Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Average Joe or CEO

Do you need someone to do a testimonial as an Average Joe? Or maybe you want someone to do a testimonial video as a white collar representative of your company. Why not have the best of both worlds? This seller that goes by the username screamingfinger will literally create an amazing professional testimonial for you. This seller has only been on Fiverr 4 months and he is a Top Rated Seller. Not too shabby! Right now he has 32 orders in queue currently and every time he whittles his queue down it just goes back up again. I am amazed by how well this seller is doing considering all of the different testimonial gigs on Fiverr. I really think you should take a look at this gig because this seller caught my eye as soon as I seen his gig. All I was doing was randomly clicking through different seller profiles and came across his. I noticed that he had a massive amount of orders and such a short lead time for a testimonial gig. I was thinking to myself c'mon 8 days and he delivers a testimonial gig in a professional manner. This guy's gotta be good. So I contacted him and he told me his queue is never below 20. With orders like that when the hell do you get a day off? I remember when I used to be like that but not that high in demand! I'm a level 2 seller and he's a Top Rated seller there's a big difference in seller status based on the perks you get and the amount of money you could potentially make, But this guy has only been on here 4 months.

Check out his video below


I do have some advice for screamingfinger though. You should at least post one or 2 more gigs. A script gig may come in handy for those customers who either have trouble writing or editing their script. Also you might think about adding a green screen video gig. green screens are in really high demand. As long as you can use the software and are able to do special effects and other tricks people like you will make great money. Oh and you might consider a voiceover gig. Audio gigs are in high demand sometimes too because some sellers get lots of orders and then suspend the queue to complete them. The more creative you are with your video gigs the limitless potential you have with cash flow. So I think everyone should check out screamingfinger because he is an amazing seller in my humble opinion. If I needed a testimonial right now and wanted to wait in line with 32 other people right now I would literally order. I'm impulsive like that. So Check out screamingfinger today you'll be glad you did. 

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