Tuesday, March 12, 2013

leading the pack by reading cards

I recently came in contact with an amazing seller on Fiverr. She has been on my radar for awhile now I just hadn't had a chance to write about her. She is a tarot card reader and she is a very professional Fiverr seller. Her name is mrspanda and she has become a Fiverr superstar since arriving on the scene.

mrspanda Tell me a little bit about yourself:

Hi there. My name is Fiona Benj, also known as Mrs. Panda. I am the owner of fionabenj.com which is just a simple blogging website that I have devoted to the spiritual path, mainly in the Tarot route. I am currently living in Japan with my wonderful husband and awaiting the arrival of our first child.

Questions I asked her:

   1) How long have you been reading tarot cards?
I started when I was 12. I had a set of fairy oracle cards that my mother would later take from me, calling them tools of the devil. I forgot about the cards until I was about 17 years old when someone in my college reintroduced me back into the spiritual world.

2) How did you hear about Fiverr?

I recently, in the past year, became a stay at home wife, since I knew we were going to be relocating from New York to Japan. I was part of a freelancing group and one of the ladies in the group was a top rated featured writer on Fiverr. She introduced us to the website and I was hooked from the beginning!

3) What did you do before you started to work for Fiverr?

I was a U.S Marine, believe it or not. I am also a writer of erotica and romantic fictions.

4) What are your plans when you reach a level 2 seller? When you reach a Top Rated Seller?

Well, it’s funny you ask this because I just got promoted! I do not have any plans I can execute right now because I am not sure how much time my baby is going to take from me. However, once I am settled, I want to start offering personalized lessons for those that wish to learn the Tarot or those that are stuck in the spiritual class. This will be a brand new gig. I also want to do Tarot over Skype, although I am not sure how to implement that since I am in the Japanese time zone. I just want to help others further their lives and I want to bring hope to the community. It sounds cheesy, but when I was little, I used to tell my mother I wanted to be Superwoman and save the world. I can’t save the world, but I know that I can give a hand to those that reach out.

5) Recently you purchased 6 gigs…kinda like a giving back to the seller’s idea. What made you decide to come up with that idea? How has the turnout been so far?
 Fiverr has given me a lot, including a wonderful reputation. I was cast out by a Tarot reading group for doing so much for so little, which depressed me. I also have had my share of bad buyers that were out to either scam me or ruin my reputation. I understand what it’s like being new and being the little fish in the sea. I actually got a lot of good things, like a cute children’s story I can one day read to my son and tell him it was custom written just for him. I also got a wonderful piece of artwork of myself as a chibi in front of a drawing of my baby’s crib. There was only one gig I was not happy with, as I could tell the seller really did not put the time or effort into proofreading or spellchecking. What bothered me was that the seller did not deliver what I had asked for at all. It looked like the seller was just in a rush to deliver something. Oh well, 5/6 is good enough. I was pleased with the outcome of the rest and left them glowing feedback. I came up with the idea after my husband and I received quite a bit of money from what seemed like out of nowhere. Thinking back, it was probably due to a lot of things we invested our time in- and it paid off. I also believe that good karma had a play in it, as well.

6) Do you have any new gig ideas on the horizon?

I definitely want to start up something where I can help others find their spiritual path. I am always learning and always trying new things so when I feel comfortable with something, I try my best to share it with everyone else. I still want to think of ways I can help others without having to charge ridiculous prices the way some professionals out there do.

7) What other plans do you have in the future? Do you plan to keep selling on Fiverr or doing your own web based business?

For now, I am going to continue to sell on Fiverr because I already have great feedback and this is such a great community to sell to. I know that I eventually want to start doing personal face to face readings and Skype readings once my baby is a little more grown and my husband and I move back to America. I’m going to take baby steps with this and not try to rush it.

Thank you for taking the time to interview with me and I wish you lots of luck. Until next time have a Fiverrtastic day. 

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