Sunday, February 19, 2012

Voice of Gold

Have you ever heard radio commercials and thought wow that person has an amazing voice. And then you think to yourself how can I find a voice-over artist with radio show talent? Lets be honest here, not often is it right in front of your face...but with Fiverr it is. Fiverr seller Mesesmith is a voice-over professional from the L.A. area who takes her orders very seriously. She has radio show talent and star power determination. You can get the same quality out of Mese by purchasing multiple gigs from her for a commercial that other voice over talents outside of Fiverr would charge hundreds for. There are plenty of other voiceover talents, but when it comes to one that's just going to read the script and put character and life into it, Mese is the go to girl. She charges $5 per every 30 words that's about 20 seconds.  For a 1 minute commercial that would cost $15-20. That's way better than $300. Mese has a voice sent from the heavens she can make "lab equipment" or "worms" sound fun! If she can make something boring sound fun you better damn sure pay extra because I know I would. :)

Mese has a talent that some on here don't. She connects with people. She has her own home studio and she has traveled Europe (according to an intro video on her youtube page). She also enjoys photography, videography and other forms of art. Voice overs are her passion and she loves doing them. Right away when you see her fiverr introduction  video she sounds friendly, sweet, and down to earth. Mese strictly does voiceovers only and it's a dry read only. No special sound effects or anything like that. Her voice overs can be used for commercial, voicemail, teleprompt, animation, narration...the possibilities are endless! Check out the Fiverr intro video for yourself and see what I mean.

 Well, If you're looking for an awesome gig and you need someone who is gifted with talent Mese is your girl. Just check her out on fiverr. If i'm putting her on fiverrtastic there's a reason...because she's awesome! Until next time Have a Fivertastic Day. :)

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