Friday, March 1, 2013

a dog that will make you smile with glee

Hey Fiverrtastic readers,
Sorry it's been like a week since I have done a blog. I have been so busy working with writing and graphic design gigs.You need to check out this amazing gig. It's a pink colored Maltese who will advertise your business. Her name is Peaches and she will jump through a Pink hoop with your personalized message for $5. This gig is so cool and it has been featured on a few different facebook Fiverr pages already, including mine. This dog is super talented and if you need an animal spokeperson or should i say spokespet Peaches is the dog. C'mon what have you got to spend $5...maybe a little more. This dog is so cool. The Fiverr sellers username is LazyBlazey and I think this seller could have a really great Fiverr career for her and her dog. She's been on Fiverr 4 months but I don't think the gig has been active long.

Check out the video below:

LazyBlazey I have a few suggestions for you so you can make level 1 or level 2 seller quick. First, advertise and promote your gig in the most effective and least spammy way possible. Sometimes people order web advertising gigs to promote their gigs. I have used a lot of different methods in the past. Sometimes online radio promotion works too. You just need to search around for the best gig for you. Maybe making youtube videos and getting them to go viral will help get the business you need. Also using facebook, twitter, and pinterest help a lot....especially Pinterest. I have made a ton of connections through Pinterest. 

Peaches is talented don't settle for one $5 gig unless it's a small job. Having people order multiple gigs and completing them fast will help you rise in the levels. Also, you should put up a few more gigs and a tip gig. More gigs equals more potential for sales. You should have somewhere customers can tip for a job well done or order extra services not offered. Also be specific in explaining what's $5 and what a customer can get for more. When you get gig extras you don't have to do that as much. This gig is very cool and your dog is extremely talented so just have fun with each order. Hope to work with you some day soon.

Don't forget to check out LazyBlazey and Peaches the maltese today. Until next time have a Fiverrtastic day!

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