Friday, March 15, 2013

Finding facebook likes is easier than you think

Hey Fiverrtastic peeps,
Ok so I love to promote my page and I love to have an active page. But, like the next person I don't have tons of money to take out of my pocket and put into Facebook's for lobster and caviar. So Instead of promoting my page for new followers I'm fighting back and finding sellers who sell organic or natural looking likes. All three of these sellers offer likes that are active users or not so active users. Stop buying likes from bot sellers who's likes fall off the face of the earth in a month. Now you can use your money for more promotional things like advertising contests and other quality content.

The first seller I just recently ordered from and he literally over-delivered. He delivers over the course of 10 days at 200 likes or more a day. Ya 2000 likes minimum. Seriously when have you got 2000 likes from Facebook from active users. I came across this seller when he messaged me and I ordered from him. His gig is no longer visible so I think something may have happened to his gigs. here's his link just so he knows I mentioned him fb_liker12 . He plans on doing all new gigs soon with a brand new account so I'll keep you all posted.

Another seller I ordered from promised 8,888 likes or more in a day. let just say i think he delivered like more than the amount by the time i was done. My page stats are through the roof. That sellers username is facebook999 and I must say at first I was skeptical and now I'm blown away.

Next there is another like seller who delivers amazing work by the username facebook_llikes 
and he delivered over 4000 likes when I ordered from him. These are all legit likes from real people. Sometimes their facebook's aren't that active but when they see you're page...if you have good content that interests them...they'll stay.

Lastly I found another seller last night who gave 3000 likes in 24 hours our less. he delivered in less than an hour and by this morning I had almost 30k likes. His seller username rafe99.  When it all evened out I have just over 28k. When I say you need to invest a little to make your page rock just order from a Fiverr seller, you'll be glad you did. 

I have ordered a lot of gigs since being on Fiverr. Some I have been impressed with and others not at all...but when someone can turn a regular fanpage into a superstar fanpage that's the type of gigs you want to order. I now have a large following, an awesome timeline banner, and awesome individuals who help manage my page. I couldn't ask for more. Stay tuned for another blog coming soon about when I bought gigs from 2 separate sellers to make a catchy radio friendly jingle. Until next time have a Fiverrtastic day!

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