Sunday, February 5, 2012

What is Fiverr?

If you haven't heard of you either live in a cave, don't have a computer, aren't out to save money, or aren't out to make money. How many other people (besides a real job) will pay you $4 out of $5 per gig you complete for customers, promote you to different levels after so many sales, and if you keep doing well the money keeps coming in. But, Fiverr is also for buyers. How many places can you get a professional 30 second testimonial video for $5. Or a logo from an actual graphic designer for $5. Now obviously you can pay more but that's the custom fee to book someones gig. You can order extras, you can buy multiple gigs, and you can also tip at the end of the sale.

I have been on fiverr over 1 year and I love it! Here's my gig link if you would like to check it out: . I sell everything from logos to videos to audio gigs.
I have made over 1600 dollars so far. Not too shabby. I have been offered high dollar jobs ranging from 60-75 dollars just this week alone. by the end of 2012 i project my sales to be triple what i made this year with hard work and dedication.

Fiverr has changed my life and i think it can change yours too. This blog is dedicated to all the hard working fiverr sellers. Each blog, which will be every few days, i will review a fiverr seller and how they went above and beyond the call of duty. Be sure to keep an eye on my blog.
Thanks for reading and the next blog I will be reviewing some furry little friends who create messages for people. Whether you're a company, website, or just someone trying to send an awe inspirational message you won't be disappointed.

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