those that reach out.

5) Recently you purchased 6 gigs…kinda like a giving back to the seller’s idea. What made you decide to come up with that idea? How has the turnout been so far?
 Fiverr has given me a lot, including a wonderful reputation. I was cast out by a Tarot reading group for doing so much for so little, which depressed me. I also have had my share of bad buyers that were out to either scam me or ruin my reputation. I understand what it’s like being new and being the little fish in the sea. I actually got a lot of good things, like a cute children’s story I can one day read to my son and tell him it was custom written just for him. I also got a wonderful piece of artwork of myself as a chibi in front of a drawing of my baby’s crib. There was only one gig I was not happy with, as I could tell the seller really did not put the time or effort into proofreading or spellchecking. What bothered me was that the seller did not deliver what I had asked for at all. It looked like the seller was just in a rush to deliver something. Oh well, 5/6 is good enough. I was pleased with the outcome of the rest and left them glowing feedback. I came up with the idea after my husband and I received quite a bit of money from what seemed like out of nowhere. Thinking back, it was probably due to a lot of things we invested our time in- and it paid off. I also believe that good karma had a play in it, as well.

6) Do you have any new gig ideas on the horizon?

I definitely want to start up something where I can help others find their spiritual path. I am always learning and always trying new things so when I feel comfortable with something, I try my best to share it with everyone else. I still want to think of ways I can help others without having to charge ridiculous prices the way some professionals out there do.

7) What other plans do you have in the future? Do you plan to keep selling on Fiverr or doing your own web based business?

For now, I am going to continue to sell on Fiverr because I already have great feedback and this is such a great community to sell to. I know that I eventually want to start doing personal face to face readings and Skype readings once my baby is a little more grown and my husband and I move back to America. I’m going to take baby steps with this and not try to rush it.

Thank you for taking the time to interview with me and I wish you lots of luck. Until next time have a Fiverrtastic day. 

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Fiverrtastic wants you

Hey Fiverrtastic readers,
   This blog is looking for blog writers to help with the blog. If you have bought a great gig or want to promote someones gig here's your chance. This blog is looking for fresh writers with creative ideas. Just get a hold of me directly on the Fiverrtastic facebook page or leave a comment below.


   This is a non paid position or a strictly voluntary position. I make the final edits and do the publishing of the content. This is an invitation to add content to a blog with one year of exposure and almost 200 blogs. If you think you would add great content to this blog don't spare a second longer. I also promoted on the Fiverr forum that I was looking for 9 sellers with gigs less than a month old. If I like you're gig and it impresses me I'll promote it. If it's something I can use for my sites or as a gift I may even buy it. I have found 5 interesting gigs so far ao if you got a nice gig get snappy and send me the link.  I will announce my selections in an upcoming blog. Until next time have a Fiverrtastic day!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Working hard to make an impact

Hi Fiverrtastic readers,
Ok for weeks now this one seller has been trying to get me to look at her gigs and she had been trying to post gigs on the page multiple times. At first I didn't know what to think because she has a variety of different gigs but there wasn't one that stood out. Then she showed me her testimonial gig and let me tell you this woman does have some talent. She is like the female version of Arjunrocks. Her username on Fiverr is Nat1275 . When I first seen her gigs I only seen a few interesting artistic gigs and nothing more. But then she sent me her testimonial gig and I was surprised by her awesome talent. I was also surprised to find out she uses a portion of her Fiverr funds to help buy her moms medicine. 

Check out her videos below:


Nat1275 I have a few suggestions for you. First, make sure you update your gigs regularly and now that you have a page on Facebook update that regularly. Next, take advantage of all 3 gig extras, there not just there for a rainy day. Change the keywords or add more keywords on each of your gigs. For example, you don't have the words artistic or creative on your toast gig.  Lastly, delete any gigs with low ratings and suspend gigs that aren't getting sales. This gives better visibility to the testimonial gig , your toast gig and your caricature gig which look like some pretty nice gigs. With some gig housekeeping and a little promotion you'll be getting more sales in no time. Until next time everyone have a Fiverrtastic day.

Friday, March 1, 2013

a dog that will make you smile with glee

Hey Fiverrtastic readers,
Sorry it's been like a week since I have done a blog. I have been so busy working with writing and graphic design gigs.You need to check out this amazing gig. It's a pink colored Maltese who will advertise your business. Her name is Peaches and she will jump through a Pink hoop with your personalized message for $5. This gig is so cool and it has been featured on a few different facebook Fiverr pages already, including mine. This dog is super talented and if you need an animal spokeperson or should i say spokespet Peaches is the dog. C'mon what have you got to spend $5...maybe a little more. This dog is so cool. The Fiverr sellers username is LazyBlazey and I think this seller could have a really great Fiverr career for her and her dog. She's been on Fiverr 4 months but I don't think the gig has been active long.

Check out the video below:

LazyBlazey I have a few suggestions for you so you can make level 1 or level 2 seller quick. First, advertise and promote your gig in the most effective and least spammy way possible. Sometimes people order web advertising gigs to promote their gigs. I have used a lot of different methods in the past. Sometimes online radio promotion works too. You just need to search around for the best gig for you. Maybe making youtube videos and getting them to go viral will help get the business you need. Also using facebook, twitter, and pinterest help a lot....especially Pinterest. I have made a ton of connections through Pinterest. 

Peaches is talented don't settle for one $5 gig unless it's a small job. Having people order multiple gigs and completing them fast will help you rise in the levels. Also, you should put up a few more gigs and a tip gig. More gigs equals more potential for sales. You should have somewhere customers can tip for a job well done or order extra services not offered. Also be specific in explaining what's $5 and what a customer can get for more. When you get gig extras you don't have to do that as much. This gig is very cool and your dog is extremely talented so just have fun with each order. Hope to work with you some day soon.

Don't forget to check out LazyBlazey and Peaches the maltese today. Until next time have a Fiverrtastic day!