Saturday, February 11, 2012

Charisma, Charm, and Comedy

Are you looking for some comedy in your life? How about an amazing testimonial or an amazing advertising video? Maybe you just need a convincing and believable video from someone with sheer talent and perfect timing! Fiverr seller billjones can help rescue you! This guy is drop dead hilarious. I myself haven't ordered from him but i seen a video someone ordered and i was like WOW. All he was asked was to include specific things into the video in a comedic way and he did. It seems like his videos are very involved too. like he'll get other people involved too. it's very entertaining. I think he is absolutely hilarious and if i needed a testimonial ad video or some sort of shout out video of some sort i would definitely choose him. He's 5 stars in my book. Just check out his video you won't regret it. I LOL every time i watch his promo video. Watch this video
If after ordering from this guy your disappointed you need a lobotomy and a Klonopin because I don't even have to order and I can tell you hih professionalism supersedes 90% of the newer sellers out there. I Don't know why he hasn't made it up the level ladder yet? Oh i figured it out! billjones when you read this try and come up with more videos for the other gigs and make a few new gigs when you can. Maximize the gigs to as many as you can do. We are able to have 20 gigs on 1 account.
(Took me forever to find a funny pic like this) I really think this guy is going to be Top Rated Seller within less than a year. I foresee this guy doing more than just Fiverr work someday in front of a camera with perseverance and dedication. This guy could host his own variety show or be on SNL. billjones should be the person you order from today. He will handle your order with care and dedication. And to finish a video in 3 days is something to be jumped on now before he ups his time period. Stop sitting there and order now!!! Until next time...Have a Fiverrtastic day!

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