Thursday, March 21, 2013

a million dollar gig

I recently came across another seller whose goal was not just to make money but to help others be successful and share the secrets to wealth and knowledge. Like myself and many others on Fiverr, this seller has tried to find that secret way of making money. Newsflash...there is no real secret. Anything in life isn't really free and everything always comes with hard work.

Fiverr is a really good example. We all have stories to share about Fiverr and how we came across it. Fiverr guarantees positive results as long as you don't stray from it's inbox and forum set up.   Anything in the Fiverr community stays there. You're almost guaranteed clients on a silver platter if your gig is good and if you promote the gigs through ad promotion and social networking. This seller, who goes by the name of itsyourthing has the ultimate goal of making 1 million dollars or more. She plans to donate a portion of her earnings to charity. This is her Fiverr story so far.

Tell me a little bit about yourself:
I don't know whether to describe myself as a professional plate-spinner or an artist-trapped-inan- entrepreneur's-mindset! The bills primarily get paid with consultant work that usually
involves some hands-on production of graphic design and/or marketing materials. I'm also President of WIP Arts,, which is an organization focused on sharing the creative work of artists of all types, and helping folks explore the arts in a welcoming and inclusive environment.

Questions I asked her

How did you hear about Fiverr?

I set up It's Your Thing Marketing as a spinoff from IndiVision Studios (the business my husband and I started). After six years IV had reached a point where the bulk of client work had become
time-consuming programming and e-commerce management. Unfortunately, the economy issues over the past few years had hit our smaller clients hard and they quit spending. So, It's Your
Thing was designed to be affordable and accessible to small businesses in need of small jobs, produced quickly. I started researching some new promotional avenues to get the ball rolling, and found Fiverr through a good ol' Google search.

 What did you do before you started worked for Fiverr?
After several years working in assorted design fields – floral, landscape, interior, and even a brief stint in food styling – I shifted my focus to graphic design. After securing some happy clients,
my husband (a trained illustrator and web programmer) and I opened IndiVision Studios. A few years later It's Your Thing Marketing was launched almost concurrently with my incorporation of WIP Arts. In short, I still do what I did before, plus Fiverr.

What are you going to do when you reach level 1?
I'm really looking forward to “Gig Extras”. With IndiVision Studios & It's Your Thing Marketing, clients almost always want to expand on the work I'm doing for them. For example; I'll name an event or business, or offer advice on a promotional campaign or website design, andthen the client asks me to create the logo, images or material documents for the project. The best thing about Fiverr is the convenience for buyers and sellers, but without access to “Gig Extras” it's too complicated to up-sell complimentary gigs.

I hear you have a goal to be the first to reach one million dollars or more selling on Fiverr. How do you plan to do that?
Theoretically, it should be easy! But in practice, we'll have to wait and see. The simplicity is that I'm selling advertising, plain and simple. A linked , permanent blog post with publishing to
Twitter and Facebook. It's surely not an original idea, but the 'twist' is more value for money than something like a pixel project.
I'm also hoping to eventually convince Fiverr HQ that by making me the 'poster child' for successful selling, they'll be getting a made-for-viral advertising campaign handed right to them.
A very important aspect of my “Million Dollar Fiverr Gig” is that I will be donating $150,000 of my earnings to charity. I haven't decided if all the money will go to one charity or several, but so
far it's looking like I'll have plenty of time to make that decision!
I'd also like to stress that this gig is supposed to be fun and helpful. Yes, I could definitely do with a bigger income – that's a necissary priority – but I'm also enjoying the opportunity to be involved with the Fiverr community, share others' gigs, and I'm really looking forward to'outsourcing' to some of my fellow Fiverr sellers.

I see that you have been promoting seller’s gigs on your site. What exactly gave you the idea to do this? What is the site or site that you are using to promote sellers gigs?
   The gigs are listed on The site is also home to the actual blog posts that I'm selling through the “Million Dollar Gig”: Promoting other sellers serves a few purposes. It obviously helps them by providing a link to their work. (It may be hard to believe, but I honestly try to be a helpful person!) It also and increases my visibility on the web by having relevant, keyword-rich content – of course, too many links can end up doing more harm than good, so there will be a limit at some point. I also share the gig links on Twitter through and on Facebook at It's my sincere hope that other Fiverr sellers (like you), and Fiverr itself will help with publicizing my “Million Dollar Gig” - the only way to get something to go viral is to share it. I'd hate to have to resort to ignorantly burning off a chunk of my hair to get media attention!
If you could do anything else either as a career or online besides Fiverr what would it be?
   Honestly, I would love to be able to have WIP Arts be my focus. I truly believe that experiencing 'creativity' is fundamentally good for people. It strengthens the mind, heart – even the body. And
it builds community. As wonderful as technology is, humans need first-hand, real connections, not just automatic happenings. The arts offer something to balance auto-correct and check-ins. Without imagination, process and effort, we turn to mush. If I can motive, participate, inspire or encourage, that's when I'm happy.

What are some future gigs you have on the horizon?
I love to communicate (as you can tell by my long-winded answers), so I think I'll be introducing some gigs that feature real-time interaction. Quite probably Skype Q&A Sessions. I'm also going to produce some more PDF guides on different subjects. Essentially things that can be provided to the buyers almost instantly. I've been toying with the idea of offering internet research (I have mad skills and years of experience),but I'm not sure how to package it to fit the Fiverr gig

Check out her "million dollar gig" and help her give to charity. Until next time have a Fiverrtastic day.


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